• Finding copywriting jobs requires strategy and a commitment to taking action
  • There are a variety of places to find jobs; the only way to know if they work for you is by testing them out
  • Ensuring you’re getting in front of your ideal clients is a key piece in finding your first copywriting job

It’s completely normal…

If you’re a new freelancer, the main thoughts swirling around your brain are probably,

“How am I going to find clients?”

“Where am I going to find them?”

“How long is it going to take me to find them?!”


But, don’t worry – we’ve all been there.

It’s bound to happen to every new freelancer.

You’re moving from a world where work is assigned to you, and you just do it – to a world where you need to go out and find your work.

It’s a very different ballgame.

Thankfully, many copywriters started just like you and have been able to make successful careers as freelancers.

Am I ready for a real copywriting job?

Throwing your hat in the ring can be quite daunting when you’re a new freelancer searching for your first copywriting job or looking to get more consistent work.

Especially if you feel that infamous imposter syndrome that hits all of us at one point or another.

But as Jessica Noel explains, you need to commit to taking action.

“The important thing is to practice. Take action on what you’re learning.”

And what better way to practice than by getting an actual copywriting job, so you can show off your skills and gain some new ones?

Let me tell you – your first copywriting job will be the most exciting and terrifying step in your freelancer journey.

But once someone pays you for writing… you won’t go back. You’ll feel like a real copywriter!

Will Farrell as Ron Burgundy: I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal.

Finally, if you’re here, and you’ve been listening to Jo and perhaps have taken the free course, Conversion Copywriting 101, then you’re ready to start looking for a job!

Where to find copywriting jobs

These are a handful of places to start your search for copywriting jobs.

You don’t have to do all of them. Pick one or two to begin with and see how they work for you.

Also, remember that everyone’s experiences will be different. What worked for them might not work for you.

Trying is the only way you’ll find out.


This is where you start looking for copywriting jobs when you’re a new freelancer.

The simple act of announcing to your friends, family and former colleagues that you’re now writing copy professionally and have immediate availability works wonders.

Don’t underestimate the connections your people may have with others who could use your services.

Two men talking. You know a guy? 
I know a guy. I know people too.

Copywriter Scott Sealy has built up his business by using referrals to find copywriting jobs.

He suggests the following ideas for new freelancers:

Look outside your client circle/ buddy up with online service providers because they probably know how to find clients, and those clients might need your help.

Refer projects and trade your services with each other.

“Tradsies are good, so grow your network! It’ll help you uncover new opportunities, gain inspiration, and meet potential partners to team up with.”

Make friends with other writers so that you’re not alone on this freelancing journey and you have people who can refer you to jobs.

“If I’m too busy to take on a project, I don’t hesitate to reach out to my writer friends to see if they’re interested.

They do the same for me.”

This is where I got my first copywriting job.

I was looking for a designer to partner with, and it just so happened that she needed someone to write an About page.

Three years later and she’s still a great source of new work. Plus, she’s now a friend.

Online Marketplaces

Conversion copywriter Emilia Tanase says that Craigslist is where she got her first-ever job – in high school.

She’s also had success with freelancing platforms like Upwork by knowing that the key to success on these platforms is writing great proposals (do your research!).

And take a look at Danny Margulies. He made over $100,000 in one year working only on Upwork.

In his Copyhackers’ article, he explains how he did it and how you can follow his guidelines to get well-paid copywriting jobs.

He speaks of a Hidden Upwork Economy that allows you to navigate the platform with better results.

“The moment you try to win on Upwork by doing what seems natural, you’ve already lost.”

He does offer a warning though.

All of his steps need to be done – miss one, and the game is over. (best to follow his steps if this is a route you want to try!)

Although there is some success to be had on these sites, they often get a bad rap because of some of the low-ball offers you find.

Like this example below.

$75 to write the opening lines for 100 different emails (they also state you’ll need to do your own research for each email).

An example of a lesser paying Upwork job. The platform can be used to find copywriting jobs if used strategically.

Make sure you think about the amount of time you’ll be trading for that price.

Cold pitching

Cold pitching is a way of finding copywriting jobs that has gathered more attention lately.

People seem to be realizing how awful (and annoying) it is to receive pitches that are obviously mass emailed.

If you choose to cold pitch as a way to get a new copywriting job, make sure you do the work before hitting send.

Doing the research about your prospect and using the Rule of One, just as you would for a copywriting project, will make your pitch stand out from the many other inauthentic emails your recipient is likely getting.

The essentials of an effective cold pitch email are:

  • One recipient
  • One problem
  • One solution
  • One call to action

In this Tutorial Tuesday, Bree Weber explains her process for writing cold pitches that get her an average conversion rate of 60%.

How to Effectively & Ethically Cold Pitch

Facebook groups

While Facebook groups can be a huge win if you leverage them correctly, you must be deliberate about where you spend your time.

In her post for Copyhackers, Abi Prendergast shares that she chooses groups where her ideal clients hang out and ones that aren’t oversaturated with other copywriters.

She says that using the AIDA formula in Facebook posts is a key part of gaining the attention of the person looking to hire someone.

“AIDA 2.0 for Facebook ends up looking a little like this:

Grab attention by quoting back the problem the client needs solving/the result they want

Pique interest by showcasing how you’ve achieved results like these for businesses like theirs

Increase desire by mentioning the gargantuan profits or effortless success they stand to gain

Trigger action by offering instant gratification or leveraging sarcity/urgency”

In the example below, Abi shows us an interaction that earned her the job, got her two new clients, and resulted in $10,000 in new projects.

Proof that a simple and strategic comment can go a long way.

Using Facebook comments to find copywriting jobs. Hi Noubar, I've written more than 1000 FB ads in the last two years generating multiple six-figures for clients. I charge $40 per ad and am available to start immediately.

But where do I start?

Copyhackers made it easy to get started as a freelance copywriter.

If you’re ready to get your copywriting business off the ground, enroll for free in The 14-Day Freelance Copywriter Bootcamp.

If you need to get a new (or your first) copywriting project ASAP, sign up for The 5-Day $5K Challenge. Totally free.

Enroll in one or both of those courses, start getting some processes in place, and learn more strategies for finding clients.

If you’re ambitious AF…

A lot of the successful copywriters I mentioned at the beginning took 10xFC.

10x Freelance Copywriter walks you through everything a freelancer should know about getting (and keeping) copywriting jobs.

And to quote Joanna Wiebe from a 10xFC module,

“It is your job, as a freelancer, to land clients.

Bring in leads and turn them into paying clients. That is your job.”

10xFC is run by Joanna and Amy Posner. And they’ve coached hundreds of freelancers on how to build thriving copywriting businesses.

Put yourself out there and get those copywriting jobs

There are plenty of options for finding your first copywriting job.

You don’t have to use only one method either.

Test different methods to see what you like and what works the best for you.

While looking for your first job is a bit scary, trust in your skills and don’t be afraid to own your authority as a copywriter.

Here’s to getting paid to write!


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