An advertisement disapproved for “Deceptive written content” most likely includes promises on the advertisement or landing website page that are not supported, or misrepresent by the advertiser.

At times both the advertiser is not conscious of Google Adverts Policies which is why you see the mistake. Other moments it can be a systematic mistake on your ads.

Regular Misleading Information or Unreliable Declare Problems on Google Ads can direct to suspension.


Google Ads have demanding insurance policies in location regarding deceptive and unreliable promises built in adverts. Advertisers are prohibited from producing statements that are phony, deceptive, or unsubstantiated.

In circumstance if Google falsely labelled your adverts in unreliable promises or have viewed as your Google adverts as deceptive content, then i can enable.

And In scenario if you want support by Google, Understand how to resolve a disapproved ad or asset.

Having said that 1 factor you may possibly have to have to be confident is that any sort of challenge with Google ads can be solved with endurance and consistency. If you reduce affected person or regularity you could feel challenging time in acquiring your adverts reinstated on Google Ads.


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