Small businesses should always be looking to find opportunities to stay ahead of the competitive market and reach their potential customers where they are. With the currently reduced dependence on physical options, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are moving online. However, with this increased reliance on digital landscapes, digital marketing channels provide an opportunity that small businesses should leverage. That said, below are some digital marketing tips for small businesses.

1. Build a Solid Social Media Presence

With in-person and physical communication opportunities becoming limited, small businesses should appreciate the use of social media platforms to reach prospects and customers. Over time, social media has grown to be a key digital marketing strategy for most businesses. Social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, provide endless opportunities of connecting with a new audience.

However, to guarantee success, developing a well-thought-out social media strategy is important. Small businesses can leverage platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to showcase customer testimonials. These platforms also encourage customer engagement, communication and promote brand exposure.

2. Leverage Email Marketing

While some marketing experts argue that email marketing has become outdated, many businesses still see significant engagement. Small businesses can leverage the power of email marketing to boost personal connections with clients. In fact, HubSpot analytics found out that email marketing is indeed effective in amplifying customer retention. Another study found that 60 percent of participants believe that marketing emails influence their purchase behavior.

Email marketing is key in customer retention, especially as it provides a space to customize and personalize your marketing. The benefits of email marketing go beyond email inboxes. This digital marketing strategy is great for businesses looking to expand their reach and influence.

3. Make use of Video Marketing

Showing your face to clients through video is possibly the best way to maintain personal connections with your clients in the current era of social distancing. With more than 5 billion videos being watched daily on YouTube and 40minute average viewing sessions, video marketing can be an effective strategy.

Fortunately, with current technological advancements, creating videos is easy. You don’t need heavy equipment or professionals to shoot the footage. Smartphones with quality cameras make it easy to shoot and share your videos instantly. However, you should ensure that your marketing videos are authentic. Most viewers are savvy enough to note suspicious slick or overly curated videos that shout “marketing.”

Live videos are also increasingly becoming popular on social platforms. For instance, Live Facebook videos have engagement rates of 4.3% compared to 2.2% from non-live videos. That said, adding video to your digital marketing strategy leads to positive engagement. Besides, people are currently spending even more time on video-apps, such as TikTok.

4. Include Live Chat to your Website

Creating an online presence is completely separate from maintaining an online presence. Live chats on websites are one of the best ways that small businesses can maintain their online presence. Customers have varying schedules, with some working partially, full-time, or engaging with day-to-day activities. Therefore, customers have varying shopping times depending on their schedules.

Since you personally can’t be active throughout to manage your business and respond to clients’ concerns, live chat services come in handy. Live chat’s benefits are evident, with 51% of clients insisting on the benefits of live chats and 92% feeling satisfied after using live chats. Besides providing support, live chats are also effective sales tools for prospects who otherwise would leave your site without a trace.

Bottom Line

A good marketing strategy is just as important as quality products and services for business growth. Digital marketing strategies are especially beneficial for small businesses with limited marketing budgets. Besides the tips mentioned above, businesses can also consider improving Google listings, improving local SEO, and expanding website marketing.

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