Life Coaching Executive coaching in the last decade or so has grown to become in many ways a status symbol for larger organizations to show that they care about their employees and want to invest in their growth and leadership potential.

In London alone, many top Executives and CEOs not only acknowledge hiring the services of an Executive coach but are proud of doing so as it helps further their level of insight and intelligence. An executive coach can help provide clarity and hone skills that are vital for sound leadership and management.

The real question is whether Executive Coaching is worth it to you? Any coaching is only beneficial as long as it aligns with your goals and aids in achieving them. A great Executive coach that you connect with can not only inspire but also motivate you to accomplish a lot more with the right guidance and training. You can click here for life coaching in London, with Michael Serwa.

When is Executive Coaching worth it?

Gone are the days when companies looked at coaching and consulting when things were going wrong. Today, the growing trend for coaching, consultancy, and training stem from organizations wanting to constantly improve and grow. These companies are not looking to fix problems but rather show potential future leaders that they are willing to invest in their training and leadership development as they are key to the organization’s continuous growth and success.

This specialized form of training is normally offered by many large companies to potential and existing leaders within the organization but it is not uncommon to find many CEOs, upper-management and specialized professionals seeking the services of an Executive coach outside of company provided programs.

An Executive coach that is highly trained and specialized in your area of expertise can add immense value by pushing you and training you to master your skills and look at any problem from several perspectives.

If you are someone that is looking to unlock your true potential, enhance work productivity and performance, discover new ways of thinking, and find creative solutions to pressing career challenges than Executive coaching is definitely worth it.

What to look for in an Executive Coach?

Any executive coach that you may be considering as a potential option must first meet the following criteria:

Have experience and an excellent track recordAccomplished in their own careersCertified and trained by ICF or other coaching institutesEasy to communicate and connect withAvailable when neededFit within your budget

A coach that has these innate qualities and fit within your desired budget is often the ideal selection for a mentor that can elevate you to reach your full potential and achieve targeted career goals.


Even though there isn’t any scientific data proving that Executive Coaching is beneficial for self-improvement and career advancement enough anecdotal evidence exists to support the idea that coaching can indeed be worth it; given the right coach and the right motives or goals.

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