Explainer Videos: A Total Guide

It’s not surprising that the digital marketing game is changing every day. You need to be open-minded and willing to try new things if you want your business or organization to stay relevant in this industry. If you are running out of ideas to represent your brand, try using explainer videos.

A video is a powerful way to communicate an idea. There are many reasons why you might want to create a video, but one of the most important is that it will attract more attention than text or photos alone.

Explainer Videos: What are they?

Good explainer videos are animated short films that capture the essence of your brand in a few minutes. For maximum engagement, videos should be no more than 30 seconds or 2 minutes long. Within 120 seconds, an explainer video has to attract viewers.

You might think it’s a good idea to be in the bottom 13% of businesses that haven’t invested in an explainer video, but we don’t see it this way. In fact, 87 percent of them have already made their investments and are reaping the rewards.

However, since explainer videos tend to be on the expensive side of business investments, many businesses tend to leave explainer videos out of the equation. If your current budget is limited, you can check an animated explainer video maker that allows you to create one to meet your business’s unique needs.

While the features can be limited, you can always invest in a better explainer video moving forward once you have accumulated enough budget. Since 79% of the customers tend to watch an explainer video, it makes it a wise investment and guarantees a higher ROI in no time.

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How to make a compelling explainer video?

Explainer videos are a practical and informative medium for marketers. Creating one does not require years of studying and thousands of money to have a compelling video. That’s why 65% of marketers plan on increasing their video marketing budgets this year alone!

Explainer videos represent a brand’s values. Thus, your explainer video must be a reflection of your company. It needs to be compelling and catchy.

Still, having the interest to create an animated explainer video is the perfect initiative for brand marketers. It also gives them insight into just how much work goes into one of these animations.

Gather Data

Before you get started, it is crucial to understand the requirements of a great explainer video. This will determine the main points of your video and filter out the necessary information.

You also need to have an understanding of demographics. This information could help in determining which graphics work best for viewers from different backgrounds.

A creative brief is a questionnaire that includes essential details like the video’s purpose, target audience, and elevator pitch. It also helps get your team on board with what you want to do in terms of creativity by getting everyone involved at this stage.

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Do the Script

It all starts with an idea, be it conceptual, character-driven, or emotionally evoking. Choosing the proper framework for your animated explainer video is your decision to make.

For a 90 seconds explainer video, the word range must be around 200 to 215 words only. These are quite a few to introduce your product and your company for some. Hence, make the most out of it to attract some potential customers.

The problem with making a video that is too long is it will only distract the viewer from your message, which could have been much more impactful. It would be better to watch all of this vital information at once rather than catch each thing during their first viewing.

Shorter videos get the attention of potential customers from beginning to end. Longer videos, in contrast, are more likely to be skipped over. Thus, customers tend to skip the essential details about the company and your product.

Voice-over or Narration

Choosing the right voice-over artist is time well spent. The appropriate tone of voice can make or break your video, so it’s essential to find one that matches what you’re trying to convey with a company message. Whether male or female, British or American- finding the right voice for your brand will be critical to creating experience users are going to love. Pay attention to how fast they speak and their intonation and pitch when reading copy aloud. Proper reading should reflect on the type of moods and experiences you want them to have through listening.

Storyboard and Framing

A storyboard is simply a visual representation of how your script will play out, describing the actions and visuals. A storyboard can be thought of as an outline or blueprint that directs designers and animators to create scenes, transitions, and progression in their animation on paper. There is no better way to convey your message than to show it using a compelling storyboard.


The animation includes a visual style. It is created by animators based on the brand guidelines. You can call it a colored storyboard. These are custom, full-color images that show you how the final video will look in about 20 seconds or less by animators. Animators provide an illusion of life to them with good voice-over timing for engaging animated explainer videos. This stage takes time; patience is expected.


A music composer can compose an original piece, but they might need to add a little extra flair with custom sound effects. The video editor may typically include mouse clicks, scrolls, and pop-ups – all of which give the viewer more context for what is happening on screen. With the perfect blend of background music, you can easily catch the attention of your viewers, thus allowing them to digest and retain your message efficiently.

Imagine watching a plain text video with no sound? Surely you’ll feel bored and uninterested in the first 10 seconds of the video. Background music is one of the key factors to the success of an explainer video. With the right music, conveying your message to your target audience is easier.


The Bottom Line

In an age of limited attention spans and quick getaways, the best explainer videos are those that aren’t afraid to experiment creatively. You can write jokes into your script or play with innovative animation features for a memorable video-watching experience.

Innovative animations make great characters in high-quality animated explainer videos because they add life, personality, and fun!

If you’re looking to create an explainer video for your brand, it’s time to start researching. Look into videos that competitors have developed and use them as inspiration for the content. Most importantly, when investing in explainer videos, it is significant to find the right team for your company. A good investment brings good returns for the company. Do not be afraid to take the risk and step up your game even more!

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