The year is off to a fast start in the realm of social media updates and one of the most exciting potential items is Facebook showing crossposting to Instagram options!  Welcome to this latest edition of the social media updates. Count on a new update every 2 weeks to keep you informed. Let’s dive in…


Facebook Offers More Cross-Posting Options to Better Connect Instagram and Facebook

This seems to be a test going on with no formal announcement by Facebook yet but the ability some Page Admins are seeing to crosspost their Facebook post to Instagram is HUGE!  Creates efficiency and boosts engagement for users.

Why it Matters

As we see more cross-posting between Facebook and Instagram it can positively affect them by providing more content which helps boost engagement and on-platform interactions. Just remember your audience for each platform!  This has been requested by many marketers for years, me included!, and to see it being tested is a good thing.

Again, no formal roll-out but the screenshot in the link shows how it would operate for those who have been given access.


Events In Facebook Stories

Have an event you want to promote? Did you promote the event on your page but few people responded? Well, now Facebook Stories have a sticker that you can use to promote events on your story!

Why it Matters

Posting your event of Facebook stories can help your event stand out and get more interactions from your followers for the event. People can ask questions and invite friends adding to the engagement that your event could see. This is another way Facebook is encouraging users to use Stories more.  Stories matter to marketers because they are growing in eyeballs (people watching them!)


LinkedIn Unveils New Additions to Company Pages, Including Employee Insights

LinkedIn has been in the process of doing a major overhaul of the platform, making it more user-friendly. One new feature they have added is employee insights. This is a dashboard that provides insights into each employee in the company such as where they studied, job functions, and business location.

Why it Matters

This new feature can benefit business or people looking to hire your company. It allows them to get to know you a bit and bridge the relations. The feature can also help you personally by identify areas where you should be focusing on your own career if you’re looking to get hired by a new company or skills for your desired role.



YouTube has two new updates that are important for you to be aware of. The first is YouTube will be removing automatic sharing to Twitter and Google+. You will still be able to share on social media platforms; however, it will not be automatic. The second update is YouTube is testing blue bubbles that show you recommendations.

Why it Matters

Removing automatic sharing can actually be a good thing as we have seen viewers respond better to customized messages on posts. Making the message personal can improve post engagement.

YouTube’s blue bubble recommendations make it possible to quickly access related videos, topics, and keywords. This can save you time searching for videos and help other people find your videos.


Twitter Beta Program for New Feature Testing

Do you use Twitter? Most people like it or they don’t. As a way to make Twitter easier to use, they have launched a new beta program for a few new features like color-coded replies, algorithm sorted responses to tweets, and tests to hide the twitter heart icon.

Why it Matters

Making it easier to see tweets with color-coded replies, show trending and engaging conversations, and encourage more conversations on Twitter are currently three ways Twitter is working to make the platform more user-friendly and encourage conversations. If your business uses Twitter these new features could be useful for your engagement and interactions with followers and customers on the platform.


That’s a wrap on some of the key social media updates from the last two weeks.  Subscribe to my blog to get these by email each time!

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