Oh yeah, it is something new around the corner there. Google AMP for email.

The Verge: “Gmail will let you browse websites in your email with new AMP support”

What does Google AMP for Email do?
AMP for Email will make it possible to take simple actions (like booking a calendar appointment or RSVP-ing an event) directly within the layout of the email – users can interact with content without leaving the Gmail client and without visit a website.

It can makes your email show app like or website like behavior. For instance changing content based on refreshing data, actions taken and behavior.

AMP for email

What does Google AMP for Email look like?
Something like this:

Does everybody love the idea of google Amp for email?
No -> Definitely not at this time.
Also see developers chat and share their likes and dislikes on Github.
Jason Rodriguez On AMP for Email

Interest in interactive email is high. At the beginning of 2018, marketers told Litmus that interactive email is the top email design trend of 2018. And as Google AMP promises a lot of interactivity….. A poll, also by Litmus, showed that 31% of the people that knew what AMP was, also thought it very likely that their email program was to take advantage of AMP.

What can I do in Google AMP for email? What does an AMP-ed email do?
We are likely to find out, what crazy stuff “people” will come up with.

Amp by Example has a dandy list of functions and codes for AMP. Note to self: Add the ones that work here, directly + more examples linked.

When will I start seeing Google AMP for email-emails in my inbox?

Never, well.. at least not yet. Currently it is limited to the developer preview and email developers sign up for it and start testing the waters before AMP support will be enabled for Gmail inboxes (later in 2018.) You can sign up for the developer preview here, but you have to sign an NDA, so don’t go tell anybody about it.

What is new with AMP for Email? Update 24-05-2018
Google just released this video where Ben Morss from the AMP team, talks about interactive email with community members, especially AMP for email.

0:18 → What is AMP in email & why should developers use it? (Aakash Sahney, Product Manager, Google)
1:48 → How does Doodle foresee using AMP for email? (Michael Wuergler, Doodle)
2:59 → The Interactive email space & Pinterest’s AMP demo (Seth Weisfeld, Pinterest)
4:39 → When will AMP for email be ready for developers? (Aakash Sahney, Product Manager, Google)

Mark Robbins from REBEL – held a presentation on AMP for email. Here are the slides he shared.

Examples of Google AMP for email and interactive email video from the Brightwave EIQ, the intelligent Email gathering conference.
9:00 → Raj Choudhury Explains why we should be excited about interactive and bi-directional email
17:46 → Chick-fil-A Catering experience
19:09 → Rent.com Inbox search experience
20:30 → Pintrest pinteractive email
Extra bonus: at 34:20 Shinisty shows off how the engage their fans (has nothing to do with amp, but still good)

What might be holding marketers back from using google AMP?

Missing support from ESPs
Exclusive to Gmail
Unclarity about preformance tracking and reporting
Not all emails should be updated after being sent
Not an email coding standard

Google AMP for Email – Everything you wanted to know

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