Even experienced writers need a little help refining their copy from time to time. Whether you write for a living, need to create an engaging blog post, or just need help with a college essay, you’ll likely want to use some of the best tools for writers listed below.

Some of these tools are completely free, making it easy to justify using them. Others are low-cost and can seriously streamline your writing process.

If you have been thinking about how to improve your writing dramatically, our favorite writing tools in this breakdown will help you get there.

First up, we want to highlight a few pieces of writing software that help with the actual mechanics of writing excellent prose. If you have ever struggled with grammar and spelling, these tools are perfect for you.


Hemingway is an excellent writing tool that is completely free to use. As one of the best writing tools around, it allows you to see where your writing is a little clunky.

This is a great writing tool if you find that you write with a long, complex sentence structure. To this end, it highlights sentences that could be simplified.

But that isn’t all that Hemingway does.

It also highlights adverbs, marks instances of passive voice, and helps you keep your vocabulary simple. As an added bonus, it tells you what grade level your writing is at, ensuring it’s perfect for your audience.


Writers who need a little help with grammar have likely already heard of Grammarly’s writing software. Grammarly can help you get the best writing, even if you aren’t working online.

The desktop version is compatible with your word processor, like Microsoft Word or even Google Docs.

It’s designed to spot easy-to-miss typos, missing punctuation, and even words that are often confused with one another (like their and there, for example).

Depending on how you want to use it, the Grammarly cost is relatively low. There’s a free version as well as a low-cost paid version that has a few advanced features like full sentence rewrites and vocabulary ideas.

For more information on this writing tool, check out our full Grammarly review here.

Cliché Finder

Are you worried that your writing projects are chock full of cliches? When you’re trying to make your writing as original as possible, you can use Cliche Finder to put your best writing forward.

All you have to do is paste your text into the box, up to 10,000 characters at a time. It will pinpoint any cliches so that you can eliminate them quickly and easily.

Pro Writing Aid

When it comes to the best tools for writers, Pro Writing Aid is often the way to go. Much like Grammarly, it helps with grammar and spelling mistakes, but it does so much more.

It identifies spelling errors, allows you to look for synonyms in their Word Explorer, and helps you to rephrase difficult sentences.

The only downside is that you’re limited to 500 words per day on their free plan.

For all the features like citations and unlimited word counts, you can upgrade to a relatively inexpensive paid plan.

It happens to every writer eventually: you come across a blank page, and you just can’t seem to move forward with your writing projects. With the invention of artificial intelligence in some of these writing tools, you’ll find that you can spark creativity and start to write forward.


Jasper is easily one of the leading AI online writing tools that can help you with content production. You can use it to write any number of things, including:

  • Writing a blog post
  • Coming up with clever sales copy
  • Designing web copy for your landing pages
  • Writing social media content for any platform

All you have to do is tell Jasper a rough idea of what you want. It will then take those inputs and transform them into done-for-you content.

They boast that you can finish a draft up to 10 times faster than if you were to write it completely on your own.

You can even use it for brainstorming, bouncing ideas around with Jasper’s AI just like you might do with fellow writers.


In a similar vein, Sudowrite is another great writing software that can move things along if you struggle with a serious case of writer’s block.

It can give you a great idea of how to move forward if you just have a basic idea of what you want.

How does it work?

All you have to do is input your idea for a story. Their First Draft feature will come up with 1,000 words to help you get the ball rolling on story ideas.

This handy tool can even help you move past a tricky part of your story, analyzing your writing style and tone and coming up with a 300-word addition.

Shortly AI

Shortly AI is very similar to other AI writing tools like Sudowrite. With the click of a button, this contender for the best writing software will analyze your existing project and come up with the next section — all in your own voice!

It works for brainstorming new topic ideas, developing ideas that you already have, and writing excellent content.

All you have to do is copy and paste it into your word processor and keep going. Not to mention, Shortly AI’s simple interface allows for distraction-free writing despite being in a digital format with the internet at your fingertips.

When you need distraction-free writing and organization tools to keep your ideas straight, these easy-to-use programs will give you what you need.


If you’re working on lots of story ideas at one time, you might be able to leverage Evernote to keep yourself organized. The digital format of this to-do list program is great because you can search through it and sync it across multiple devices.

Some of the best features of this writing tool include:

  • Clipping web pages without ads
  • Ability to mark up and highlight documents (including those clipped web pages)
  • Attach PDFs and other documents to your to-do list
  • Create tasks with due dates

Best of all, there is a free version you can try out before upgrading to their more advanced platform that syncs with Google Calendar.

Freedom App

best tools for writers - freedom app homepage screenshot

The Freedom app is one of the best productivity tools out there on the market for those who get a little distracted by the world wide web. It blocks websites, apps, and even the internet in general so that you can actually get your work done.

It can be used on just about any device from Apple to Android, Windows to Mac. It even syncs across your devices so that you can truly focus on getting your work out into the world.

Perhaps one of the best features is the Freedom cost. It comes in at just $3.33 per month when you sign up for an annual membership.

Cold Turkey Writer

best tools for writers - cold turkey writer homepage screenshot

Do you ever wish you could go back to the time before the internet? If so, then Cold Turkey Writer might be the best fit for when it comes to your writing process.

This tool helps you to get more work done on your writing projects by transforming your word processor into a typewriter.

You set the goals for your session (either word count goals or time goals). The program doesn’t let you exit until those goals are met.

Stop multitasking and get more work done with this writing software that forces you to hit your goals. You might even be surprised at how quickly you can reach those goals without the internet to distract you.


best tools for writers - ommwriter homepage screenshot

Ommwriter is very similar to Cold Turkey Writer in that it allows you to put your best writing forward without distraction. It opens in full-screen mode, so you can’t look at anything except your current writing project.

However, Ommwriter is more about the experience of writing. It allows you to choose the perfect fonts, environments, and even music that will help you to get more work done.

You can come and go as you please, so you will need to have good self-discipline if you intend to use this writing tool. If the environment isn’t as important to you, then you might be better off with Cold Turkey Writer, which forces you to be productive.


best tools for writers - todoist homepage screenshot

Maybe you need a little help with managing a major writing project. Todoist gives you the best way to organize all of your tasks and break them down into manageable chunks. Some of the best features of this app include:

  • Adding tasks and subtasks necessary for completion
  • Share projects with others
  • Set priority levels for different tasks
  • Generate reminders for upcoming tasks

You can use Todoist to make to-do lists for free, but their most expensive business plan comes in at just $6 per month.

Sometimes, you need to work with writing software uniquely designed to format your hard work or to collaborate with others. These other tools will help you to do just that.

Reedsy Book Editor

best tools for writers - reedsy book editor homepage screenshot

Is your goal to move forward with the publication of your latest project? Writing tools like the Reedsy Book Editor makes it easy to format prose, making it a top choice for book writing software. You can work in a distraction-free environment and easily stylize your manuscript as you go.

Plus, it allows you to make real-time suggestions on the manuscript so that you can work with co-authors or editors.

The best part is that the Reedsy Book Editor cost is absolutely free!


best tools for writers - scrivener homepage screenshot

Scrivener has long been one of the writing tools that professional writers turn to in order to keep their manuscripts organized. It has all the same basic functions as Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

However, it allows you to create separate documents for each piece of your manuscript which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Another feature to mention is the Corkboard, where you can shuffle digital index cards around to get your plotting or research straight. If you prefer a more structured approach, it’s also a great writing tool for outlining.

The Scrivener cost is a little more than some programs, coming in at around $60.

Google Docs

best tools for writers - googledocs screenshot

When it comes to collaboration, we would be remiss if we didn’t at least mention Google Docs. After Microsoft Word, this is probably one of the most used writing software on the market — and it is completely free.

What makes Google Docs an ideal writing software?

Perhaps the most useful feature is the ability to collaborate with anyone at any time. All you have to do is grant them access to your document (as a word processing document, a spreadsheet, or even a slideshow presentation). They can then track changes so that you can all work together.

It even has some basic tools for editing software, including a grammar checker, spell check, and more.

No matter what type of writing tools you are in the market for, there is something out there for everyone. These best tools for writers will help you do your best writing, correct your grammar, manage your writing output, and even help to brainstorm ideas with AI tools.

There is no shortage of excellent writing tools out there for you to choose from. Which of these options will help you to bring your best writing forth into the world today?


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