Grammarly is one of the finest grammar checking tools out there. If you’re a blogger, writer, or online marketer who puts out written or infographic content on the web, you’d know the importance of a well-written copy. If your written piece of content is full of typos and grammatical errors, you won’t be taken as seriously. So here comes an exclusive Grammarly Review which will help you with all the grammatical and language errors.

So are you looking for tool which produces accurate proofreading results?

Do you want to be sure and confident that whatever you’re writing is free of all errors and easy to read?

A lot of pro-bloggers have editors who edit content before publishing, but most of the bloggers have to edit their own content, which brings in the tools like Grammarly.

I don’t say that Grammarly is the only grammar checking tool on the market. There are many tools out there, but Grammarly has been a fantastic tool for me. I know a lot of bloggers say the same thing, and many of them switched to Grammarly after using multiple grammar checking tools.

Grammarly Review 2023

Let’s dig deeper into the Grammarly review 2023 and see why this tool is so amazing.

About Grammarly

Grammarly was founded in 2009 by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn and is headquartered in San Francisco. This tool is recognised, accredited by various Professional Bloggers, Experts and has been one of the top preferred tool for anyone looking to start writing online.


  • Able to correct majority of Grammar, English, Punctuation and Spelling Mistakes.
  • Easy to access interface.
  • Comfortable with all the online platforms.


  • Premium Plan is Expensive.
  • MAC users cannot use it with Microsoft Office. [Big turn off for me]

Key Features of Grammarly in 2023


You might have faced some typos during your writing experience. It happens to everyone who writes content. What Grammarly does is that it highlights the spelling errors and recommends the correction; you can quickly fix the problem by clicking on the highlighted words. The spell-checker is a great feature of Grammarly, which could save us from embarrassment.


Grammar mistakes are possible when you’re writing blog posts or anything else. The reason is that we are so much focused on the subject matter that we often skip the grammatical aspects. Sometimes, we skip past the grammatical errors while proofreading the content. Grammarly finds such grammar errors and highlights for us to fix them. This feature gives users a huge advantage over others who don’t use any grammar tool.


Do you remember the time when we had to use a separate online tool for plagiarism? Grammarly solves this problem too. You don’t have to use a separate tool for plagiarism-checking anymore. It has built a tool inside, which gives you a quick solution of checking the text content for plagiarism.


One of the fascinating features which is why i have written this Grammarly review is that it helps you improve your vocabulary by catching all the repeated words in your text. It suggests you to use the synonyms; not only does it improve your writing, but it also increases your vocabulary. What it teaches through this suggestion-system is that one must not be repeating the same words over and over again.

Human Proofreader

Human proofreader is an add-on paid service which allows us to hire skilled editors to go throughout content and edit it manually for us. It’s an optional feature, which most of us might not need.

3 Important Elements of Grammarly


The document insight is a newly added feature in Grammarly. It provides you with some data like the number of characters, words, sentences, reading time, and speaking time. It might not affect an average user, but if you’re curious about these things, then it would be helpful. The insights always help when you’re trying to improve your craft by comparing with your previous performance.


One of the advanced features Grammarly has the goal setting. It offers certain goals to set by the user to help its artificial intelligence system to understand the core values of the content. It consists of Intent, Audience, Style, Emotion, and Domain. By setting your goals, you’ll be telling Grammarly that what you want and how you want its system to help you.

Apps and Extensions

Grammarly has native extensions for Windows, Microsoft, and Chrome. The Android and iOS versions are also available now. It certainly makes the work easier when a user doesn’t need to go to Grammarly account every time there is a need. Some users find native app bothersome so they prefer to use Grammarly in the browser only.

How to Use Grammarly

There is no rocket science in using Grammarly tool. You can simply install the browser extension on your PC. It has a chrome extension, plus, you can also install an MS Word add-on of Grammarly too. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step process of using Grammarly:

Getting Started

Once you’re logged into your account, click on the “new” or “upload” to move forward. This is the stage where your content analysis begins, but you would have to choose the option to get going. You can either paste the text content or upload your document to process.

Getting started with grammarly

There isn’t much to do at this stage because Grammarly hasn’t started suggested things to do yet. Once you go through the analysis process, then you could fix the highlighted errors.

Analysis Completion

Once the text content has been processed by the Grammarly, which takes a few seconds, it would start to display the errors in the content and explain to you that what needs to be corrected in the analyzed content. If you don’t see any errors, click on the “start assistance” button on the right top corner of your screen.

Competition Analysis with grammarly review 2

You can simply follow the instructions to solve the grammar or writing errors; once you’re done with that, then it finishes off the process within a few seconds.

Downloading the File

Once the analysis has been finished, you can either manually copy the whole text using the option “copy to clipboard” or download the .txt file or print the document.

Downloading files grammary grammar checker tool review

Who Should Use Grammarly?

If you’re a digital marketer, blogger, content writer, social media expert, or an entrepreneur, then you must have the Grammarly subscription. The way it changes your writing is unbelievable. You won’t understand this unless you try it for yourself. You might be just a business person or a social media activist who tweets a lot; if you want to be 100% sure with your social media updates’ grammatical accuracy, then you should test out your social posts in Grammarly before tweeting. You might get stunned that how you never noticed some writing errors in your social media posts.

If you’re a blogger, then you don’t have any excuse not to improve your writing; Grammarly comes in to help you out. The quickest way to send your reader away is start your article with the lines full of error. The majority of readers won’t even continue reading your content because it’ll spoil their mood or they might feel the lack of authenticity.

So there is no question about the usefulness of Grammarly.


You can start with Grammarly for free, but if you want to advance your writing skills then premium membership is required. Grammarly offers monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions. A monthly subscription costs $29.95 each month, quarterly costs $59.99 every three months, and annual costs $139.95 per year.

pricing of best checking grammar tool grammerly

What’s the difference between Free Grammarly and Premium Grammarly Versions?

Free Grammarly

Paid Grammarly

Grammar Checker Has Advanced Grammar Checker
Spell Checker Spell Checker
Doesnt have Vocabulary Enhancement Does have Vocabulary Enhancement
Doesnt Have Genre Checks Genre Specific Writing Style Checks
Punctuation Checker Punctuation Checker
Built-in dictionary Built-in dictionary
Sentence Structure Sentence Structure

Frequently Asked Questions related to Grammarly :

Is Grammarly Free?

Grammarly is a grammar checking software that comes with a free as well as a premium version. It’s completely optional to go with either a free or paid version, but free version comes with limitation.

Is grammarly worth it?

To be honest, in my opinion. Either you go with the Paid version or with Free version. It does worth either way. If you are looking a tool which can help you in fixing and correcting errors, then make no mistake and simply opt for it.

Do Grammarly have a browser extension?

Yes it does have.

Is grammarly safe to use?

It’s completely safe to use and it’s recommended by hundreds of bloggers, writers and copywriters. Also it has completely verified extension by Google Chrome.

However one thing you need to note it down is that, According to the Grammarly privacy policy, you transmit writing to Grammarly’s servers over the internet.

So the information maybe shared, but it’s completely safe to assume and work with it.

Is Grammarly the best grammar checker?

It is fast, recommended by many professionals and it’s functions and services are much better than any of its common competitors. It’s accuracy and easy integration with word and other softwares is an additional addon.

Is paying for Grammarly worth it?

I had this question asked by many of my regular readers but i have to say that yes, it’s worth every penny. Although it’s a little pricy but it’s function pays for it.

Does Grammarly store your text?

As per grammarly privacy policyGrammarly states that your content is stored on one of its servers to help provide you with technical support.

Can I use Grammarly on my phone?

Yes, it’s available on both android and iOs. As per their site, the keyboard integrates seamlessly on your device and making the process easier with it’s user friendly app.

Can We Use Grammarly Plagiarism Checker With The Free Version?

Unfortunately, the Plagiarism Checker facility is only available with Premium Version.

Can Grammarly be used in Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, etc.?

Grammarly have a great function and it can be enabled on these applications while writing directly. There’s a useful Word add-in as well as a Microsoft Office add-in.  If you have a trouble finding Grammarly or how to work with it while you are using these applications, I suggest downloading the desktop app and copying your content across to check for grammar and writing issues.

Grammarly Vs. Human Proofreader – What’s Your Take?

There is no substitute of Human. A Human Proof reader is always better but if you do not have such resources or doesnt have any Human Proof reader in hand, Grammarly is the best choice to opt for. Additionally its also a cheaper alternative.

Does Grammarly Work with Macbook?

Even I use Macbook Pro and it seems to be fine with me. Either you are using iMac, Macbook Air, Pro or a simple Macbook, you can easily access Grammarly with it.

What about Grammarly vs. Ginger, Grammarly vs. Whitesmoke, Grammarly vs. Prowriting aid?

If you guys can comment on this, I will be happy to write a detailed review on Best Grammar Checker Tools out there in the market.

Does Grammarly work offline?

I do understand that sometimes you do not have coverage to Internet but Grammarly is an Online Tool. So you need an active Internet Connection for it’s usage.

What is the Grammarly cancellation refund policy?

In case if you are not happy with this tool and looking for cancellation. Grammarly has a refund policy and they will be happy to refund you. All you need to do is to reach out their customer support.

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Conclusion on Grammarly Review 2023

It has been a fantastic tool for many of the bloggers and social media experts out there. I have seen great results with it. The way it contributes to improving your writing skill is simply exceptional. You never know who comes next to your blog to read your content and you might not want to spoil your image as a blogger.

I have loved this tool so far. I have noticed that the paid version does extremely well as compared to the free edition. It provides more insights, details, and explanation that what changes you should make in your content and why it’s necessary to do that.

If you have any association with writing, please don’t at least test this out. The results would tell you everything.

Does this Grammarly review help you in understanding the importance of writing good content?

Let me know!


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