Publishing high-quality content consistently is possibly the most challenging aspects of any blog.

Yet it is the driving force behind the growth and success of your business.

And that is why we pay attention to the industry’s new and upcoming content writing services.

This Web Asset Builders review looks at their services to see how they measure up.

Here’s what this review will cover:

  • How they performed, plus a live example
  • Full Web Asset Builders review – our verdict
  • Who Web Asset Builders is for
  • The pros and cons, and much more…

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Web Asset Builders Review

  • Content Quality

  • Speed and Delivery

  • Customer Service

  • Price


Web Asset Builders are an excellent option if you’re looking for quality content at an affordable price. I was impressed with my experience and the content they produced, and I would recommend both new and seasoned bloggers to give their service a try. Check out We Asset Builders services here.


  • Very fast, wrote 10,000 words in 4 days and posted to site in 5 days
  • High-quality content at a great price
  • Very professional
  • Great selection of images included in their content posting addon
  • Excellent communication throughout


  • The keyword intent of one article was slightly off compared to other Google results
  • Some paragraphs were a little on the lengthy side, at 7-8 lines

Web Asset Builders Overview – How Did They Do?

Spencer gave me full control of the ordering and experience of Web Asset Builders content service so that I can provide you with a comprehensive and unbiased review.

Overall, the content and service that Web Asset Builders provided were impressive, delivered promptly, and dealt with professionally.

Here are all the details.

I ordered their 10,000 words pack, which I requested to be made into six articles.

They were published on two of my niche sites, five of which were added to WordPress by WAB, and included images, meta descriptions, ect.

I also chose their addon package for Surfer SEO optimization, where they reach a minimum of 70% optimization in Surfer.

Here’s a breakdown of what I ordered:

Niche site #1: Niche and URL undisclosed

  • informative guide – 2000 words
  • product review roundup – 2000 words
  • an information “VS” post – 1000 words
  • informative guide – 2000 words
  • informative guide – 2000 words

Niche site #2: Tech blog – TechVetted.com

  • how to upload twitch stream to youtube – 1000 words

The total amount of words written came to 10,331, which is over 300 words more than what was ordered.

Let’s look at the post they created for a tech blog I’m reviving, TechVetted.com.

Web Asset Builders content example

You can look at a live example of one of the pieces Web Asset Builders created here.

The post is titled “How to Upload Twitch Stream to YouTube” and I’m really happy with what they produced.

Especially as I (purposefully) gave them very little details in my content brief. I really wanted to see the results they were capable of with minimal instructions.

And I think they did a great job.

Content quality

The content quality was really good, articulate, and written in a friendly and conversational tone.

I was also impressed by how informative and detailed the articles were.

You can see they have included details about this topic that may not be so obvious to many people, and a different writing service could have easily overlooked that.

Moreover, in the product review post they wrote for the other site, almost every time they mentioned a feature, they paired it with a benefit.

You wouldn’t see this in average content or an amateur writer.

The only downside to a couple of the posts was that some paragraphs were a little lengthy, at around 7-8 lines. Not a massive problem and is easy to adjust.

And one other concern was the keyword intent behind one of the articles was quite different to what was showing up in Google results.

Honestly, the type of post I requested may have been a little challenging, as it would have needed a ton of images in the post to match the intent of the first page in Google’s results.

Still, even though the intent was off, the article was well-written and might have the potential to rank. We will see.

Speed and delivery

This came as a shock to me.

I placed the content order on 8th October, and all articles had been written by 12th October – 10,000 words in 4 days!

Then, they uploaded the articles to WordPress with images, meta descriptions, and the correct formatting.

Everything was completed within 8-9 days.

They sent me an email on the 12th of October linking to a Google Drive folder with the articles saved in Google Docs.

Customer service

The overall experience of the service was great.

It was easy to order the content package from the site and the whole process was very hands-off.

All that was needed from me when ordering were my chosen keywords and WordPress login details, which I provided on the checkout page in the notes section.

The completed articles in the Google Docs also contained the following:

A meta description:

A screenshot of the Surfer SEO result:

A screenshot of the Yoast SEO readability score (all green):

And an internal report summary.

All uploaded content was saved as drafts. This allowed me to ensure I was happy with everything before I published the articles.


All communication was through email, and I was well-informed with updates throughout the process.

You also can track progress by clicking a link in the initial order summary email.

When posting the articles, they asked if I wanted them to add affiliate links to the review post, as they didn’t know my tracking ID.

They also asked me if I’d like them to add a product comparison table to the post, which I was using in other articles on the site.

I appreciated this because it told me they checked my other content to see how it was formatted, so I could tell they were taking the time to do a good job.

Web Asset Builders Review – The Verdict

Web Asset Builders position themselves as “The best ROI on SEO content you will ever get.”

They are a done-for-you content service that has displayed impressive results for their clients, including bloggers, affiliate marketers, niche site builders, and even eCommerce owners.

You can expect thorough keyword and competition research, full content plans, templates, and more.

Other services they offer are guest posting and ready-made niche websites.

They understand that to reach success with content marketing, quality, consistency, and strategic planning are essential – stating in their own words, “If you aren’t growing, you’re shrinking.”

From my experience working with Web Asset Builders, they stayed true to their values and exceeded my expectations.

You will love this service if you’re looking for a content service that pays attention to detail and understands how to produce strategic, SEO-driven content.

Content Pricing and Packages

Web Asset Builders have three content packages, simply titled with the number of words you need.

Each package includes:

  • SEO-optimized and well-researched content
  • Content is written by experienced writers
  • Proficient editors
  • Checked by Grammarly Premium
  • Plagiarism-free guaranteed
  • And Yoast Readability optimization

There’s also the option to select a custom package. This is great if you need a specific word count that differs from the main packages.

You just input the required word count and hit enter. The box in the center will display the pricing and a button for you to place your order.

Package addons

If you want a complete hands off service, then you’ll be interested in their package addons.

WAB will take care of your keyword research and content posting, saving you time to focus on other areas of your business.

With the keyword research service, they’ll create an entire content plan for your website based on your specific goals and proportional to the amount of content you buy.

The content posting addon is where they upload your content to your WordPress blog for you, adding relevant images and CTA buttons.

And the last service available is Surfer SEO optimized content.

With this addon, your content will meet a 70% minimum optimization score in Surfer, increasing the chances of your content to rank higher in Google.


Pricing for content without addons is fixed at $35 per 1,000 words at the time of writing.

That means you can order as little as 5,000 words for $175 and won’t pay more for less content.

Each add-on costs an extra $75 per 10,000 words, so for example:

Ordering 50,000 words with all add-ons come to $2,875 and 10,000 words with all add-ons is 5x less, at $575.

Other services

WAB offers two other services, guest posting and DFY Niche Sites.

With their guest posting service, you place your order based on how many links you want with the choice at DR level.

Your backlinks will be from niche-relevant websites that get over 1,000 monthly traffic.

Their done-for-you service offers ready-made niche sites, ranging in word count and in different niches.

They currently have three ready-made sites available, or you can order an on-demand site, where they build you one from scratch to your specific requirements.

On-demand sites come with 20,000 words, your choice or niche, and take around 3-4 weeks turnaround time.

Who is Web Asset Builders for?

Web Asset Builders are ideal for anyone needing content for their blog, regardless of your blogging business model.

Whether it’s an affiliate marketing blog, small niche site with display ads, or even a 6-7 figure ecommerce brand.

They helped turn an eCommerce startup into a high 7-figure brand by producing 700,000 words of content for an outreach/sponsored article campaign and more than 250,000 words of content on their clients’ blog.

You can read the full case study here.

It goes to show that the content and strategies they create for their clients aren’t limited to niche affiliate sites alone but can produce traffic and an ROI in most business types.

Here are just a handful of sites they’ve achieved success in:

  • $4000 p/m in the outdoor niche
  • 21,000 visitors and $2,000 per month in the kitchen affiliate niche
  • Helped grow a CBD brand to 7-figures
  • Women’s apparel eCommerce brand, a competitive niche, grew to 2000+ traffic p/m

You can read more of Web Asset Builders’ case studies here.

How to Order Content From Web Asset Builders

Ordering content at Web Asset Builders is simple.

You’ll jump to the content pricing boxes when you visit the website and click on the Order Content button.

Choose any addons you want by checking the boxes:

Then, select the word count by clicking the Order Now button and proceed to the checkout, fill in your details and make your payment:

It’s that easy.


There were many pros to working with Web Asset Builders. I found the whole experience an absolute pleasure.

Here are some highlights:

  • Quick content production (only 4 days for 10,000 words) and relatively fast content posting
  • High-quality content at a great price
  • Very professional service
  • Great selection of images included in their content posting addon
  • Excellent communication throughout


There were very few cons for me to point out, but no product or service is 100% perfect.

Here are a couple of things that could have been done slightly differently.

In the product review article, they uploaded Amazon images to my WordPress site, which is against Amazon Associates’ policy.

Thankfully, I knew not to publish the article before correctly displaying the images through the amazon API, but a newbie affiliate blogger can easily miss something like this.

The only other minor complaint was the long paragraphs in their post formatting. Some posts were absolutely fine, whereas others were a little excessive at 8 lines of text.

This can sometimes put readers off staying on the page for longer.

However, as I mentioned before, it’s an easy fix, and it also comes down to personal preference, which I didn’t give instruction for.

Alternative Content Services

It’s true:

There are a ton of content writing services to choose from, and many new-time bloggers might want to try out a few options before they find the right one for them.

Another affordable option who offer similar services is Content Pit. Spencer himself used Content Pit for his Own The Yard public case study in 2018. You can read our Content Pit review here.

Web Asset Builders are cheaper than Content Pit and seem one of the cheapest in the industry for the standard of quality of service offered.

Brand Builders is another popular content-writing service for bloggers and niche site owners. They are somewhat more of an expensive option, have more content packages to choose from, and use a different AI optimization tool. Check our Brand Builders review for more info.

Web Asset Builders Review: Conclusion

There you have it. This Web Asset Builders review dove deep into their content creation service, the quality, and the entire process from start to finish.

All-in-all, Web Asset Builders did a fantastic job producing 10,000 words of content and uploading them directly to WordPress, complete with meta descriptions and images.

The speed of delivery surpassed my expectations, and their attention to detail with the topics they wrote was excellent.

I highly recommend any new or seasoned blogger to try their service.


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