Web hosting is the ever-needing and ever-increasing online element that is always equal to a headache for many.

That is the one hell of the difficult task people have to go through right before getting the website only build up into the thoughts.

You think of having a website, you are up in deciding which web hosting provider to take on board.

And this article is set to shove off much of your web hosting sorrows.

Let’s stick to it then!

HostGator Review 2022

hostgator detailed review

Everyone who knows about the need and the importance of the web hosting, should definitely know about the web hosting provider which is too common and too famous around the world.

And it has the name which is HostGator’ that really sounds like ‘alligator.’ 🙂

As I am set to review this world-famous web hosting provider, I will be covering it through many angles to give you the good glimpse of its business and how it can really help you in getting started with your next website.

Stick with me. And see how it is done.

What I am after is the following, and is within the following sequence;

  • What makes HostGator, the HostGator?
  • Interesting representation!
  • Awards!
  • Who owns HostGator, and NOW?
  • Business map.
  • User reviews — External ones.
  • What is ‘your say’?

Okay my fella! It is time to write. So, do hang on with me. 🙂

What makes the HostGator, the ‘HostGator’?

And to know about it, we first need to learn off the history of the HostGator in deep, nope?

That is the only way to find out how the company was started, who had the idea, who helped to make this idea turned into its finest reality, and how it is kicking the world till now?

So, let’s saddle up to find out of this information first and we will then jump later to what it has for us NOW.

When the HostGator was founded and who had the idea?

It was founded back in October 2002. And it was hit by a student (that time) named Brent Oxley.

HostGator’s prime peak time?

HostGator, under the supervision of Oxley, picked up its good momentum from the very same year because back into that time, there were not much of the web hosting companies had founded and the internet was totally in the mood of good up swings.

People having the interest in joining the bandwagon of the internet, this had too benefited Oxley to skyrocket his newly-founded web hosting company.

So… it did. Uplifted the company on the path of success.

And the company then started to move from different locations and added up menpower too, to support its growing clientage and the demand.

Current location?

HostGator is headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA with three more office locations set up in abroad as well who hit to one in Austin, Texas, USA and two in Brazilian cities of Florianópolis and São Paulo.

Oh and do not take this locations’ information as the actual locations of HostGator’s datacenters. They are not there. 🙂

Interesting representation!


I always liked the one interesting thing about the HostGator!

And that is its graphics and the logo. 🙂

To be more specific, it has the alligator all around the website. 🙂

And the “Gator” out of the “HostGator” is also taken from the name of “AlliGator.”

So, they beautifully have transformed their entire website with and around the theme of water, alligator, and blue color to match with their friendly-represented version of the alligator. 🙂



For being one of the oldest web hosting company in the world, why not it would have won the people’s heart in all these years?

HostGator really did it — and did it well.

Not just everyone so remembered its name when it comes to the web hosting thing and the big brands and websites made it their finest selection for solving the people’s web hosting worries.

hostgator awards

Not just the big names but other notable websites did cover the HostGator well and recommended it to the masses.

Go to: Awards & Reviews – Voted Best Web Hosting | HostGator and find it out for yourself.

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Who owns HostGator, and NOW?

Well, Brent Oxley is no more the sole owner of the HostGator who founded the company in 2002 and had been the founder of the company since then and until 2012.

Then came on the stage the EIG (Endurance International Group) who bought HostGator up for the heavy and hefty price tag of USD $225 million.

EIG is the same group that owns dozens of popular and famous web hosting companies.

Business map.

business map

Now comes the term of real thing.

The business map.

And here we will actually go deep down the system of HostGator to fetch how it operates, and what it has for us.

Price(s) of HostGator plans and the packages.


So, first thing first. Price(s.) And we are to start with it by going into each and every good details of the packages/plans the HostGator has to offer — to the general public called ‘its customers.’

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS (virtual private server) hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Application hosting
  • Windows hosting
  • Website builder

Let’s go into the pricing thing for now, and for each of the packages.

Shared hosting

hostgator shared hosting

HostGator Shared hosting consists upon three plans that are named;

  • Hatchling Plan
  • Baby Plan
  • Business Plan
Hatchling plan

hatching plan of hostgator

Hatchling plan comes to only support one single domain which means, you are just able to host one site if you go with this low-priced plan.

And it starts with the introductory monthly price of US$ 2.75 per month.

Well, I must tell you one thing that it is the contract-based system where you will enjoy the least and the lowest price if you subscribe to the plan in advance.

And here is the information.

hatching plan hostgator

See for yourself.

If you are to go with Hatchling plan for the duration of 1, 3, and 6 months in advance, you are charged so high and that is the whooping US$ 10.95 for each month.

While for 12 months, the price drops down to its half to up to US$ 5.95 per month and when you aim to go for and target the very-least in the price, you then are set to choose 24 months and 36 months for which you are going to pay US$ 3.58 per month and US$ 2.75 per month, respectively.

So you are set to sign the longer-duration contract, you will be able to pay so least due to being an advanced customer.

Baby plan

baby plan hostgator

Baby plan is NOT the real baby though. 🙂

Just like the “hatchling plan”, the baby plan has the prices that vary depending upon your choice of subscribing to the duration-based plans.

Here you can actually host unlimited domains (good to know!) with unmetered bandwidth along with the free SSL certificate to secure your site and win the search engine’s trust.

And it is starting with the introductory price of US$ 3.95 per month.

See this screenshot in below…. to know more about the pricing structure.

baby plan details hostgator

From 1st to 6th months subscription, the price will be for US$ 11.95 per month

And then going with the 12, 24, and 36 months, you will get to pay US$ 8.95, US$ 6.95, and US$ 3.95 for a month.

Now, Business plan

That kinda sounds awesome to have, nope?

This “Business plan” is highly recommended by the the HostGator, too.

You can easily detect how much good stuff you are set to receive by subscribing to the Business plan.

And the price wise, it is split under six categories where from 1st to up to 6 months, you will be charged US$ 16.95 per month while subscribing to 12 OR 24 OR 36 months in the advance, you will get US$ 8.95/month, US$ 6.95/month, and US$ 5.95 per month.

VPS (virtual private server) hosting

HostGator VPS hosting (or virtual private servers) is set to give the enough power to handle a good heavy website getting in high web traffic and good big database.

And HostGator has actually the following three plans under its VPS rack;

  • Snappy 2000
  • Snappy 4000
  • Snappy 8000
Snappy 2000

See its size?


2 core CPUs

120GB disk space

And… 1.5 terabyte bandwidth (cool!)

And what is the price?

Well, see that.

The above screen-shot is when I selected “No Control Panel” but without a control panel, it would be a little hard to operate the server.

Still with the “No Control Panel”, you are set to pay up US$ 79.95 per month for 1, 3, and 6 months.

While the price goes down when you pre-subscribe for 12-months, 24-months, and 36-months with the well lower price of US$ 39.95 per month, US$ 29.95 per month, and US$ 19.95 per month, respectively.

When the “cPanel” is selected and of course, it should be because it is the one best server software to access its back-end and perform the so difficult tasks by going through the easy-defined system due to having access to the cPanel. 🙂

So with the “cPanel” selected, the price tag differs to the great extent and to the following;

01 month = US$ 89.95 per month

03 months = US$ 89.95 per month

06 months = US$ 89.95 per month

12 months = US$ 49.95 per month

24 months = US$ 39.96 per month

36 months = US$ 29.95 per month

See the screenshot below for the cPanel-selected price.

Snappy 4000

The another version of the web hosting plan the HostGator has to offer under the category of VPS web hosting., and is called the Snappy 4000.

Being the second in the line after Snappy 2000, the resources are almost in the 100 percent bigger in the numbers with not much of the high price than Snappy 2000.

Let’s see this graphic for “No control panel” one.

The price structure for the “No Control Panel”(do not opt for it, please) is as following;

01 month = US$ 119.95 per month

03 months = US$ 119.95 per month

06 months = US$ 119.95 per month

12 months = US$ 49.95 per month

24 months = US$ 39.96 per month

36 months = US$ 29.95 per month

And now… We need now the “cPanel”-selected price (yes!)..;

01 month = US$ 129.95 per month

03 months = US$ 129.95 per month

06 months = US$ 129.95 per month

12 months = US$ 59.95 per month

24 months = US$ 49.96 per month

36 months = US$ 39.95 per month

Snappy 8000

And here is the third VPS plan which is “Snappy 8000.”

And that is really and almost 100 percent high in the resources lineup from Snappy 4000 and about 700 percent more from Snappy 2000.

See that…

8GB RAM (pretty good!)

4 core CPUs (cool!)

240GB disk space (awesome!)

And… 3TB in bandwidth (wow!)

Just like every other VPS plans, Snappy 8000 has 6 pricing structure, too.

And the prices are;

For the “No Control Panel”;

01 month = US$ 149.95 per month

03 months = US$ 149.95 per month

06 months = US$ 149.95 per month

12 months = US$ 59.95 per month

24 months = US$ 49.95 per month

36 months = US$ 39.95 per month

Snappy 8000 with “cPanel” selected, its prices are;

01 month = US$ 159.95 per month

03 months = US$ 159.95 per month

06 months = US$ 159.95 per month

12 months = US$ 69.95 per month

24 months = US$ 59.95 per month

36 months = US$ 49.95 per month

Dedicated server hosting

Dedicated web hosting is for the corporate-related websites, ecommerce websites (high level ones) and any other websites that are too important for their owners.

And HostGator has this dedicated plan for you setup already with very-much affordable prices.

The dedicated plans come with three different packages to easy-select which package is worth-selecting as per your requirement.

And the packages are;

  • Value Server
  • Power Server
  • Enterprise Server
Value Server

The first in the dedicated lineup and it starts with the good high resources;

4 powerful core CPUs


1TB hard disk drive

Unmetered bandwidth

Linux or Windows as operating system (whichever you like to be installed.)

Price wise, it is the one-least-priced dedicated setup presented by HostGator to you.

Here is the catch…

If you are to select which OS you want to go for (either Windows or Linux), here Linux have four types of operating versions ready to be selected as per your convenience.

And the prices for all four Linux versions are the same.

Linux versions that are available for you to be picked up;

  • CentOS 6
  • CentOS 7
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Debian 8

And if you are to take on the “Managed” or “Semi-managed” types of the dedicated servers.

With the “Managed”, everything is into the court of HostGator and they will be the core responsible to perform anything that you want and anything that happens with your dedicated server.

While with the “Semi-managed” type of the dedicated server, where the most-basic server-related tasks and the problems are fixed by the HostGator.

So, the price of Value Server with all four Linux versions and under “Semi-Managed” support, is;

01 month = US$ 179.00 per month

03 months = US$ 168.99 per month

06 months = US$ 159.01 per month

12 months = US$ 129.01 per month

24 months = US$ 119.00 per month

36 months = US$ 108.99 per month

And for “Semi-Managed” support with “Windows” as the primary operating system, the price is different, which is;

01 month = US$ 179.00 per month

03 months = US$ 168.99 per month

06 months = US$ 159.01 per month

12 months = US$ 138.99 per month

24 months = US$ 129.01 per month

36 months = US$ 119.00 per month

Power Server

Power server comes into the middle of the dedicated server’s lineup, and is enough powerful to really handle a good big of a website.

Looked at the resources?

They are almost in the double size than the first dedicated server’s package (Value Server.)

8 good powered core CPUs


2TB HDD or 512GB SSD (select SSD)

Unmetered bandwidth (again!)

Linux or Windows as operating system

Price structure of Power server?

Same like the Value Server, Power server’s package has everything like the same (but not with the same price) starting from support type, OS versions, and more but with one addition and that is whether to go with HDD or SSD as the hard drive.

If you go with HDD (hard disk drive), you are entitled to receive 2TB of the space. And if you are up with the SSD (solid state drive), you room 512GB in the space (but SSD is fast and if you are not using up a lot of the stuff up on your dedicated server, then select SSD.)

Now let’s look at the pricing thing for Power Server.

The selected and shown price is for;

– All four Linux OS version including the “Windows” too this time.

– Support as “Semi-Managed.”

– With HDD (BTW, SSD and HDD have the same price tag.)

01 month = US$ 239.00 per month

03 months = US$ 229.01 per month

06 months = US$ 219.00 per month

12 months = US$ 169.00 per month

24 months = US$ 139.00 per month

36 months = US$ 128.99 per month

Now, we need the price for the Power Server package, if selected;


– Managed

– Operating system of Linux or Windows

And what the good news is…

The prices are same for having SSD as the drive, keeping the “Managed” checked, and selecting any of the OS.

01 month = US$ 249.00 per month

03 months = US$ 238.99 per month

06 months = US$ 229.01 per month

12 months = US$ 179.01 per month

24 months = US$ 149.00 per month

36 months = US$ 138.99 per month

So, enjoy the “managed” power server!

Enterprise Server

 This dedicated package, as it sounds, is for the no-down-type of the websites.

With it, you can expect the accurate uptime, everything running fast and smooth, and is totally worrying-free for you.

Here you see…

8 quite powerful core CPUs


1TB SSD (no more HDD anymore!)

Unmetered bandwidth to do anything, and fast

Windows or Linux for your OS


Let’s go first the the “Semi-Managed” support with “SSD” drive, and all four Linux versions including Windows and the prices are same against everything selected.

01 month = US$ 279.00 per month

03 months = US$ 268.01 per month

06 months = US$ 249.01 per month

12 months = US$ 188.99 per month

24 months = US$ 168.99 per month

36 months = US$ 139.00 per month

And what about the “managed” Enterprise server?


With having either “Windows” or “Linux” as the operating system, the price does not change at all.

And here it is.

01 month = US$ 289.00 per month

03 months = US$ 279.00 per month

06 months = US$ 259.00 per month

12 months = US$ 199.01 per month

24 months = US$ 179.01 per month

36 months = US$ 149.01 per month

So, that concludes the section of HostGator’s dedicated servers lineup!

WordPress hosting

HostGator WordPress hosting has some very-ashtoning packages just for the WordPress-enabled websites.

And comes with three WordPress-only packages;

  • Starter Plan
  • Standard Plan
  • Business Plan
Starter Plan

No fluffs and we start right onto it!

See, it is simple.

1 website

100K visitors in a month

1GB in backups

Free SSL

It is too basic of the WordPress-only package and is most-suitable for the people who are just taking up to setup just a WordPress-backed website for NOW.

If you are in need of having a WordPress website or know anyone around you, just tell them to just go with the HostGator’s Starter Plan.

Now… let’s see how costly is that WordPress Starter Plan.

Not really much.

Oh yes, it could be if you are not up for going to get subscribed to it for at least the duration of 12-months to 36-months.

It could be costly if you just have to hit for 1 to 6 months in the contract.

But… it is all up to you to decide on the duration term and what you need to do with your WordPress-backed website.

01 month = US$ 14.95 per month

03 months = US$ 14.95 per month

06 months = US$ 14.95 per month

12 months = US$ 7.95 per month

24 months = US$ 6.95 per month

36 months = US$ 5.95 per month

Standard Plan

The middle and the most-recommended “Standard Plan” from the HostGator and only for the WordPress-backed websites.

It comes with;

– 2 sites

– 200,000 visitors

– 2GB in the backup

– And free SSL certificate

These resources are totally good and enough to run an average WordPress-website.

Now its price?

01 month = US$ 20.95 per month

03 months = US$ 20.95 per month

06 months = US$ 20.95 per month

12 months = US$ 9.95 per month

24 months = US$ 8.95 per month

36 months = US$ 7.95 per month

Business Plan

Now it is the last and the only biggest plan in the lineup of powering the WordPress-backed websites which is created by the HostGator.

It is ready to support the three WordPress-backed websites with 500,000 visitors in a month, and 3GB backup space along with the much-needed free SSL certificate.

For the price wise, here is this detail;

01 month = US$ 27.95 per month

03 months = US$ 27.95 per month

06 months = US$ 27.95 per month

12 months = US$ 11.95 per month

24 months = US$ 10.95 per month

36 months = US$ 9.95 per month

Cloud hosting

 Looking for the fast and scalable web hosting, you definitely need “cloud.”

Well, not the real cloud thing but the cloud web hosting. 🙂

And for your good ease, the HostGator has this covered as well, the Cloud web hosting.

It got three web hosting packages as usual under the category of cloud web hosting;

  • Hatchling Cloud
  • Baby Cloud
  • Business Cloud
Hatchling Cloud

Do not worry at all because it is the one-least and the basic cloud setup that you can actually use at the time of setting up the new website.

As it comes with;

– 1 domain

– 2GB in RAM

– 2 core CPUs

– And… One free SSL certificate

Against the price of;

01 month = US$ 12.95 per month

03 months = US$ 12.95 per month

06 months = US$ 12.95 per month

12 months = US$ 7.95 per month

24 months = US$ 6.95 per month

36 months = US$ 4.95 per month

Baby Cloud

Middle man! It is the middle package that is going to fit for your good requirements you seek from a good cloud web hosting package.

For the resources, you are given with;

– Unlimited domains

– 4GB in the RAM

– 4 core CPUs

– And of course, the free SSL certificate.

Pricing of the “Baby Cloud” web hosting account from the HostGator;

01 month = US$ 13.95 per month

03 months = US$ 13.95 per month

06 months = US$ 13.95 per month

12 months = US$ 9.95 per month

24 months = US$ 8.95 per month

36 months = US$ 6.57 per month

Business Cloud

Business means the business.

So is the HostGator is ready to offer you the “Business Cloud” which owns some good and the great resources, which are;

– Unlimited domains

– 6GB of RAM

– 6 core of CPUs

– SSL certificate without any cost

– Upgrade to Positive SSL

– One free dedicated IP

– And the free access to some good SEO tools

That too against the good affordable prices of;

01 month = US$ 19.95 per month

03 months = US$ 19.95 per month

06 months = US$ 19.95 per month

12 months = US$ 11.95 per month

24 months = US$ 10.95 per month

36 months = US$ 9.95 per month

Forgot one thing for this HostGator Cloud series.

It is scalable.

Expecting the high traffic, you are so ready to raise the number of resources without hitting any reboot or the downtime.

Just single click, all wanted resources are upped, and you are all set to be matched and see your website handling the traffic surge!

Application hosting

Are you up searching for web applications hosting?

Then why not just leave this idea?

I meant just do not search no more and look no where else… but at HostGator.

HostGator is there for you with its finest collection of the web application hosting.

For the web application hosting, HostGator is offering for the following apps;

WordPress hosting

Joomla hosting

Drupal hosting

Magento hosting

WiKi hosting

phpBB hosting

And the package starts with;

  • Hatchling plan
  • Baby Plan
  • Business Plan
Hatchling Plan

And the Resources;

– Single domain

– One-click install

– Unmetered bandwidth

– Free SSL certificate

For the price;

01 month = US$ 10.95 per month

03 months = US$ 10.95 per month

06 months = US$ 10.95 per month

12 months = US$ 5.95 per month

24 months = US$ 3.58 per month

36 months = US$ 2.75 per month

Baby Plan

Saw the resources pack?

– Unlimited domain

– One-click install

– Unmetered bandwidth

– Finally, the free SSL certificate

Prices are pretty much normal, and in the range;

01 month = US$ 11.95 per month

03 months = US$ 11.95 per month

06 months = US$ 11.95 per month

12 months = US$ 8.95 per month

24 months = US$ 6.95 per month

36 months = US$ 3.95 per month

Business Plan

Check the resources…

– Unlimited domain

– One-click install

– Unmetered bandwidth

– Upgrade to Positive SSL

– One free dedicated IP

– And… free SEO tools

Then what is the price actually?

Well, not much though.

See for yourself.

01 month = US$ 16.95 per month

03 months = US$ 16.95 per month

06 months = US$ 16.95 per month

12 months = US$ 8.95 per month

24 months = US$ 6.95 per month

36 months = US$ 5.95 per month

Windows hosting





Windows hosting is the windows hosting. 🙂

You are bored in using the “cPanel” as the control panel as your server’s back-end, with “Windows hosting” you are up to try the control panel called “Plesk.”

So let’s see the two much-dedicated packages that is totally aimed on Windows!

And made by the HostGator, too! 🙂

  • Personal Plan
  • Enterprise Plan
Personal Plan

Easy and the basic one.

You get;

– One single domain

– Unmetered disk space

– Unmetered piece of bandwidth

– And… Shared SSL certificate

Its price is;

01 month = US$ 7.96 per month

06 months = US$ 7.96 per month

12 months = US$ 6.36 per month

24 months = US$ 5.56 per month

36 months = US$ 4.76 per month

Enterprise Plan

It got the following resources on its hand;

– 5 domains

– Unmetered disk space

– Unmetered bandwidth

– The free Positive SSL

– One free dedicated IP

Get your eyes now above the pricing structure of the Enterprise package;

01 month = US$ 15.96 per month

06 months = US$ 15.96 per month

12 months = US$ 15.96 per month

24 months = US$ 15.16 per month

36 months = US$ 14.36 per month

Website Builder

HostGator Website Builder is there to help you in creating the best-looking websites, and easily.

Just you need to drag-and-drop things, integrate awesome stuff, and more to get your next brilliant website ready.

It comes with three different packages, and require not much of the introduction. 🙂

HostGator Data Centers

We need to know where they are located, and situated.

Let me help you in finding then.

Houston, Texas, USA.

Provo, Utah, USA.


It would be a good idea to find out the uptime our self, not?

To see how it works and how it goes.

So for this test, we need a general and unknown website (that we do not know) which is hosted on HostGator servers.

I searched for a random website that is hosted on one of the HostGator’s Texas-based data center.

HostGator Uptime Random Test

 Website domain: fathersdaycelebration.com

 Name server # 1: ns8059.hostgator.com.   [‘’]

Name server # 2: ns8060.hostgator.com.   [‘’]

Website’s public IP:

Web hosting type: Shared hosting

ISP: websitewelcome.com

Data center location: Houston, Texas, USA

Uptime Report for FathersDayCelebration.com

This Pingdom Uptime report contains the data for last 24 hours and see that.

100 percent uptime!

Speed test

Pingdom test

Got this speed test conducted on Pingdom.com

The website is not much optimized as you can see but the results are pretty okay.

Server location: North America – USA – San Francisco

 Another test up on the Pingdom.com

Server location: North America – USA – Washington D.C.

Server location: Europe – United Kingdom – London

Server location: Pacific – Australia – Sydney

Server location: South America – Brazil – Sao Paulo

Overall speed experience: Slightly good.

Server environment is the “shared” web hosting and the website is filled with excessive images, and hence is not well optimized.

But still good.


Server location: Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Result: Bad but towards well.

It means the test is pretty and actually bad on GTmetrix but can be turned towards so well with little bit of getting some actions.

Do the proper optimization and you are pretty good with the speed results!


They are quick at phone’s support.

But little and sometimes, so late with the live chat.

Check now through the following screenshot I grabbed for you.

This is the night-time/too-early moring time in USA and still you have to wait up to 5 minutes to get connected…

In some scenarios, the wait time is way more over half an hour.

So in the case of an emergency or anything urgent, get on the phone support!


HostGator Headquarter address:

5005 Mitchelldale St #100, Houston, TX 77092, USA.

Phone: +1 713-574-5287

Social media

HostGator is definitely present on the social media, too.

Click on any links and you will find them active over there, sharing anything and everything about their web hosting business.

Facebook Official Facebook Page

Twitter Official Twitter Feed

Twitter Official HostGator Support on Twitter

Twitter Official HostGator Network Status Updates

Google+ Official Google+ Page

YouTube Official YouTube Channel

LinkedIn Official LinkedIn Company Page

Pinterest Official Pinterest Pinboards

Gator Blog Official Company Blog

Forums Official Community Discussion Boards

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User reviews — External ones

It is NOW the time to detect the user feedback and the reviews, and that too from the external websites (not really operated by the HostGator.)


Mix reviews. More going downwards and towards the “Bad” sign.

Check it for yourself at HostAdvice.


Ranked “Bad” on TrustPilot.


Remember one thing, and understand just one thing.

You do not know the reviewers, you do not know their problems, and you do not know how frustrated they are.

Unless… if you do not try it out yourself first and then find those reviews so relevant to the situation.

So first and foremost, try HostGator out for the testing purpose and see what you think of it?

Whether it is for good or for the bad, decide by yourself after trying it out first.

What is your say? Time for the conclusion.

Yeah, it really is the time of the conclusion.

And jumping to finding out of…

What is your say?

So, what really is your say about this overall review of the HostGator?

And what do you have as the say about the HostGator as the web hosting company?

Remember that it is in the business from too long and have seen many ups and downs since its inception.

Throughout the whole journey, it is still kicking and people are still getting onboard despite of all the bad reviews, all the bad thoughts, and all of the bad talks about this one so-older web hosting provider company.

So I am asking again…

What is your say?

Let it be anything or about anything.

Just tell me all into the comment. 🙂

Let’s hit your brain and write anything down.


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