AI is on a rampage. From self driving cars to Siri – our smart personal assistant, Artificial Intelligence is creating a global impact in every industry. Companies and brands are looking to integrate AI in their product for reducing manual effort and automating their work.

So, what does this mean for marketers?

Companies look up to their marketers for coping up with the high competition, reaching target audience and building their brand image. In this era of internet, the volume of searches made on search engines is growing rapidly. The one stop solution for people is to find their answers for product and services on these search engines.

To interpret user situation and gain insights, search engines use Deep Machine Learning that gives them data about a user’s behavior thus extending the reach of artificial intelligence in every domain. Taking advantage of this, digital marketers can predict the buyer’s specific needs and effectively increase sales all with the power of artificial intelligence alone.

Every 1 of 3 organizations have benefited with the use of AI and the possibility of this stats going higher looks promising. As a marketer or business owner, it is high time you start implementing AI to gain more productive insights about your product or service.

How can you use Artificial Intelligence to boost your Digital Marketing Efforts?

A few years back, marketers were not ready to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in their marketing strategies. But since AI has kept evolving recent stats show that around 52% of marketers use AI and 27% of them are thinking of adopting the same. Here are some ways you can use AI to rapidly boost your digital marketing efforts.

Using Artificial Intelligence to deliver a personalized experience to your customers

Analyzing data points has been made easier, thanks to AI. Data points such as device used, previous interaction, demographics, location, etc. can help you to display offers and content according to each individual needs. If you read our last article on micro moments, you can use that information to send push notifications and automate e-mail marketing to increase interactions for your business.

You can use a WordPress plugin called InstaGenius that allows you to automatically track the user’s interests and identify products they’ll want to buy when they’re most likely wanting to purchase.

It analyzes the search pattern of users and tries to understand their purchase intent, then targets them when that particular product or service goes on sale. Click here to learn more about it.

Predicting the behavior of your potential customers

You can find people who are more likely to purchase something from your website by using statistical scorecard such as Propensity models. It is more useful when you are managing campaigns and defining your target audience using Google Ads.

By analyzing different activities and context of search queries, it helps you figure out the purchase intent of your customers and helps you to deliver relevant surface ads in the future. AI recommends strategies by correlating anticipated behavior with customer characteristics.

Moreover, to predict user behaviors and purchase trends, marketers can extract information from data using predictive analysis. This can give you great insights by analyzing large volumes of data.

Content Creation

AI can help you create great content by providing insights on market data, quarterly earning reports, live news and sport matches. Used for creating regular content for brands such as IBM, Caterpillar, Nestle, Microsoft and Facebook, Acrolinx is one of the platforms for enterprise content creation.

Now, let’s look at how AI is currently being utilized for marketing and how you can make the most of it.

Searching Online

The way of searching online has changed and therefore marketers need to optimize their content according to user’s specific needs. Some of the big AI advances are Voice search, RankBrain, search engine optimization, Google’s Algorithm and revolutionized internet searches. Other than that we have Siri, Amazon Echo, Google Home and Cortana which just requires you to push a button or say a voice command. It’s all about getting answers at your fingertips.


Chatbots is the new craze. Every website is implementing chatbots in their homepage. They are programmed to answer frequently asked questions. Chatbots can increase business prospects by automating answers to service or product queries that customers are looking for. These bots use machine learning and natural learning process to find the correct answer to specific questions. Bot tools like Facebook’s can be trained to answer queries continually.

Designing websites

With AI, you now don’t need a programmer or designer to get a working version of your website ready. You just need to provide information such as images, text, CTA content and AI can make your website at an affordable rate without compromising on quality.

AI is the new era of profitability, efficiency and productivity. It’s of immense importance that marketers now try to incorporate AI in creating strategic marketing decisions in order to add value to their brand.