How Can You Use Brand Activation to Your Benefit

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Is your company’s brand laying dormant, or has it been activated?

Brand activation is something you might have heard about in the past and written it off as an industry buzz-term. Even so, marketing activation (as it’s also known) is a crucial step in helping your brand reach your intended audience.

Let’s examine brand activation and some ways to use it to your advantage.

What Is Brand Activation?

Put simply, it’s changing your brand from an unknown to a known entity. But it’s more than that—it’s also about choosing the best way to achieve this, including interactive event marketing.

Whether you’re hosting a custom giveaway in an event space, or you give potential customers a taste of your brand offerings through virtual reality, the end goal is to make an impression and extend your marketing reach. In short, it goes beyond traditional advertising by letting people be part of something as opposed to just showing them something.

Brand activation isn’t only for new businesses looking to connect with customers. It can be used by existing companies as a way to engage customers.

The brand activation approach should be something a company believes in. A “fake” approach might turn some customers away rather than pulling them in.

Experiential Event Marketing

One way to achieve brand activation is by adding interactive elements to your live shows. That could be a trade show, an in-store experience, or even a pop-up shop.

The goal of this type of approach is to offer customers a memorable experience, while also benefitting your brand. For example, you could set up a fun photo booth that has your brand name or a hashtag in the photo frame.

While companies can immerse visitors in an interactive display in an event space, they can also put out a “call to action”. This often pushes people towards achieving something for the common good, while also helping to extend brand reach.

For example, Google tried an experiment that allowed the public to choose where its charity funding would be allocated by pressing a button on a public board. People also had the option of voting online.

Meanwhile, Vitaminwater branding got a boost through an interactive campaign with a “human car wash” constructed at a music festival. It helped keep attendees cool, while also keeping their brand name front and center.

Building on Momentum

Creating an experience that people want to share online is key. Whether creating a hashtag or encouraging people to share a video from the event, you can reach a lot of people through social media shares.

But it shouldn’t stop there. When the brand activation is completed, companies should still strive to engage with customers online and in-person to keep the momentum going. A bonus is to share the results of a brand activation campaign if it was intended for the public good.

Activate Your Brand Potential

By using interactive event booths and experiential marketing, your brand can rise to the next level of popularity and attract more customers.

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