How COVID 19 Has Affected Online Marketing

COVID-19 has affected almost all business strategies whether negatively or positively, including online marketing. One of the major effects of COVID-19 is that because of shut down measures, lockdown implications, as well as social distancing, businesses have adapted to the digital forum as much as they can. The sudden adaptation to this space has affected online marketing because of demand and competition. Let’s take a look at how COVID-19 has affected online marketing.

Online Interaction

The level of online interaction with clients has intensified. It used to be that businesses would interact with clients using online platforms, and then arrange to discuss and present material in person. Social distancing measures made it difficult to do face-to-face meetings and presentations. The result is that all business matters have to be discussed using online platforms, whether a concept is in the birthing phase or completion stage.

Businesses have had to find platforms that suit their business needs such as file sharing. Where one used to be able to make a presentation to display at a client’s office, one now has to share the presentation online. Large file sharing platforms like Digital Pigeon has become more important now than ever.

 This is where clients and businesses can effortlessly share large-sized files efficiently. Large files can be shared without attachment errors, and feedback from the recipient is immediate making interaction efficient. Such changes in sensitive information sharing means businesses have had to research and find such sharing platforms that are reliable, secure and efficient. The absence of face-to-face interaction shouldn’t slow down productivity, which is why such online platforms are appreciated. 

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing is the strategy that involves having your service product appear when people type words related to your product. This marketing strategy is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing. If your product service appears in the search engine above competitors, you increase the chances of securing a purchase because consumers and clients respond to quick and easy channels of information. SEO and COVID-19 go hand-in-hand because consumers can no longer physically search for services and products as they used to before COVID measures were put into place.

Brainstorming Strategies

Efficient marketing campaigns usually require a team of professionals to come together and brainstorm. Online marketing brainstorm sessions could take place in a boardroom or office space. However, working from home has shifted these dynamics. Brainstorming now has to be done using online interaction platforms. Although this doesn’t necessarily affect clients and consumers, it affects the working dynamics of the marketing team.

How COVID 19 Has Affected Online Marketing

Social Media

The use of social media has increased during the pandemic because of the staying at home dynamic that has been brought about as a result of the pandemic. The result of this is that online marketing has made use of the wide audience that is active on social media. For example, where a business used to rely on outdoor advertising channels such as billboards and posters, they have had to market their business services on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

The use of social media for marketing purposes has involved clients in helping to market. Social media gives the audience the space to share products and services that interest them, with their social media network. 

The involvement of an audience on social media means that businesses have to tread carefully with their marketing strategies. They need to be sensitive and accommodating to the fact that social media is a diverse platform. The audience can either help build or destroy brands depending on how they interpret the communicated messages through marketing.

Increased Competition

Adapting to online marketing by businesses as a result of COVID-19 has increased the competition for consumers and clients. Businesses that didn’t rely heavily on online marketing have had to use these channels as the main mode of marketing. This means that businesses have had to increase their creative strategies so that they stand out and attract an audience.


Online marketing has become one of the main modes of marketing because of the pandemic. Businesses have had to quickly adapt their marketing strategies such as interacting with clients using online platforms. SEO marketing is a strategy that can maintain visibility of the business, as well as making the most of social media. 

COVID-19 has meant having to be open-minded and be willing to try out different online channels that increase business sales and facilitate efficient communication. The competition has heightened because of the sudden increase of online platforms by businesses as a result of the pandemic. This means business need to use the most efficient online tools to make the most of the digital marketing.

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