How Design Templates Helped Marketing Teams

Contrary to what the public think, marketing is a difficult field of study. A lot of elements come into play in considering yourself a successful marketer. You need to be aware of your industry environment as well as its changes.

Every year, innovations are being developed; thus, as a marketer, one needs to be agile and flexible to adjustments. Also, you are going to deal with people who patronize your niche or are interested in it. Therefore, you have to listen to what they want and be aware of the trend patterns. It gets quite difficult sometimes, especially if you’re working alone. This is why teams are created.

There are things that simply cannot be just a one-man show. Some projects require different people and dynamic skills, a fresh pair of eyes to see flaws or areas to improve, and extra hands to make the work faster. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. However, since marketing teams always have a lot on their plate—brand management, production, content creation, etc.—it’s smarter to work with efficient tools and resources that will help accomplish tasks ahead of time. One of these is a design template.

What Is a Design Template?

A design template is a prefabricated design that can be used, followed, and modified by the user. These are often made to maintain standards in a certain field to provide the best content and program for clients. This also helps marketing teams become organized and uniform with their strategies, reports, and other presentations.

There are different templates meant for everything, including those for invitation or calling cards, resumes, client reports, presentations, social media posts, website banners, and others. Some design templates are prepared by the company, but you can also purchase some online.

Likewise, there are free design templates available online that you can easily work with. These templates are offered by different websites and agencies that provide assistance to struggling marketers and novice designers. A good and popular example of this is Canva, which contains templates you can use to edit your photos, make certificates, logos, and other marketing elements needed for your business.

Advantages of Design Templates

A lot of things have shifted because of the pandemic. This is why a lot of marketers have thought of other marketing alternatives like streaming to connect with their target market. Essentially, exhibiting through webinars, live product launches, or video advertisements would require you to incorporate themed graphics or design into your virtual presentation. Typically, you’d need a professional to do this for you, but if you don’t prefer hiring one as you are working on a limited budget, you may use design templates and customize them according to your brand and chosen theme instead.

Design templates come in handy when you need to conduct an online symposium, staff meeting, or simply create social media graphic posts that would build your online presence and help you create a loyal following. Here are more ways design templates are helping marketing teams:

It can cut your costs. Using a pre-made template will save you a lot of money, especially if you’re using a free template or one which has been established by the company for years now. The internet is vast, and it offers so many things especially if you know where to look. Finding a free or fairly cheap template is easy and practical. You won’t need to hire professionals to make your template for you because there are many already available online.

You can save a lot of time. With templates already available, you just need to edit and replace existing content with yours. Likewise, you can change a few things in case there are data you need to insert that have not been considered in the template. When you build a template by yourself, it’s going to take a lot of time given the need to make the design, tables, and other elements. You’re going to have a headache doing it, so a ready-made template will save you from all the stress and extra work.

Customer support is available. When you purchase a template online, there are always other perks aside from the carefully made designs and articulate detail. You will also be guided by the provider’s tech support. This is very necessary especially when you’re having a hard manipulating or modifying the template. If something goes wrong, you can immediately contact the creator for help. This way, you can properly make use of all the features available in your purchase.


Design templates are designed to help marketers do their job better by eliminating the need to design marketing materials from scratch. With the help of these creative templates, all they need to do is put content in, rearrange, and personalize the templates. 

Marketing teams have a lot of other things to work on, especially with regard to the formulation of strategies and execution of campaigns. With design templates, the creative work is already done for you! You may focus on the nitty-gritty of your projects.

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