Want the full rundown on the Amazon Influencer Program?

Matt Donley joins the Niche Pursuits podcast this week to deep dive into this exciting opportunity.

The Amazon Influencer Program is still relatively new and evolving, but as you’ll soon learn, it provides great opportunities for content creators to make significant passive income.

To apply for the program, you just need to link a social media account like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram with a following of around 1,000 or more.

Then once approved, you must upload three videos for manual review to be eligible for onsite placement.

Once these are approved you’re off the races!

Remember, the videos you make are placed on the product pages. Meaning the people watching them are highly qualified and almost ready to buy.

The key to success according to Matt lies in creating videos that provide valuable information and help customers make purchasing decisions. And so, videos should focus on answering customer questions and showcasing the product in a conversational and authentic tone.

And since people on the Amazon pages can be swayed by real people showing off the actual product, the quality of the videos don’t even need to be high production, and can be shot using your phone.

Earnings are based on commission percentages for each product category. And so, if your goal is to reach $100 per day, you’ll want to start reviewing high-quality and profitable products from the start.

This is why product selection is crucial, not only in terms of price, but also focusing on products that have a demand for video reviews and may require more explanation or demonstration.

Starting with products you already own is a good way to get started and gain instant validation.

And Matt also forecasts, and shares important advice on what sorts of content he believes Amazon may crack down in the future.

Currently, the program is only available on the US Amazon site, but there are plans to expand to other countries in the future.

For those interested in learning more about the Amazon Influencer Program, Matt has created a great Amazon Influencer course to help you get started and set up for success.

But don’t miss the full episode below to learn the full scoop!


Topics Matt Donley Covers

  • How to get into the Amazon Influencer Program
  • Why it’s such an amazing opportunity
  • The application process
  • The rise and value of videos
  • How quickly he made money
  • Highly qualified audience
  • Amazon live streaming and Inspire
  • Going broad
  • Video review dos and don’ts
  • Equipment tips
  • Surprising content advice
  • How to make more money
  • The monetization mechanism
  • Product selection tips
  • How to get free products to review
  • Best ways to get started
  • Diversifying with YouTube
  • Forecasting the future of the program
  • Whether or not you should outsource your videos
  • And a whole lot more!

Watch The Interview


Jared: All right. Welcome back to the Niche Pursuits podcast. My name is Jared Bauman, and today we are joined by Matt Donley. Matt, welcome. 

Matt: Hey, thanks Jared. I appreciate you having me on the show. 

Jared: Can’t wait for this topic today. I’ve been talking about it on and off a little bit on Spencer and I’s weekly kind of news session, but we’re talking all about the Amazon influencer program.

We have not had a, an expert on to talk about that yet. And so y you you’re gonna bring a ton of valuable insights. I, I know we’ll get into it, but as we do before we start talking influencer program, can you. Give us some backstory, bring us up to speed on who Matt is, especially like anything you had going on before you you know, started up with, with Influencer.


Matt: for sure. Yeah, so I would say, you know, I’m, I’m in general an internet marketer, you know, like a lot of people listening. I, I was a longtime listener to the show like probably a decade ago when Spencer was running it back in the day. And my main niche was, is master sketchup.com. It’s a YouTube channel.

Basically, I teach 3D modeling for a program called SketchUp. So mm-hmm. I’ve written some books. I’ve done eventually started doing some speaking engagements at like SketchUp conferences and stuff. But, you know, I, I struggle from the same shiny object syndrome as a lot of people and, and over the years kind of, I.

You know, struggled and, and diverted my attention and, and tried all sorts of different things. And that’s really what kind of brought me to the Amazon Influencer program. So you know, when I saw it, I just knew it was a crazy opportunity and at the time, I started it about a year ago and there just weren’t a lot of people talking about it.

Oh yeah, I bet. Yeah. So basically the Amazon influencer program is it kind of encompasses a, a, a collection of programs that Amazon offers to content creators to create, you know, marketing content kind of more organic influencer based content that’s shown on directly on Amazon’s website as well as, you know, their different.

Social media marketing channels. What I wanna talk to you guys about today is specifically the onsite placement. And, and what’s crazy about this and, and the reason why this differs so much from, you know, building a niche site, building a YouTube channel, building any sort of following or something like that is, you know, aside from the initial application process and approval process, you’re not building a following.

You’re literally, you’re creating review videos or demonstration videos, however you want to put it. And Amazon is literally showing those videos on their product pages, which is mind blowing because that is the most likely someone is going to be buying a specific product, is when they’re literally on that landing page, you know, looking at the buy button.

So it’s such a high value. Watcher of your video that, you know, a lot of times they’re most likely gonna buy the product anyway. But Amazon will pay you a commission if they watch a certain percentage of your video and then end up buying the product. And 

Jared: that’s probably, I mean, we’ll just, I’ll just ask you right outta the gate.

I have one more question before we like get into the meat potatoes, but that’s probably the biggest question that a lot of people have from a very high level, like, Hey, I’m familiar with Amazon affiliates, right? I am an affiliate marketer. I include affiliate links in my content that drives them to be able to purchase, provided they purchase within the cookie window.

Then I get paid a commission. We, those commissions drop all the time. We like to complain about it. We like to talk about how. We’d like not to send that, that affiliate trafficked Amazon, but they convert so doggone well and they have so many products that a lot of us do. Right. So that’s the affiliate program.

I mean, I think maybe from a high level, am I in influencers? If I’m an Amazon affiliate, where is the, the line, how is the line 

Matt: drawn between? Yeah, that’s a great, that’s a great point because there is a distinction between the two. You know, one of them being that the application process is a lot more open with the associates program or affiliate program, however you wanna call it.

And you know, basically anybody can kind of become part of their associates program and promote links offsite to drive traffic to Amazon. Now the influencer program has a little bit of a higher bar of entry, but technically you also fall under that Associates program umbrella. That’s kind of where the payment aspect comes in and how they, you know, track your commissions and pay it out to you.

But it is essentially an additional kind of entry. Application process that you have to go through in, in order to get into the program. So, you know, basically what Amazon has realized is, you know, when a lot of people do product research with, they’re gonna buy something. You know, we’ve kind of gotten into this culture or, or habit, whatever you wanna call it, of, you know, if it’s a bigger purchase or whatever, you go to YouTube and you look for a review video of it, right?

And, or you, or you search on Google, like, you know, best blender reviews and you’re finding all of these niche sites that people are creating content you know, reviewing these products. So Amazon has recognized this loop where people are going offsite before they go to Amazon. So they’re trying to establish.

You know, this new kind of paradigm where people will expect that they can just go directly to Amazon to get all of that content in addition to buying it. So I think that’s kind of a powerful thing to realize because, you know, there, there are a lot of fluctuations with this program, but I think fundamentally I don’t think it’s ever gonna go away.

Jared: So let’s we do this a lot. Before we get into ex and I, I have so many questions. I know you’re gonna answer a ton of ’em, but before we get into the meat potatoes of everything, Amazon Influencer, let’s tease us with you. You told us you’ve been in for a year or so, so where are you at? Whatever numbers you’re comfortable sharing.

And then we’ll get in cuz I, I find people always like to hear like, okay, where, what’s possible with this? Where are you? And then we can drill into all the, all the details. 

Matt: Yeah, for sure. And, and it’s funny cuz I I, I’ve actually been in the influencer program like technically since like 2018 and I didn’t that existed, but it’s like I, so I joined and they give you a storefront, you know, it’s basically like your, you know, Facebook page on Amazon or whatever and like, nobody goes to your storefront.

Like, it’s just like a dead, dead end link. No one goes to it. And so I, I posted a couple of pictures and, and Idealist they call ’em and nothing ever happened to it. I just kind of put it aside and then I can’t remember what put me onto the program, you know, about a year ago. But once it clicked and I saw that they were doing the, these onsite videos, I was like, oh my God, this is insane.

So, and I started seeing immediate results and, and that’s what really excited me. My first real full month in the program was September of 2022. Okay. And I made $600 in that first month October. And, and so you gotta keep in mind this is leading into the holiday season. Yeah, so I think naturally I had maybe a little bit of a more accelerated pace than what someone starting like today would, would see.

But it also, it all depends how much work you put into it too. Second month was like $1,500, then the month after that, 2200, 3400, and I’ve been at about 4,000 per month since you know, part of that being, I’ve pulled back a little bit with the amount of videos I put out. Right now I’m doing about 30 videos a month on average.

Sometimes I’ll, I’ll ramp that up. But yeah, it’s, it’s really, it’s really encouraging because you kind of see results immediately, 

Jared: which is ironically the exact opposite of the niche website or content creation game online like. There’s the promise of big rewards down the road, but for at least the first 3, 6, 9 months of a website, you’re kind of writing to crickets, right?

And you’re not getting many sales and you’re not so in, in many ways. Like you said, like I think you said the first month you put any real effort in, you were making 600 bucks and now you’re at around $4,000 and you’re only doing about 30 new videos a month. And we’ll get into how lo how hard they’re to create or how long that takes.

But from afar, that, that sounds pretty, pretty awesome 

Matt: as a side hustle. Yeah, and I mean, the biggest thing is like Amazon is giving you their traffic and, and it’s highly qualified traffic. That’s the key. That’s why you’re able to get those results so quickly. And another thing that’s kind of interesting is because of the way the program is set up You know, depending on, on, on where, where else you kind of explore in the influencer program.

So there’s also live streams. So they have Amazon live, like there, I don’t know, a lot of people don’t even realize this, but there’s like a dedicated page, landing page on Amazon for just live streams and it’s people doing kind of like QVC style you know, product live product streaming and, and you can talk, you can chat with a person and, and answer questions and all, and all that stuff.

You know, with, with doing that in my experience, my research and kind of feedback I’ve gotten, it’s very hard to make decent money doing that because it does require you to build that following on Amazon, you know, so people can follow you on Amazon. And there, there tend to be more focused niches, like there, there’s specific niches that tend to do better in that, in that realm.

But there’s also, there’s also inspire, which is Amazon’s new app or feature, I guess I would call it that just Yeah, that just launched a couple of months ago. So they’re trying to replicate this kind of TikTok style experience right. In the Amazon app. And, and this is probably another thing a lot of people don’t realize.

If you look at the bottom of your Amazon app, there’s a little light bulb icon. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. And you tap that and, and right now the feed is like, kind of not that great, you know? But you can imagine, you know, if you think about you know, Amazon has your full product purchase history, you know, so for their ability to be able to custom tailor a product feed for you.

And, and it’s interesting because it really plays, I mean, it’s called Inspire. So it’s, it’s playing at. You know inspiring people to make purchases that they weren’t planning on purchasing. Whereas when you’re doing onsite videos you know, when you’re intentionally like trying to get videos that show up on the product page, you know, people are already there, they’re already looking at the product.

They’ve decided, you know, they’re interested in this type of product and, and you’re kind of just pushing them over the edge. But yeah, I mean with that sort of thing the, the point I was I was getting at was, what’s interesting is you don’t have to niche down. You know, you can literally, that was kind of one of my misconceptions when I first started.

I was like, oh, you know, I, I, I mainly do tutorials for SketchUp, for, for 3D modeling. So, you know, I could do like, you know, computer tech gear and, and 3D modeling tools and stuff like that. But it’s like when people go to a product page and look at an influencer video, they don’t know who you are. They don’t know who that person is.

It, it really doesn’t matter. Mm-hmm. They are just looking for someone who comes across as genuine, honest, who answers their questions. And, and that’s what makes the conversion. So, so bottom line, you, my point is, it’s, it’s really exciting cuz like you don’t need to build a following to do this unless you’re kind of gonna try to explore you know, some of the other programs in the pro in, in the influencer program.

Jared: So to almost draw a line there, like, let me just kind of sum up a couple things that I’ve been writing down that you said that I think are really key for a lot of the listeners to hear because. First and foremost, this is not the affiliate program, although it is under the banner of, or you log in same way, but it’s, it’s not Amazon affiliates.

Amazon affiliates, pretty much anybody can join. You need to make three sales in like 180 days. This is the opposite. Not anybody can join the influencer program. We’ll get into who can join and then you’re off to the races. Opposite of building websites where the traffic comes much later, unless you’re generating, following through like social media sling and the sales come much later, you can start earning almost right away.

You were earning $600 your first month. Also with websites today, 2023 and beyond, you kind of need to have topical authority specialize. Pick a niche. If you’re gonna be the sketch up guy, you’re kinda the sketch up guy. You can’t sell canoes, you can’t rank for canoes. Amazon influencer, you can kind of do it all.

You can be the guy who does canoes, sketch up tutorials, and I’m sure we’ll get into more details, but, And a lot of, and then the final distinction that I wanna make is a lot of web web content today is written content. We’re bloggers and a lot of us are only starting to figure out how to add like a YouTube or a video play.

Amazon Influencers is all we’ll call it, it’s all video based. It’s entirely video. And to my understanding from what you said, there’s no real written or blogging component to it. 

Matt: Yeah, so I mean, there is a slight and again, this is kind of a minor thing there. They do allow you to upload shoppable photos and you can kind of put a little blurb on there.

And those will show up in various places too. So not only do does your influencer content show up on product pages, but there are also special landing pages on Amazon. Like there’s one, I think it’s called, found It on Amazon, and it’s, and it’s just like this collage of different kind of products.

They’ll, they’ll create special products for certain categories and subcategories. They’ll sometimes you’ll see, you know, depending on, cuz Amazon customizes the landing page for every single person. So sometimes you’ll see customized carousels. Like for me for instance, I often see like a home improvement carousel of videos showcasing different tools.

So that’s another place that your products your product videos can, can show up as well. 

Jared: Whew. Okay. So there’s a lot here. Okay. There’s kind of an opportunity for almost anybody. If you’re more the TikTok style video creator, there’s something if you’re more of the yeah. Long form, but more of like the overview tutorial, review based video creator, there’s something for you.

There’s live Yeah, absolutely. In the live streaming, there’s photos instead of video. And then, so, okay. Alright. The burning question I’m gonna guess people have, if they haven’t already added comments about is how does someone get, and is this the next best step? I don’t want to derail you, but I, I feel like the next question is how do people get, get into the influencer program?

Matt: That’s a great, that’s the great, that’s a great place to go. So, okay. You can literally go to amazon.com/influencers right now and, and see if you can get in. It’s an instant approval. So that’s the first thing I just wanna say. And you can imply as many times as you want. Okay. What they’re looking for is, You, you basically need to link up one of your social media accounts.

So you need to have an existing following. You need to be, you know, an existing content creator with some sort of sized audience. I’m being vague here because they’re vague to us. They don’t tell us. Okay. You know, fair enough. The, the number required. There’s rumors of like, you know, maybe at least a thousand.

But there’s, there’s four different platforms that they’ll accept with your application process. It’s YouTube Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. And so you can apply with, with like, let’s say you have all four of those. You can apply with one. If that doesn’t get in, you can just turn around, apply with a different one, see if that works.

So this, this part of the application process is an instantaneous approval or denial. Okay. But importantly there’s a second step. So once you’re, once you’re approved as an influencer, there’s a second step. That you have to go through where they you upload your first three videos, and those three videos will be manually reviewed by someone at Amazon.

And they’re looking at your overall quality and kind of just, you know, the, the different things that they’re looking for to see if they’re gonna approve you for onsite placement. So onsite placement is really the key to this. You want Amazon to be giving you their traffic. And without that, it’s kind of like me back in 2018 where like, yeah, I had my storefront, I was an influencer, but like, no one’s going there unless I share it.

And it’s like, why wouldn’t I just share a link directly to a product? Why would I send, you know, so so there is that barrier, barrier to entry. 

Jared: Okay. So somewhere roundabout a thousand followers or more. It varies. No one really knows. But you’re saying somewhere in 

Matt: that range? Yeah. It, it seems like, it seems like it’s not just the follow account, but also they will take engagement metrics into account as well.

But but yeah, and it’s, I mean, I don’t know, it’s not that big of a deal cause you can just apply and see how many times, you know, you can apply as many times as you want and you kind of get approved or denied. The second part, this is kind of important, the manual process, the manual review process for the, for the kind of the second step.

You only get three tries. So if you get denied three times, you’re like ineligible for onsite placement permanently. Okay. So that’s kind of serious. Yeah. So it is, it is very important to, to get that right. And I can, I, I’ve got kind of a list of, of things. You know, they, they do a pretty good job when you go through, like Amazon has kind of like their education hub that kind of gives you tips on, on what to do, what not to do.

But I can go through a full a few bullet points on, on like things to, to look for you know, when you’re creating those, those first three 

Jared: videos. Oh, does, I mean, definitely I, I think the next burning question, I say burning question as though I have like a, a pulse on what everybody listening is thinking right now, but I buzzword of the day.

But I mean, I think the next big topic once we get past how we get in is like, how good do these videos have to be? Because most of us listening are not professional level video creators. Yeah. And most of us have like phones, most of us have rudimentary sound external mics. These kind of things are nothing.

Sure. Like, you know, so when it comes to content creation, we might be really good when it comes to video creation. So that’s kind of the next big topic. I, I, I’d love to wade into. 

Matt: Yeah, for sure. Yeah, so I’ll just say, you know, when you’re doing those first three videos You know, definitely look at the, at the guidelines, follow them to a t because you only have those three chances.

You know, there’s certain things that you, you should do and should show. And there’s, there’s a lot of things you shouldn’t show. One thing that gets people tripped up a lot is like a barcode. And there’s some controversy about, I, I’ve got like some show and tell over here I’ll show you later, but, alright.

Jared: Encouraging people to watch on the YouTube 


Matt: of instead of listen. Well, I, I’ll describe it too, but, you know barcodes on product boxes can sometimes, and, and this is, this is kind of like a hearsay thing. I know I’ve gotten some, some videos flagged for that. But also like personal information, like if you have a, a box that you’re opening with like a shipping label on it that’s definitely will, will flag.

So there is actually a level of, of ai review, like. Like there’s an automated review process in your videos. So that will catch certain things. A lot of times I had like a license plate show up in one of my videos. I was recording something outside that got flagged for personal information. So, so you can’t show any personal information.

But yeah, go through those, go through the, the, the steps for those first three videos, but to kind of discuss, you know, what a typical video looks like. You can actually just use your phone like this. This is the thing that I realized was I. This isn’t something where you need like a fancy studio set up and, and, and a good, good camera and all that stuff.

And it’s like, I have all that stuff. And there are a lot of times where I still will do that just because I find it a little bit less stressful, if that makes any sense. But a lot of, a lot of times I just use, so I have this neck mount camera, holter holster type of thing, so it just goes around my neck.

I find it a lot easier than like, kinda like a chest mounted thing. Yeah. You know? And That’s great. That was good on you. Oh, it’s, it’s super nerdy. I love it. It fits, fits my You know, my personality, 

Jared: I’ve been, there’s a batching shirt there, I 

Matt: think. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So your phone just, you know, fits right in.

I mean, the key, the key with this, the reason why I like this so much, so it basically just holds your phone right in front of your chest looking down, like first person point of view, type of type of thing. The, the best thing about it is it keeps both your hands free so you can manipulate the product as you’re talking about it.

Cuz a lot of people, they’ll just hold the phone and like have one hand and it’s really awkward. So I find, I find this to be extremely helpful for, for the majority of, of products that I review, but just to, it’s just to demonstrate like you don’t need fancy equipment. And the other, the other key benefit to this setup is you don’t need an external microphone, in my opinion.

Because the phone is so close. I mean, you’re literally looking down at your phone while you’re recording. So The microphone picks up your voice really well. If you are doing any sort of recording off camera, like the camera’s, you know, away from you, then I do definitely recommend having some sort of lavalier microphone system or something like that because that is one of the things that’s really important.

But, so the objective of your video, it’s not about production quality, it’s about answering the, you know, anticipating what people are asking about the product. Like why, why would they not buy it? Like, what are the questions that are gonna hold them back from hitting that? Buy button. I mean, there’s, there’s a ton of different you know, research done on like sales psychology and like different levels, like problem aware versus, you know, they know they have the problem and, and they just don’t know which product they should choose.

So there are a lot of our opportunities in that to kind of help customers make decisions and, you know, answer questions that they might have about the product. But, you know, there’s really a, a big variety you can do. You can do an unboxing video you can do a product review. You know, a lot of people feel like, cuz cuz a lot of times you get a product to review and it’s literally the first time you’ve seen it like this.

This is this is an electric screwdriver that I got to review and, you know, I’m opening it up. I’ve never used it before. But you can literally just go through and you know, talk about the features and, and kind of your exploration, exploration of it. For the first time. You don’t have to lie and be like, Oh, this thing’s the best thing ever.

Like people have this, this misconception that you have to be salesy and like sell the thing and like, you know, hype it up and all this stuff. But like, it doesn’t have to be like that. And you don’t have to be like, I really recommend this, or I don’t recommend, you know what I mean? Like, you can just show it.

I mean, that’s kind of one of the big benefits is just having someone show it from different angles and like demonstrate all of, all of the different things. But really at the end of the day, you’re looking at a fast two to three minute video. A lot of times you can do it right from your phone in one take with no editing.

So you, you know, you tap the button to start recording, you do the video, you tap it to finish. You don’t have to do any editing in, in a lot of cases. There are certainly times where I want to go in and kind of cut it and con, you know, condense it a little bit. But. You know, if you kind of focus your compass towards that sort of video and then you know, there’s gonna be exceptions where you want to take more time and need to do B-roll and this and that, which I certainly do that’s kind of the key to, you know, producing the quantity of videos that you would need to kind of build this up to a hundred dollars a day.


Jared: That, that helps so much because hearing you talk about both the three videos that I need for approval and then on ongoing video, like it really does sound, I don’t know if this is the right word, but more qualitative than sorry. More quantitative than qualitative. Like they’re not measuring my quality of video or my quality of sound as much as they are measuring certain things.

They wanna make sure that the video avoids or doesn’t flag for. And this is for the review process. Is that, is that kind of a, 

Matt: a, a better way? Well, I mean, so like, I would say, I would say, you know, there’s certain things. So anytime you can do something once that’s gonna like up your quality over and over without requiring more time.

So, for instance, a microphone, like if you’re not recording, you know, with the, the phone like right next to you and you’re like talking right into it. Like, get a good, good microphone system. I’ve got the wireless go to the road wireless, go to, it’s a great, great setup. Very versatile. But yeah, it’s weird like saying like, it’s not about quality.

What, what I mean by that is, is more like the, the, the production quality. Yeah. It’s almost, it’s almost like it, it almost. I almost, and this is just my opinion, right? I almost feel like when you have the studio quality type reviewers, and there’s a lot of people who will do this, like you can see people on Amazon who are, you know, professional content creators and, and, you know, have that YouTube studio set up and all that.

It almost comes across as like, they’re, they’re just good salesmen. They’re just good marketers and like, just their demeanor, the way they talk, they just have that kind of cadence and it, and it does, it, it basically doesn’t come, come across as authentic, right? And so I almost feel like that cell phone style video kind of, I, I don’t wanna say, you know, deceives people into thinking it’s like an authentic customer review video.

That’s not really what I mean. But it basically, basically what I’m saying is the high production quality doesn’t add, you know, conversion. To your, to your video. Mm-hmm. I don’t think, I don’t think you, you lose anything by, by just, you know, shooting straight on a, on a cell phone video. I 

Jared: guess maybe, yeah.

Let me draw a better line between what I was trying to say. Like, it feels more like a customer review video Yeah. Than it does like a production that a brand 

Matt: would do. Exactly. Yeah. That’s, that’s, you’re not doing like fancy B roll and like a slider and like, you know, it’s 


Jared: blah, blah, blah, features seven outputs 

Matt: and no, they’re, they’re looking for, they’re looking for like a, a influencer type person, like just like a personal, you know review of this product.

Like just, you’re a dude, you have this thing, and like, yeah, this is kind of cool. I like this. I like that. You know, I don’t know if I really like how flimsy this is. But you know, it gets the job done, you know, that sort of thing. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So 

Jared: almost conversational in tone. Yeah. Yeah. You know, you talk about the phone, 

Matt: like if you, like, if, if your friend called you up and was like, Hey, I’m thinking of getting, you know, the, the, the new iPhone and I know you have one.

Like, what do you think of it? And you know, you’re just, you’re just kind of like telling your friend what you think of this thing you have, you know? Okay. 

Jared: Okay. That helps a lot. Okay. Yeah. Well I, I’m sure we, we got a lot more we can talk about with the video, but let me ask one more kind of high, high level question that I think a lot of people are gonna have, which is, how do I earn money?

Cuz there’s clearly, you, you, you said that there’s like a volume of videos you’re producing there, there’s a certain amount you need to get. You’re producing 30 of these a month, you’re making $4,000. But what are the metrics that lead to someone 

Matt: actually making money? Okay. So, so basically to kind of get a little bit deep and then we’ll kind of come back up.

So every product is within a certain category. There’s a, there’s a table that shows the percentage. This is kind of similar to the associates program. You know, there, there are certain commission percentages that you get. I think the range is anywhere from like 1% to 5%, something like that. You don’t have to like, produce an affiliate link like you do with the Associates program.

It’s basically automatically you know, attached to your video. Amazon tracks that automatically. So all that stuff is pretty much, you don’t have to worry about it. The kind of stats or metrics that you need to frame in your mind on like, how do you get to a hundred dollars a day? The way I like to think of it is, is breaking it down into the quality of the quality of the products that you’re reviewing.

Cuz like some products, you’re gonna earn more than others, right? And it depends on how many products. Y you’re purchasing strategically, specifically to review and how many, you know, I, i, I recommend for everyone, and I did this myself, just review everything you have in the house, like things you’ve already, you already own, you know?

But you can imagine that, you know, a lot of them just aren’t gonna be super profitable for whatever reason. But so to kind of give like an example, okay so let’s say you wanted to kind of go like a slow pace, kind of ease your way into this. If you can get to 400 videos created that are producing 20, 25 cents per day, and that’s the thing, you know, we didn’t even mention, by the way, once you create the video, it’s passive income, you know?

Yeah. That’s the thing I really love about this. You know, it’s, it’s, you’re building up this library of passive income. So, so that’s kind of, I’m mean people probably real realize that already, but, so let’s say, let’s say you’re, you’re gonna do. You wanna get to 400 videos that make 25 cents per day, that’s a hundred dollars a day.

Okay? So if you do 30 videos per week, which would be anywhere between five to 15 hours of work per week you could reach that milestone within three to four months. Wow. Now, on the other hand if you are being very strategic about your purchases and, and are, are researching and finding opportunities which maybe have, you know, less influencer competition because there is a certain level of competition in the sense that Amazon will only show.

A certain number of influencer videos on a product page. Now if the, if the, we call it a carousel, the video carousel, if it’s full that doesn’t mean you’re not actually ever gonna get your video placed. And interestingly, I, my stats at, at one point a few months ago, I kind of looked at my, my stats and I think it was like literally nine out of 10 of my top 10 most profitable products had a full carousel, which kind of blew my mind because I, I, you know, I figured I would lose so many views just because it’s, it’s crowded.

But anyways, if you, so if you do a hundred you know, product reviews that make you a dollar a day, you could get to that point. You could get to a hundred dollars a day within a couple of months. Now if you ramp that down, if you’re only doing like five videos per week, so like right now I’m doing like, 30 videos a month.

So my, that’s kind of why my, you know, my growth kind of stagnated a little bit, but, you know, you’re looking at more like six months, maybe a year before you kind of hit that, hit that mark. Now I know you, you actually joined the influencer program not too long ago. How, how are things going with you so far?

Jared: am a baby in all this. I am asking you a lot of questions and some of these questions I sort of know the answer to and some I, I don’t. I am a couple weeks in now and I am at just shy of 200 videos. Now, bearing in mind a lot of the listeners will know this, I have a media background. I used to run a photo studio, so multi, you know, creating media, like mainly photos, but video kind of extends itself from that comes very naturally to me.

And then from a speaking perspective or talking about things, I host this podcast. So talking about stuff in the moment isn’t is also probably more of a skill set of mine. So it’s been much easier, I think, for me to create content Yeah. On the influencer program than maybe a lot of other people.

But yeah, I’m probably just shy of a couple hundred videos myself and my business partner at three weeks in now. And I think a lot of the data you’re sharing, I’ve found to be true. For me. The first few videos took me forever to figure out, like, 

Matt: I think the first few. What aspect of it? What do you mean?

Jared: just kept finding, I made a mistake. Like you’re, like, you, you know, like I would film it. I would, I, I like the first three videos I did, like I was filming like overhead. Cause I didn’t have any sort of mount or anything like that. So I did set up a tripod and I filmed it overhead. And then I realized like I hadn’t gotten my crop right and like the product was halfway outta the frame, so I had to redo it.

And then I realized I had forgotten to check my sound, and so I did it again. And then I realized I forgot to you know, plug the mic in. And so just took forever. Then I got it done and I was like, oh, you know, it actually now has a barcode in it. And so, yeah. Yeah, there was a lot. But, but I’ve gotten the process down to a lot quicker, much more like how you talk about, and, and I think that’s a good point.

Like, you can really crank out these videos when you first hear people saying like, even 30 videos a month, like, I’m thinking YouTube videos, right? Like, I’m thinking that’s impossible. I can hardly get two YouTube videos done. I know. You know, so, and I, I, so I really wanna double down on what you’re saying there, like when he’s saying 30 videos a month, that’s very realistic from my experience too.

Matt: Yeah. And, and a lot of times I will be, like, for instance, my well pump broke last week, it burnt out, so I’m replacing my well pump, right? And I had this well sanitation kit and I’m like, I bet I could find this on Amazon and, and sure enough, Amazon had it. So I like right in the moment, I just whipped out my phone, I’m like, yeah, here’s this well sanitation kit, here’s the, you know, it comes in two tab, you know, tablets and the powder and this is how you do it.

And I showed it and like, boom, I had a video done and like I’m already making money off of it. So, you know, it doesn’t have to be, you know, it can be spur, spur the moment as well. So yeah. 

Jared: Let me ask you though, cause I want to just to specifically get outta you cuz I, I, exactly. How do I make money?

Like I produce tons of videos and I put ’em up there, but what are the mechanisms that money starts coming to me? Is it just getting them in the carousel or what are the nuances that go into that? 

Matt: So if I, if I understand what you’re asking basically, so once you create a video, you you upload it to your storefront and you can do that either one of two ways.

You’re, you’re either logging in. On, on your computer or right on the app. There’s actually a great interface. I actually prefer it in some ways. So you, it’s actually right in the Amazon app. When you become an influencer, you’ll see a new little kind of section under your profile that says influencer, you know, create content.

So you’re tapping that, you’re uploading the video, you add your title, your thumbnail, you tag the product. That’s another important aspect as well. So you know, you’re, you’re doing a little search, you’re tagging the product. That’s how Amazon associates that video to that product. You can actually have multiple products in a video as well, and tag multiple products.

And then at that point it goes through the, a review process. Once you’re in the program, the review process is automated, so there’s some sort of AI thing that, that they have that kind of checks for certain things. And, and it’s a lot less stressful because if it does get denied it’s not a big deal.

You can just fix it and re-upload it. They don’t like kick you out. So although I have heard of people getting kicked out retroactively because of poor social media so there’s a lot of people who are like building, like they’re just like ramping up tos like within a matter of a month in like kind of paying for, you know, views and stuff and like, and then like a month later after they’ve already gotten approved, they get kind of kicked out.

So just a warning, like if you’re trying to like scam the system, like, you know, it might not be worth it, but so once your video is a approved on your storefront, it might take like two or three days. And you most likely. See it appear on the product page. You know, if you’re just browsing to the product page, you’ll see it there.

If the carousel is full, sometimes you, you might not see it right away, but I’ve had products that have gone on, the carousel been taken off, then go, go back on. So you never know. And at that point, once it’s on there, and again, I mentioned earlier, Amazon will also show your videos in, in other specialized places as well in Inspire.

And at that point, the mechanism that kind of gets you paid is someone has to watch your video. And I believe there at one point there was a criteria where they had to watch at least 30 seconds of it. And I’ve heard that maybe that has been shortened or removed. I, I’m not too sure of that.

And They need to watch, you know, a certain amount of your video and then buy the product. Okay. And that is the, that is the mechanism that’s like, okay, you know, you’re, you’re, you’ve earned that commission. If they, so another kind of thing to think about when you’re creating videos, if they watch another influencer video after yours and then buy the product, then that influencer gets it.

So you can think about, so yeah, you can kind of get, you know, someone sweep your, sweep your commission out from under you. But, you know, fair play because, you know, if you hadn’t answered all of the questions the customer had and they didn’t feel that confidence of like, oh, okay, yeah, this is what I want, then you haven’t done your job.

You know? So, so there’s a 

Jared: nice, there’s a nice tug and pull there where the, the long game is about volume and creating videos for as many products as you can. Yeah. But if you just create a bunch of videos that are not actually that helpful. Yeah. That you probably won’t get that many. Conversions, which means you probably won’t make that much off each video.

Matt: Yeah. And, and if you think, if you, you know, I, I, I don’t know why anyone would, would not want this mindset of like, thinking long term because this is such an amazing opportunity. It, it just seems obvious to me that eventually, like right now, Amazon’s like algorithm for, for sorting and showing videos seems a little kind of wacky and random and not super intelligent.

But obviously they’re gonna get to a point where they’re gonna a and b b test everything. And they’re gonna find, okay, this is the highest converting video. And they, they even might break it down by demographic and, and show, you know a certain influencer’s video to a certain demographic of people because they know it, it resonates more with that demographic.

So why wouldn’t you wanna try to do your best? There’s a lot of people who are doing really. Scammy stuff. They’ll like go into Walmart or something and like just pull a thing off a shelf and do like a ten second video of like, yeah, here’s this shower head, you know, here’s what it looks like on the, in the package and yeah, it’s pretty cool.

And that’s it, you know, it’s like, come on, man. And, and a lot of those people are actually getting flagged and shut down. So it’s just, it’s just not worth it. 

Jared: Okay. I feel like we have a good overview of the program. I, I, I want to spend some time on maybe some tips for people to you know, like just any advanced tips you have.

I say advanced, but like, and if 

Matt: what product collection is, is a big 

Jared: thing, product selection. If we missed any big high level stuff, tell me. But if not, I definitely want to get some more tips from you. For someone who’s been in, I have down, like, it looks like nine months in the program now, and I mean, I have all these notes, like, what sells better, what converts better, should I go after like low low volume, high price products?

Or is it better off high, high. High volume, low price products. I also have, you’ve referenced a couple times getting kicked out, like, how do I make sure I don’t get kicked out? Like, so I have a lot of questions, but you tell me what type of more advanced tips we can learn 

Matt: from you that you’ve kicked out.

Okay, so, so I think we should touch on product selection a little bit. Because ultimately, like if you try to break down, like what is the mechanism of, of, you know, earning the most amount of money, it, it, it, you need a product that actually sells, you know, because if no one’s buying the product, you’re not gonna earn a commission that’s obvious.

So that tells you to look at the reviews, you know so quantity of reviews, a lot of these things are common sense, but one thing that you can do because there, there is a lot of kind of shady stuff that happens with Amazon reviews. One thing that you can do is when you go and look at reviews on Amazon, you can filter by most recent.

And so if you are seeing. You know, a good handful, like, you know, maybe four or five reviews that week, you know, that’s a good sign. You know, people are, are buying it currently. It’s not something that you know, maybe fizzled out over time. So that’s important. And, and keep in mind, you know, the date that the product was launched, if it’s something that’s been on Amazon for 10 years, that’s obviously gonna have more, more reviews and ratings than, than something that was just launched.

But so, you know, if you think about what you’re looking for, a, a, a higher priced product, that’s gonna earn you a better commission. But also you need to think about like, What kind of product would a person need a video to determine whether they want to buy it? Because if you get, you know, a lot of things, like for instance, I thought I was so excited.

I saw a Carhartt beanie. Everyone knows Carhartt, you know, super popular brand. And I’m like, oh, there’s no influencer videos at all on this product. This is insane. They sell like thousands, like some, like 10,000 a month of these things. Like this is gonna be crazy. And I created a video and it, I, it was like, I earned like maybe $7 over the course of like three months or something, if that.

I don’t even think it was that much. And, and it, and it just dawned on me, I’m like, who needs to watch a video to know if they need a Carhartt beanie? Like, it’s evident what the product is. There’s no question. I mean, maybe sizing don’t know. So, you know, you gotta think about like you know, what, what kind of product would, would, rec would have a lot of questions.

Maybe it’s something that needs to be assembled, maybe it’s something there are a lot of options for, and so, you know, helping people get that confidence that that’s the one they want is, is important. So yeah, I mean, stuff like that, seasonality. If it is something that you have specialized expertise in, that’s definitely gonna give you a little bit of an advantage over other influencers, you know, because you, you can kind of speak speak on it better than, than others.

There’s also a couple of things you can think about with like product quantity. Is it a type of product that people purchase? A lot of quantity of, so it might be a $10 product, but maybe they, it’s something that is commonly bought in bulk batteries or something. Yeah, I’m just thinking batteries.

Yeah, diapers trash, trash bags cog food maybe. Something like that. Yeah, exactly. You know, so stuff like that. Another thing that you know, I just kind of hit me one day. I was reviewing a, a drill, a DeWalt drill. And so I did the vid, the video review for that, and then I was like, well, wait a minute.

This, this drill has a battery. I bet you can buy spare batteries. And so that’s a, an entire separate product page on Amazon, just the battery, you know? Mm-hmm. So I can do a review about the battery and, and do that. I can do a review about the charger and that. Yeah. You know, so you can kind of maximize you know, your, your opportunities there.

But there’s also. Another thing that’s in that, that a lot of people don’t realize is, is you can get products for free to review. So a, a little bit of the show and tell, I mean, here’s the thing is they don’t a lot of the products you get for free are kind of like low quality. So like I’ve got, I’ve got like so many smart watches.

I got a microphone kit here for, you know, karaoke. I’ve got an iPad case. Here’s another, here’s another smartwatch here. It’s funny. They all run the same operating system, so it’s like identical, you know, so you kind of get a rhythm when you’re doing the reviews, but you can actually even charge money for, for these to do these reviews.

It’s a very interesting kind of relationship and, and I’ve, I’ve kind of been. Probably unpopular against that. Like I’ve, I’m happy a lot of times just getting the product for free because I’m getting the commission, you know, if I think it’s a product that’s gonna sell, well, I’m, I’m gonna be getting that recurring commission over time.

But a lot of people will charge anywhere between, you know, 20 to $50 as like a production fee to do it. And it’s all above, above board. You just need to disclose that, you know, this is a paid review or something like that. So yeah, that’s, I’m, I’m kind of like spitting out a bunch of kind of random, no, this is all really good.

Jared: I mean, I think you know, you mentioned it earlier, and maybe this would be a good question to help people, like, what is I, is there a, like a best course of action for people to follow that kind of maximizes their time to their return? Like, should I be focused on like everything in my house versus trying to go out and source high price products?

If I’m focused on everything in my house, do I just do the high price stuff or do I, should I also do the low price stuff? Like, just trying to think of that roadmap for the first say, a hundred videos or whatever that target is for you. Like, what is the best roadmap? Cause I could see everybody getting overwhelmed.

You know? I know I was a little overwhelmed when I got started. I kind of came up with my own roadmap whether it was the right one or not. I just was like, I just need a roadmap, so I’m gonna do this. But what do you recommend if you’re getting started and a bit overwhelmed by all the different options?

Matt: Well, I definitely recommend people starting with the products they have because you know, you’ll get that instant validation, which is really important before you start investing money into like buying products specifically to, to review. Yeah, if you, there used to be a, a page on Amazon where you could sort.

You could literally download your entire purchase history and it was awesome cuz you could just sort by price and like, definitely if you can think on the top of your head, like what are the most expensive things you’ve bought I would definitely focus on those. As far as purchasing or, or like kind of using your time effectively, it is kind of a thing where like, yeah, the, the more expensive the product is, the, the more money you’re gonna make with it in most cases.

So it’s kind of like using your time wisely. However, on the flip side, you’re really not putting a ton of investment of time into each of these videos. So I mean, my, I always say like, if you physically have it, whether you own it or are, are borrowing something from a friend or family, if you have the product in your possession, just do a video on it.

Like, don’t go review like research. Is this gonna be worth it if I create a review? Like just create the, create the video. You never know. There, there is a lot of ambiguity on, on. Certain products that I, I have this, like right now my top selling product is like a grease gun and it just, it doesn’t make any sense to me cuz like, you know, there’s other tools you can use like you know, a lot of Amazon sellers use like Helium 10 Jungle Scouts, stuff like that.

And, and so like, I’m looking at the numbers on it and I’m like, it’s not like a super popular product, but like, I’m, it’s like consistently my top selling product. So you never really know to be honest. And I do wanna mention as well that you know, it’s important to realize that it is risky to, you know, go all in on just this one platform because Amazon really isn’t good at You know, communicating changes in, in their layout and stuff like that.

You know, for instance in the middle of last month the most, the majority of the influencer community saw like a 50% drop in commissions, including myself. Mm-hmm. And that was due to them changing the way the carousel shows up on mobile devices and desktop. And so it, you know, you kind of, I recommend cautiously, you know, starting investing a little bit once you start making money and, and kind of, kind of going from there.

And, but the thing that’s kind of cool is you can take this content and post it elsewhere. You don’t have to keep it right on Amazon exclusively. So, oh, and, and the opposite’s true as well. If you already have, if you’re already producing this type of content on TikTok or YouTube Yeah. You can put those on Amazon.

You just have to kind of like cut out. Like copyright logos and stuff like that. So I, I definitely recommend trying to diversify in that sense. I, I recently started a YouTube channel kind of to, to just put my review videos up on there. Yet, it’s one of those things, it’s like a slow process, you know, building a following and, and I, I don’t know, it’s, I kind of find it funny cuz like, I would never subscribe to like a random YouTube channel that has all random product reviews, but like, I’ve got like 200 subscribers so far.

I’m like, okay, yeah, I know enthusiasts out there 

Jared: and, and and smartwatch enthusiast right 

Matt: next to them, I guess. Yeah. You know what’s funny? My most popular video on the YouTube channel, I, so one, one idea I had was Books, like doing reviews for books because I could just go to the library and you know, borrow a bunch of books and like, just do a review of these books.

And I had a bunch of kids’ books, so I kind of read through ’em and yes, I, I have had the question of whether that’s like a copyright thing, but anyways, my YouTube channel, my, this one video I did on like a kid’s book review has like 14,000 views. It’s like ridiculous, you know, and I’m, I’m like getting all these subscribers where it, it’s just like this random channel.

So it’s just kind of funny. 

Jared: Well, you segued really nicely, so this is probably, I want to kind of close things out mean, I feel like we just got started. I could bend your ear off for many more hours, but I hope everybody just drank through a fire hose. Like, like I did certainly when I first kind of discovered some of the stuff that, that Matt was sharing here.

But like you, you segued into it perfectly. So let’s go there because on one side, like $4,000 a month, which is what you’re earning right now, is definitely life-changing income for people. And that could be career replacing income for people, meaning that could actually be there. Segue out for people who are struggling with getting a site off the ground.

Yeah. Or struggling to get to a point where they can quit their job and do that full something full time. Right. That could be a ticket. Yet it feels so new. It feels, it feels risky. Amazon is terrible at like maintaining this stuff over the years. Right. We know that with our commission cuts and stuff.

So what’s what’s the balance? You kind of answered that question, but like where do, like, would you recommend people make a thousand videos? Would you recommend people like, you kind of answered it, but maybe just go into that a little further so people understand 

Matt: for a while. So ultimately, if you back out a little bit and think, okay, they just launched Inspire.

This is a brand new platform. They’re trying to compete with TikTok. They’re trying to acclimate their customers to getting used to the idea of seeing this type of content on the platform. So Inspire is kind of wild West right now. It’s, it’s a little janky, but it, it is a kind of different perspective of, of like the types of videos that you would put there.

It is really like TikTok style in inspirational kind of kind of videos. But at the end of the day, Amazon, like I said earlier, they’re trying to close this loop. They don’t want people going off platform to you know, get this content. So I don’t think the program’s ever gonna go away, you know? However, I think what will happen is, so like right now they’re recruiting new influencers.

They’re gonna continue to recruit new influencers, and I think what will happen is they will slowly start to decrease the commission percentages, just like they did with the associates program over time. Everyone knows about that. Until they find a balance where, you know, the quality of the videos of the people who, you know, choose to still create videos you know, is at an acceptable level where they kind of find this, this kind of.

Balancing ground. So yeah, I mean, again, you know, it’s like one of those things where you strike while the iron’s hot. I think there’s still a lot of opportunity. There’s millions of products on Amazon. There’s new ones being added every single day. So there’s, there’s definitely still opportunity and for someone who wants to take this seriously.

One thing I should note as well, cause I know Spencer’s been kind of you know, documenting his, his experience with this and, and I’ve been talking with him and kind of you know, giving him some feedback. You know, he’s, he’s taking a different route where he’s outsourcing all the videos. He’s hiring people to create videos for him.

And so I get a lot of questions about that. And personally, I would not recommend that for most people. I wouldn’t recommend doing that. Because while there are definitely certain influencers who. This, that’s their whole structure. There’s one specifically called w t i that has tens of, you know, over 10,000 videos.

They’re probably making several six figures per month in this program. But I have a suspicion that they have a special kind of relationship directly with someone at Amazon. They were probably one of their beta, you know, people in the influencer programs with the, the shoppable videos. So while you are gonna see evidence of people doing this, I, I just feel like it’s, it’s very risky.

Where I think eventually Amazon is going to shut down those accounts. Because if you think about the application process they were looking at, you know, how do you look on, on camera? And by the way, you don’t have to, I didn’t even mention this. You don’t have to show your face on these videos. A lot of my videos.

I just, you know, it’s a talking well as I demonstrated with my neck mount. You know what? My head’s not in it. That’s a question a lot of people have, and I found no correlation in in conversion rates with my, my face videos and faceless videos. Just as a side note, but I would just caution people on, on outsourcing it primarily, unless it’s, it’s something you just kind of want to try as like a, a side thing and like you don’t care if you, if it, if it ends up ends up failing.

Got it. Ugh. 

Jared: It does sound like the wild, wild west. I mean, it sounds like you’re like, I wouldn’t recommend that, but I, anything against it. And yeah, people do that and I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t go to Walmart, but people do it. So it does sound like they’re still figuring out go. Yeah. It’s 

Matt: a frustrating cart is, is Amazon doesn’t communicate with us really.

I mean, there’s a mailing list and, but like there’s an email address and like they don’t respond to it. So there’s really not a lot of communication like you would see like I feel like YouTube is a little bit better in some cases with, with that and kind of like telling you what’s coming and changes and things like that.

So that is definitely a little, a little frustrating. And I imagine it’s because their team is really small at this point. So maybe once they prove that, you know, this is a profitable thing for them. And, and again, another kind of side note, this is only. This program is only, or I should say shoppable onsite placement videos is only on the US Amazon site.

So there are you can join the influencer program on the, you know, other country like Canada and UK and all that, but they don’t have onsite placement yet. You know, there’s rumors that they’re gonna start rolling that out. But you can still join the program if you’re international. You just want to join the US program.

So I, I know several people who have done that. Okay. 

Jared: Good distinction. Okay. Hey, I wanna give you a chance to tell people more about where they can learn more. You have a course on this, you’ve been doing it for a long time. Where can people go to kind of dive into your course on the Amazon 

Matt: influencer program?

Yeah, so I, I, I decided to make a course because like a year ago when I, when I was looking into what was available, cause I wanted to learn more about, you know, from the people. Cuz there, there’s, there’s a lot of people who make. You know, five, six figures a month from this. And all the courses I saw at the time were very, they, they were taking advantage of the fact that not a lot of people even knew this existed.

So they would have the, you know, real kind of scammy sales page and just, and they list off all the real hypey things. And it’s like, true, like there’s literally nothing false about it. You don’t need to build a following. You don’t need to build a website, you don’t need to build a brand, you don’t need to buy products.

You don’t, this is, this isn’t drop shipping. You don’t have to cold call, you don’t, and they’re listening all these things off. I’m like, well, yeah, yeah, that’s true. But they wouldn’t tell you what it was. They wouldn’t say, this is a course about the influencer program. So they had this, you know, so anyways, I was just kind of disgusted with, with what was out there.

And, and then kind of the flip side was some of the other courses were. Just a, a very basic rehash of like the basics that you just find on Amazon’s website, informational about it. So I’ve created several courses in the, in the past for my SketchUp stuff. So I decided to, to make one for the influencer course that kind of dove into the advanced stuff that I had discovered over the years or year that I, that I had been getting into the program.

So you can go to jungle influencer.com/spencer. So I set up a special landing page for niche pursuits. You’ll get 10% off and what I did is I split the course into two two different kind of sections. So you can get the starter course. So with the 10% discount, it’s $89 for the starter course.

That’s gonna walk you through the important part of that manual review process. So it’s gonna walk you through. Creating those first three videos, and those are super important because if you’d get denied, you get three chances, and if you get denied, that’s the end of it. And then the, or you can get the full course that goes into the, the kind of advanced tactics, product selection, product sourcing that’s gonna be 2 69 to get the full course.

So I wanted to give an opportunity for people who aren’t in the program yet and don’t know if they’re gonna get approved. I wanted to give them an opportunity to kind of get some information about that approval process without having to, you know, make a, a, a bigger investment with something that they’re not entirely sure that they would you know, be able to take advantage of.

So yeah, again, that’s jungle influencer.com/. Spencer, the discount will be applied automatically and seven day full refund policy. So, you know, no, no problems with that. I’ve had one refund so far, so so yeah, that’s it. 

Jared: That’s great. We’ll get that link in the show notes. I can also say that after interviewing Spencer or talking with Spencer so much on the, our weekly news section and Spencer sharing about it I I purchased your course about a month back.

It’s fantastic. And like I said, I have a couple hundred videos live and I think I, I’ve been making like 50 bucks a day off of it, so Yeah. You know good growth. But yeah, it’s a great course and definitely walked me through all the details so, 

Matt: Cool. I appreciate that. Yeah. Yeah. 

Jared: Well, you know, not that anyone wants to take my advice, but 

Matt: that’s one 

Jared: man’s feedback.

Do you have any, like, where are you at on social? Like, can people follow 

Matt: you along on Oh man, I’m, I’m like terrible, honestly. Are you? Yeah, so so like, as I, as I said, I’m, I’m like a squirrel, you know, shiny optics syndrome here. So I do have a brand that I kind of launched this under, it’s called Online Business Tech.

Mostly just on YouTube online business tech. But but yeah, so, you know, if anyone has questions, Matt, at online business tech.com, that’s, that’s cool. But. Yeah. Yeah. Matt, I need to get my, I need to get my focus down, you know? I get it. Hey, I think a lot of people can relate, but yeah, 

Jared: yeah.

No, it makes total sense. I mean, sometimes I ask people and they’re like, Nope, there’s no way to find me. I’m just terrible. Yeah. You, you’re all internet marketers. If you need to find me, you can figure it out. Like, I’ve had that happen. Yeah, yeah. Right. Don’t worry about it. You’re not, you’re not that far off.

Yeah. No, this was really incredible. I think the Amazon influencer program is a very new topic for most people, although crazy, like you’ve been in for a long time, but for a lot of us, it’s very new. And then as soon as you dive into it, you’re like, whoa, there’s so many nuances to it. So I think this was a fantastic overview with plenty of more advanced deep dives into some of the, the nuance stuff.

So I can’t thank you enough for coming on and 

Matt: sharing. Yeah, I absolutely, thank, thanks for having me. 

Jared: Alright, well I’m sure we’ll catch up with you again at some point, but until next time, we’ll talk soon. Thanks Jared.


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