NeilPatel.com is one of the leading sources on the web for digital marketing advice and insights. The site was created in 2008 and aptly named after its founder, serial entrepreneur and digital marketing influencer Neil Patel.

Since its launch, NeilPatel.com has been on a steady rise, reaching nearly 3 million organic monthly visitors, according to Ahrefs, as of September 2022.

(And interestingly, over 22 million organic monthly visitors, according to his tool Ubersuggest.)

So how did NeilPatel.com achieve this impressive level of traffic?

Well, keep reading to find out!

Sources of traffic

NeilPatel.com is an interesting case.

The percentage of traffic coming from organic and direct is nearly tied.

As we’ll show below, this direct traffic is likely driven by the site’s strong brand awareness and reputation in the digital marketing industry. 

But how about the organic traffic?

Organic Traffic

A focus on quality content with clear CTAs

A large part of NeilPatel.com’s success can be attributed to its content strategy. The site produces high-quality, actionable content that covers a wide range of digital marketing topics.

The content is regularly updated with the latest tips and information. And this comprehensive approach has helped them attract and retain a large audience.

Keyword Optimization

NeilPatel.com has a ton of pages.

And this extensive content library helps the site rank for a large number of high-value keywords.

The site proves to have effective keyword research that targets topics that generate affiliate profits, promotes his tools in various ways, or generates high-quality links (his site is a DR 91).

This, plus his internal linking with keyword-rich anchor text and more help the site rank high for most topics they target.

The types of keywords targeted 

According to Semrush, NeilPatel.com gets most of its traffic from informational keywords, followed by commercial keywords.

And here’s a list of their Top Pages according to Ahrefs:

As you can see, his top pages are regarding the tool Ubersuggest which he bought back in 2017 for a mere $120,000.

It’s probably fair to say that his investment has paid off quite well.

Besides various freemium tools he offers, the site also ranks for various important marketing terms that help his site be an authority and go-to source for information for beginners and intermediates in the space.

Foreign Language SEO

And let’s not overlook his use of international SEO.

He’s quite well-known for successfully making use of foreign language SEO.

His site targets lots of different languages and regions to gain new traffic sources and eager customers.

This is sometimes an overlooked or ignored opportunity. However in this case, it appears it’s worth the effort for Neil.

This is the homepage of the site:

As you can see he offers his content and services and English, Portuguese, German, Spanish, and Italian.

And also, at least according to his top pages report, offers Ubersuggest in French.

What Kinds of Links Point to The Site?

Considering the site is a DR 91, it has many powerful links.

Here are just some of that also send the site lots of referral traffic:

It gets linked to by Hubspot (382 times), Wix, and lots of other big sites as a source for all sorts of digital marketing topics.

And the sites’ foreign language content also helps generate links and traffic:

A strong, active social media presence

Social media is also a decent source of traffic for the site.

After all, Neil Patel has millions of followers on social media, which helps to diversify where traffic comes from. 

And NeilPatel.com provide regular updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

This helps reach a wider audience, promote his brand, the site’s content, and drive traffic back to the site.

They post fairly frequently across their channels and repurpose their content effectively.


NeilPatel.com also operates a successful YouTube channel.

It features helpful videos on a range of digital marketing topics.

He’s been investing in the channel for years and has kept a consistent posting schedule. And the high-quality written and video content have combined to help the site attract a wide audience (1.09 million subscribers).

Here are some of his most popular YouTube videos.

Other Factors That Have Helped Organic Growth

It probably goes without saying that Neil Patel’s personal brand has played a huge role in the success of NeilPatel.com.

Neil is a well-known and mostly-respected figure in the digital marketing industry and this has helped attract readers to his site.

A strong track record

Neil has a proven track record in digital marketing, having worked with some of the world’s leading brands (Amazon, HP, Viacom, NBC, and GM, among others). This experience and expertise have helped to make NeilPatel.com a trusted source of information for marketers.

An engaging personality

Neil is an energetic and charismatic figure, which comes across in his writing and speaking. This makes NeilPatel.com an enjoyable read, even for complex topics.

A passion for helping others

Neil is passionate about helping others succeed in digital marketing. This commitment is evident in the content on NeilPatel.com, which is designed to help marketers improve their digital marketing efforts.

And the site is set up simply and effectively, benefiting both visitors and the team behind Neil Patel’s site.

But How does NeilPatel.com make money?

Neil Patel has built and sold lots of tools in the past. Some of his most notable are the WordPress plugin for Facebook Likes Hello Bar and the analytics tools Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics.

And over the years, he has managed to grow his site into a great resource for various income streams.

Here are some notable ones:


Neil Patel and his team offer consulting services to help businesses with their digital marketing efforts through NP Digital Agency

And there’s an effective exit intent lead magnet on his site!

If you answer the following 4 super easy, 1-click questions, you get this:

And whichever you press is a win for Neil, as you must at least subscribe to his mailing list to receive the action plan.

Answer The Public Acquisition

NP Digital also recently acquired Answer The Public, a popular freemium tool that is to be added to Ubersuggest to provide more content ideas and visualizations.

Affiliate marketing

The site, of course, also uses affiliate marketing to generate revenue. This is done by partnering with other businesses and companies to promote their products and services on NeilPatel.com. 


The site sells ad space to businesses that want to reach their audience. 

This is done through various ad formats, including banner ads, display ads, and sponsored content.

Ubersuggest tool

As mentioned before, NeilPatel.com also includes a tool called Ubersuggest. It gives reports on domain overview, top SEO pages report, keyword suggestions, content ideas, and backlink data, among other features. 

Ubbersuggest tool has a few daily free features. But it’s mostly a paid product and users can sign-up for either monthly or yearly subscriptions.

NeilPatel.com Summed Up

Digital marketing is an increasingly essential part of businesses’ success, and NeilPatel.com has positioned itself to continue its growth into the future as a popular resource for marketers everywhere!


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