How SEO Revolutionized The World Of eCommerce

E-Commerce has taken over a lot of businesses around the world. It has attached itself to various services, products, and professional services. What seemed like a concept more than a decade ago has become the norm in business. The richest man, Jeff Bezos, and his E-Commerce giant is proof that this model works and will continue to serve the consumers in the foreseeable future.

The effects of doing business in this manner are not only constrained in the exchange of dollars between the buyer and the seller online in their respective stores. Many businesses have been molded to accommodate the growing demand for doing business online. A number of transaction portals, as well as online banking services, has stepped up to cope with the need to move money around the globe cheaply. It is apparent that E-Commerce is here to stay and a lot of elements in business have had movements to accept the fact and maximize this revolution of doing business. 

SEO has been a force online that few average users ever heard of or understood. But it has definitely influenced online experience and has made marketing online competitive. Basically, you’d want your website to be seen first by potential customers when they look for anything that relates to what you’re selling. You would be looking out for people or traffic that would present their high-intent of your product or services. Davidh83 from has described that it doesn’t matter if you have low traffic what is important is that you maximize the value of the traffic coming your way. SEO makes sure that whatever traffic coming your way it is by high-intent visitors and not random clicks.

E-Commerce requires marketing and sharing clicks from everyone online will always breed competition on who gets the most clicks from the most suitable users. Here are some reasons why SEO is tightly connected to E-Commerce:

SEO is an effective Marketing Tool

SEO is a way to target customers, E-Commerce is dependent on the visitors that enter its website and to ultimately purchase something. When you start with SEO you would basically have a seed list of keywords that relates to your business. If people would online and type exactly those keywords you would want to be seen first in every search engine. This is significant because coming up with the keywords means that you have already focused on a set of traffic that you believe would be potential customers so it only follows that you want to be on the top and take the most share of the traffic.

SEO provides a tactical advantage to E-Commerce owners

E-Commerce with SEO can be likened to a marketplace where vendors sell the same thing at relatively equal prices. If you’re a business owner, you would definitely like the space where customers come in and see your place first. Online, having an SEO means you have a prime real estate for your E-Commerce. It is not enough that you have a place, nor that your business can be searched, it is important that people see you when they search for something that you sell.

SEO has improved Consumer Experience online

SEO has made it easy for customers and the retail business as a whole. With the information that is required to be ranked in the search engine, it narrows down a lot of details that would help the consumers. This is mostly beneficial for customers who only want to look at stores that best fit their needs and not be bombarded by a list of irrelevant sites.

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E-Commerce is still in its early stages, but the disruptive impact it has on global business cannot be brushed off. Cities have abandoned their local malls because of the convenience to have the things you need, delivered to your doorstep. SEO plays a part in the competition of E-Commerce and competition is plainly good for everybody, especially the consumers.

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