The way people build amazon sites has changed a lot over the past few years and currently the techniques, plugins and game has been changed a lot, which is why, I’m writing this post.

Amazon… The word. What does it resemble with?

Amazing?… Sounds about too right, nope?

Well yup, it is Amazing (not with the actual meaning) but it is so amazing for some (or many)… at least for me it is. 

Build Authoritative Amazon Site

And the true lover of this word “Amazon” who take it as “Amazing” are actually the brilliant affiliate marketers. And…. Well. We are here for…

To get to know how to actually build an AUTHORITY amazon niche site!

Yes, Authority in the CAPITAL over here!

Because there are so many sites… Too many out there and been coming up online everyday. But, Most of them will last for a few days, Few months Or a year.

And only the few will last forever, and will do the real game; real business.

That is the part you want to gain with your AUTHORITY niche site!

It is your goal!

And I will show you THAT process; to build an AUTHORITY niche site with Amazon (aka Amazing!)


We need some introductions. The meanings understood to get over the complete idea of Authority Amazon Niche Site.

What is the niche site?


What if you already know what is the niche site?

I do NOT mind if you already know this part of; what is the niche site?

But let me clear it up for those who are taking their first steps into the real side of the internet business.

Even though this world is so info-rich but still the new people are joining up the things which are not new to you. And still it is not called the old-fashioned to cover those things from the beginning which you already know from ages. 🙂

So… Reverting back to the point.

What is the niche site?

Well  ‘A website that is built only to cover a certain thing (mind it, the singular!)’

That website is then called the niche site.

Often when the word “niche site” is heard, listened, or said, it is taken as the meaning of money site.

While in many cases, it is the true meaning. But… I think of something else.

That does not mean that I deny the money part… But remember one thing?


When that word is behind the scope, the meaning does change for all… and at least for me.

What I think?

I think that niche is the topic that you become master at. And niche site is, you use the website to showcase your mastery to the virtual world.

But I am not denying the money factor involved with the niche site nor that I want you to follow what I have here to say about the niche site.

And I will tell you what is the niche site; the money-making amazon site.

Niche site is made to promote an item *physical or virtual* (see here, again the singular!)

The promotion is based upon selling that item (in numbers.)

All the features, all the advantages, and all the pros you have to cover up for that item to make people’s mind ready to buy. To touch their buying sense to ignite the will of purchase.

And what about the authority site…?

That singular item that you are targeting with your niche site is, in other words, called the micro-niche site.

And the authority site is totally against this micro’s idea.

With that authority model, you are covering almost anything within; let’s suppose your niche site is just about the Bicycle > Baby Bicycle.

Then your authority site is about the Bicycle for all; men, women, and babies. And there you also share the tricks and the tips to maintain the bicycle, how to guides, reviews, and everything about the bicycle.

Got it? Got the difference of the niche and the authority site?

Why pick the niche site?

As I said earlier, it is all about being a master at something.

So, the niche site is exactly for the same purpose; to become a master of something AND then show your mastery.

This mastery and your selling skill will get you the good rewards, and which are; money and authority.

These two should be your answer to WHY you picked to work on making the niche site.

Why Amazon?

how to make money with amazon associate affiliate program

Amazon is a highly popular site and it is widely known, thus it’s for the people to buy products from them due to their trust.

Amazon products can be promoted by YouTuber’s recommending products, review websites, or any type of website recommending purchasing products on Amazon. So you have an ample of opportunities.

If you are willing to know more on commissions :

This table explains the full commission structure:

Although the sales percentage is considerably less but you get high volume of sales and often people buy other products too and your cookies remain in your customers browser thus you can get credited later.

Let me get to the how to make money online part of the niche site and what steps get involved with it.

How to Build an Amazon Authority Website [Step by Step Process]

Understanding the Process

understand the process

First is… of course, you need the website, nope?

And the website is built upon two main components.

What are they?

Guess it, guys!

Definitely they are the domain (website name) and the web hosting (where everything get stored to run the website.)

But…. As I said it is the complete process of building an authority amazon niche site, lemme just compile the good list for you.

And here you go:

  • Framework… Your framework?
  • Your niche… what is it?
  • What is your keyword?
  • Hand on with the knowledge?
  • Let’s take out your content, please
  • LINKS!!!
  • Execute-ion?
  • Throw money to make continuous money!

But hey! Why NOT choose the ads. over the niche thing?

Yeah, ads. are good.

Well in the reality, actually they are NOT.

So many people so hate the ads. being aired.

Remember one thing which is too common in practice until now?

If the family is watching the T.V. and the ad. shows up in the middle of any program, the family member who has the control of the remote, they tend to just change the channel and return back to the same channel after the ad. is gone.

So… the same applies on the ads. that show up on the internet.

Not that the people do not earn the very good amount off the AdSense (Google program that allows the earning through ad. clicks.)

They do earn in thousands.. But…

Those earning in the thousands do take some million views and numerous clicks on the ad. slots first to be able to get you earned that much money.

And the views and the clicks are harder to receive in this current age due to the Ad. blocks and people opting NOT to click at all.

There was the time AdSense had allowed the publishers (site owners) to earn good and well but that is not the same case anymore.

That is why you need to reach… convince… and attract people’s buying power to do the business; and that is why the niche thing is here for you to succeed.

The process… continues…

Let’s get going for now, folks!

Framework [Domain and Hosting]

One most-needed and the important step it is; to get your framework up and running.

It is not about the wooden frame, sorry, but it is the core foundation to lay the floor of niche site.

Framework here includes;

I will go into more details of these two components of the framework for you…

Domain name

To build the authority amazon niche site, the domain name is the first and foremost the too-important step.

And having the domain name for the niche site is not something like an ordinary task where you can obtain any kind, any type of the domain name but you have to do the proper research to find such a domain name that best suits to your niche.

For this (domain name to be exactly or closely relevant to your niche), get the EMD or PMD.

Well, what is with that EMD and PMD?

EMD stands for Exact Match Domain while PMD actually stands for Partial Match Domain.

EMD Site

EMD is something which is too best to choose for the niche site while PMD is still the good thing to have in case of EMD is not available.

Like you are to go for the niche BICYCLE for Baby and your target keyword is Bicycle for Baby Under age of 5, the domain of something like BicycleForBabyUnderAgeof5.com OR BabyCycleAge5.com, BicycleForBabyAgeof5.com, they make it for the EMD.

But… Do NOT, please. Do not take the EMD as your domain name for now.

Because… Do not you think that this looks so ugly to write and pronounce, nope?

Yeah, looks very and very ugly. Not just ugly but it is not the right thing to target for the EMD anymore as Google has penalized the EMD sites so hard, and have also included this penalty into its algorithm to auto-penalize the EMD sites which is in effect since September 2012.

Back in the time, the EMD domains had done so well in ranking the sites for the particular keywords where the domain name had the power to rank the site.

So for now, do not just think for a second to get an EMD for yourself. 🙂

Where PMD (or Partial Match Domain) is totally in the reverse form of EMD (or Exact Match Domain) where you can use the synonyms, or just the single word out of your targeted keyword into the domain.

For example, our keyword here is Bicycle for Baby Under age of 5, BabyBicycle.com OR BicycleForLittles.com OR BabyRidingToys.com

See the difference? They look to be soft-listening, soft-speaking, and easy-remembering domains, right?

Although EMD still works very well for some, however another reason I don’t recommend people going with EMD is because it makes you limited to just one product, while the idea is when your domain get’ ranked, it’s much easier to co-link and promote other products too, which can’t happen easily with EMD.

Also, people opt for the Fresh and Expired domains as well.

That is one hell of the story too… to decide between the fresh and the expired domains.

Expired Domains

While expired domains could be a good move for many but this could be an expensive route as well, money wise.

Though expired domains do hold some fruits for you, like an authority and the trust in the eyes of search engines (as they were the running websites of which the domain names got expired) but I will certainly tell you to NOT go with the expired domains.

Why I do not advice to get your hand into the expired domains?

Build your own, buddy! Build your process, and by your very own self!

So the fresh domains (new one) should not be the difficult task, and you can definitely rank and bank your niche site with the help of the fresh domain in the time span of three to four months.

Yes, you can definitely do it!

So, go with the fresh domain, please.

After all, it is all about the branding and the ease of mind for you to start fresh and new.

Checkout how to choose the domain and blog name for your niche site.

Web hosting

The another important (and often out of research) step out of the framework to build the brilliant and powerful niche site.

You are here to target for the 24*7 uptime with your niche site.

See that you are busy into making your site prominent and dominant into the virtual world, and the viewers are continuously accessing your niche site and the sudden breakdown occurs (let’s hope not) because we cannot guarantee or blame the technology.

And imagine you acquired the low-cost web hosting for your niche site and then this happens… Expect the disaster….

Like I said we cannot guarantee or blame the technology, the low-cost web hosting provider may cause you more pain than the expensive and branded name.

Good and expensive web hosting provider will save you a lot as they have the reputation which they care about and will do anything and everything to save it.

So, select the expensive web host for your niche site!

They would be expensive in the money but would be the best in the service!

Try some of these web hosting providers to get up and running your fresh amazon niche site NOW!

Well, you may get to decide for yourself whether you need the shared, VPS or the dedicated plan for your amazon niche site, and depending upon your budget and the requirement.

Get over those web hosting providers and consult your requirements directly with their support to decide which plan you want to get started with.

And do not worry at all. You can upgrade your plan anytime, any day.

Bluehost has always been my top pick, but you can checkout list of cheap wordpress hosting companies to start your niche site.

Your niche


While I listed it as the second step out for building an authority amazon niche site after the framework but it really is not the second step. It is actually the first but I wanted to get your mind straight with the framework’s step first to NOT mingle it with the core of the niche site idea.

You are here to concrete build the authority amazon niche site… And your niche should be problem-solving in every case.

First get the hard idea first.

You do not need to do any of the research at first stage of choosing the niche.

Just grab an idea by looking at what type of item you want to help with people’s problem.

Do NOT do any research for now, please.

Think of… And that is totally for an example.

Toys > The hard and unresearched idea.

Toys for babies > Still the hard idea.

See here you are to go with the toys and that too for the babies.

Then it is the time to do the proper research to more refine the idea of “Toys for babies.”

Relevant post: How to stand out your Niche Blog from the Competitors?

Research for the niche

find your niche

Remember you have the hard idea of the niche at your hand already.

“Toys for babies” and you got Amazon Associate Program to hunt for the related and the relevant products.

And this is your Amazon Associate’s home: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/home

Sign up if you do not have the account yet. During the registration, you will have to go through about 5-6 steps to get an account.

I will show you the screenshots below for the better understanding of this niche research…

amazon niche research

See here… the term I used is “toys” and Amazon Associate is showing the huge 923,719 results at the moment for the search term “toys.”

Really too big, nope?

And with the quicker look at the products, most of them do not look suitable for the babies (babies that we are talking about under the age of 4 years.

We need less but precise results to get our hands on the suiting toys for the babies.


amazon niche research2

See now!

I refined the search term to “baby toys” from “toys” and the result has been shrunk to 221,060 from 923,719 results.

But hey! Noticed one thing?

You might be thinking of seeing why the United States is selected, and it is because I have registered for the US Amazon Associate only and changing the locale will sign me out due to I did not sign up for any other locale other than US one as it is required to sign up separately for every other locale.


After “baby toys”, it is time to more refine the search if you want.

Because the longer the search term would be, the highly-saleable products you would get for the right candidates (the right audience.)

So in the case of the baby, the more deeper we would go is only the age clause, nope? We cannot go further with the baby’s hair, length, and the color *cracks the joke in the air* 🙂

Only the age is the real factor here for the babies. 🙂

Check now…

amazon niche research 3

Checked it now?

Results just gotten down to 28,455 from the straight 221,060.

We did use the age 1 here.

And you can change the age here depending upon your target as to what age of the babies you are trying to focus on to bring them their desired toys. 🙂

Understand again… Long keyword > Lower number of products but right ones > Focused (and targeted) audience at your hand.

Over-priced niches; do not fall into the trap

The too-expensive products are harder to be sold especially online.

Think of the product that is well over US$2000.00 and imagine the commission! Would be huge, nope?

But imagine…. This overpriced and the too-expensive product will hardly, so hardly be sold.

Check this product: Panasonic AG-AC160A AVCCAM HD Handheld Camcorder 64GB Package (International Model)

This giant camera is too-giant in the price.


Yeah, just well over good 5 grands!

And who thinks to spend this much money without seeing the product?

Nope, not me. I will NOT do it. Certainly won’t.

So, really do not fall into the trap of the fancy price but focus more over the selling. And try to sell what is affordable and easy-to-sale products.

NOW! Take on the niche NOW!

Once you have your niche selected, refined, and then researched then it is your time to apply it. Because you have the domain and the web hosting ready too.

Still… There is still the way too long to go to actually build an authority amazon niche site, my fella!

My relevant video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoSHf_GDSuM

What is your keyword?

Baby toys? Just the baby toys?

That example of mine was just an example…

You need your own keywords for your very own niche site.

Mind it that you need the long-tail keyword, and the long-tail means longer keyword like 3-6 words long.

But to build up the keyword, it is the process to follow and be agreed with.

Heard of the KGR?


The Keyword Golden Ratio

This is your thing…


I can totally relate to KGR by Doug Cunnington of NicheSiteProject.com as he explained it well.

And the Keyword Gold Ratio index should NOT be more than 0.25.

How this KGR works in practical…

You have your keyword phrase ready, so let’s take it to the Google search.

Search for that keyword phrase onto the Google and see if the phrase show up into the titles of those results

And then let’s divide it with the local monthly searches where this index is 250.

What does it mean?

It actually means that if your KGR is very less than 0.25, your site will easily rank in the first 100 results upon indexing.

Still you can do pretty good (be ranked under 250 top pages) in case the KGR is 0.25 to 1.

Not that I tell you to just get the KGR to be so close to 0.25 but even if it is above 0.25 and going out of 1, you can definitely rank too but the competition is going to be high and the results will fluctuate for you with the slow pace.

So, you can rank easily (and fast) if the KGR is well under 0.25 to 1.

Whether you have the fresh site set up, the KGR less than 0.25 will do wonders, and will still do good if it is under 0.25 to 1.

But if it is well over 1, the fresh site will take sometime to gain the good rankings. Not impossible but will take time.

Ways to find your keyword for the niche site

They are not the ways but the tools to get you awesome and saleable keyword for your niche site. 🙂

And the tools are;

SEMRush, and LongTailPro.

I have already covered the good review of SEMRush and of course, LongTailPro as well.

Hand on with the knowledge?

You need to know the good knowledge of the niche that you chose for yourself.

See if you are to choose apparels for women but you are not a female (you are male in this case) and of course, you have not used the product then it will make you bored too quickly and will abandon your niche site.

So, pick what you like… At least tried and have some interest. This should be your niche because you are here to run an authority niche site and it is not possible without having the keen interest about the topic.

Let’s take out your content, please

Domain, web hosting, keywords, KGR, and everything are nothing without the content.

No content means no activity, no sales, and ultimately no money.

All the magic is done by the content.

For the niche site, the ordinary type of the content will not do as good.

What you need is the effective and representative content tone to make people’s mind — to have them decide to Buy or NOT buy.

Do not worry at all if you lack that skill of writing. It is an art and is refined with the continuous practice and with time too.

For content, we do have the series of process;

  1. Length of your content
  2. Content type
  3. Images
  4. CTR!!
  5. An important component during content creation

Length of your content

Niche, right?

You have the niche site, nope?

Then the content is gonna be lengthy, very lengthy in many cases.

And we are talking about the good-long length!

The research shows that the lengthy content does well compare to shorter one.

It is said to aim for at least 2,000 words long articles no matter your target keyword has the search spanning to 100, 500, or even 50,000.

Go for 2,000 at all!

Why 2,000?

Because of the research. Not that I am saying to just touch the mark of 2,000 and stop there but hit at least 2,000.

length of content

That is from serpIQ and tells exactly how the first 10 search results do against the content length.

And this shows that all of the 10 results are well over the 2,000’s mark.

Good it is, nope?

Go for long, guys!

Content type

Since we are to aim for 2,000 long content, such content can be too boring to read.

And to have it not happened ever with you, you need something to do differently to keep the readers convinced and attracted.

So you need lists, bullet points, numberings, colors, visual elements, bold, italic, underline, shorter and fuzzy paragraphs, humor, quotes, tweets, references, and more to get the readers engaged and amazed.


Visual is to divert the people’s attention in case the boring time hit readers’ mind.

And they too have to be relevant or else the attention will just go away and off to the essence of the content.

Just relevant and precise images that all you need.

Use good, high quality, and relevant to content images. 2-3 images will be good enough to just add the colorful touch to your already-great content.


In this digital world, it is not the minding case if you ask others to take action.

Telling about taking the action will urge people to actually take the action.

And in this case of the amazon niche site, asking people to buy will put a pressure on them to take action. Or no action.

It all depends upon your content if it is convincing… and the proper usage of the CTRs (click-through rate) used for the button and the links will push many to take action (to BUY.)

Do not mind in asking. Asking is the thing that will prove whether your readers/viewers took the proposed action or not.

So, do not forget to ask!

An important component during content creation

Link to Amazon.com, understood?


Of course, we are here to create the amazon niche site, so why we would not link to Amazon.com after all it is the site that we have to get all of our products to promote and sell?

Link always to Amazon.com and using their product titles, product images, Buy Now buttons, and everything to let user free-flow to Amazon.com

Since your niche site is all about Amazon, so let the viewers get the idea your site is totally and only about the Amazon.

But… One question may definitely arise here…

People would then think and tell you are just using too many affiliate links in one single article.

Yeah, this is the valid question and can be answered fairly quickly and easily.

It is justifiable that many affiliate links may put the negative impact for the health of your content and in front of the viewers, too. But…

It will seriously not cause any trouble if your content is not thin.

Thin in the sense of length. The more lengthier is your content, the more links it can adjust.

Also… Do link to the authority sites too.

It is beneficial and is totally the professional approach.


Let’s talk about the link now…

And for that, we do need SEO, the links!

What Matt Cutts from Google, Inc. [Ex-employe of Google] says here.

matt cutts google

It is not the bad thing to get the links but they have to be look natural and always real.

So, let’s hop over building the links for your amazon niche site!

Profile links

They are easy to get and in your total control to change/remove anytime.

Wherever you create an account let it be any site, it always asks from you to create your profile.

And for that, many things are asked like about you, social media links, contact, web site, etc.

Just fill it up always! And forget the idea whether the site is no-follow or do-follow.

Also, register yourself and set up your profile up there;




Forum posts

It is in effect from ages but is losing the worth as by the webmasters, it is taken as spam in most cases.

But still try your luck there and see if it is working well for you.

Do not worry if you get banned but measure the ROI on this effort; 100 forum accounts and 20-30 profiles get banned, it is still okay.

Keep the helping hand in the air and apply the most famous formula of 80:20 where your 80 percent time is spent over supporting the community and only 20 percent for your promotion.

Mind it that promotion should not be looked as the clear promotion.

Blog commenting

It works good… Not only for the links but to create the identity and getting the trust built.

You specifically do not have to do the extra thing there to get links but the required items of the comment will get them to you.

Mostly the comments will ask about;

  • Your Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Website

and some more too.

Help the people with your best comments and the links will generate for you themselves.

Checkout my guide on Blog commenting for more insights.

Question and answer site

Out of all the question and answer sites around, Quora has always convinced me and I’m a top fan of it. If you are looking to increase sales or traffic. Quora can be great source for all of this.

Just answer questions decently, solve people’s problem and add your site for more details on that topic.


Yeah, execute your site to grow NOW!

You need here the mixture of few executing steps…

  • Articles
  • Promotion in the cross
  • Check on the analytics
  • Links
  • Brand!


What about the articles? Well, it is about the articles velocity (and in the easy words, schedule.) You need 6 articles in a month Or just 1. Set it straight and follow from the very beginning. Do not break the schedule once it has established.

Promotion in the cross

One article per product? No, get the strip!

Make the recommended products widget and put it in the end to sell some extra. 🙂

Check on the analytics

How is your niche site doing?

We can daily see the exact idea out of the analytics and webmaster tools from where we can detect the overall performance of the site and the health of it.

Adjust anything you see are needed to be adjusted, and quickly.


Again…. It is for the links velocity here.

You do not need so many links building up every single day but you have to follow the same schedule to crate, let’s say, just two links every other day. Make one for do-follow and the second as no-follow to keep the balance. Still… Follow the schedule at all cost.


jeff bezos amazon ceo on branding

You have so many steps to look at and go through, right?Research till execution, it is all about the time. The mixture of everything will help you gain the trust; trust from search engines and the authority sites. That will surely make your amazon niche site the authority one to turn it into the brands.

Just go slow, go natural!

Note : My guide on building your personal brand online will be helpful.

Throw money to make continuous money!

Do not worry about spending money to make money.

There the time will come when you will make instant money and then in the normal days, it can not make much or may completely halt for awhile.

So again… do not worry.

And do the following…

  • Hack proof your site
  • Backups… Backups!
  • 24*7 access!
  • Outsource without the second thought!
  • Eye on rankings
  • Updation of the articles
  • Watch out for 7!
  • Avoid inactivity

Hack proof your site

You have your site built for money, then why not spend some money on the most-important security element to prevent it from hacking.

Get Sucuri and leave the rest to them!

Backups… Backups!

Please, do not undervalue the need of the backups.

Just in case any unfortunate event happens, you need backup!

Daily, weekly, and monthly backups!

Or you may easily lose your site. And I say it so happens in the reality.

Get professionals help if needed to proper set up the backups.

24*7 access

To ensure the uptime all the time, you need some very good web hosting.

And not just it but the support as well.

Whether you have the support from your web hosting provider, you can also get the external help.

And these guys, Platinum Server Management, are so helpful!

They will take care of many complex issues easily for you.

Outsource without the second thought!

The main money-making thing is the content, agree?

And it could be harder in making the content every other time.

Then get to outsource this important task to the content writers that are best at their work.

They will take away all your worries to put your mind at peace. 🙂

Eye on rankings

With tools, nope!

I’m myself obsessed with tools and it’s a disappointment when you see every hour about ranking updates.

Just with the browsers and incognito mode, you need to see the real rankings of your articles over the search engines. Do it every 3 to 4 days to get the feeling of how they are moving.

Regularly update your articles

An article could become so outdated in the time of 3-4 months, and then comes the need of updating it and not just rewriting the whole in new.

Get the updated facts to update to make the older content look fresh and info-rich.

Watch out for 7!

7 here is the golden number here. And it is the panic number too. But not before this 7 number is hit, do not be panic at all. But… instead of panicking, understand the situation and take action.

So, 7 is the number of days if you see anything bad is happening for 7 days.

In many cases the traffic can take a good dip in big numbers but if you do not see this trend happening for 7 days, then take some good action. You are getting 1,200 to 1,500 in traffic daily and the other day the traffic just slashes to 800, it is not the time to get panicked at all. And the same is with the money.

See if the downfall is continuously happening for the complete 7 days then take action, please.

Avoid inactivity

Do not leave your niche site inactive for too long. Keep on visiting the site, coming up with things to update, and more to keep it active.

In such events where your absence is required, create the articles beforehand and set them to be published with the schedule.

Keep the days’ variation between the articles to keep the site active in real. The sudden and complete inactivity will cause you the bad consequences in terms of the daily traffic which you will gradually lose.

So.. Avoid the inactivity!

Frequently Asked Questions related to Amazon Niche Site.

How soon i can start earning from amazon site?

Once you have good number of articles, signals and some backlinks, expect 3 to 4 months to start earning good. However it varies.

Can i use other monetisation methods apart from Amazon?

Definitely, in fact i recommend other methods to use for maximise earnings. Checkout my affiliate marketing tutorial to start.

What theme you suggest?

There is nothing such as perfect theme, different themes worked well for different affiliate marketers. I suggest you to checkout my How to Choose the best wordpress theme article for more insights.

Which platform u suggest?

If you are going to opt for blogging, people often get confused on WordPress or Blogger. However my preference is WordPress, but if you need more assistance, checkout my wordpress vs blogger article.

Which hosting company you suggest?

Bluehost is my preferred hosting company however do checkout the cheap best wordpress hosting companies list.

How do you find keywords for niche sites?

You can use Semrush to find keywords. Checkout my SEmrush tutorial & review to learn.


This guide is totally for you!

Where I helped with my best to get you the process of building an authority amazon niche site.

So, I ask you some question.

How did you like this guide? What you learned? What you came to know?

And let me know.

Let me really know about everything that you feel for this guide, please.

And in the end..

Let’s make it happen, let’s make quick money online!


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