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Serious-time bidding, or RTB, is an undeniably impressive tool that can raise your revenue.

Nevertheless, it ordinarily only serves reduced-excellent visitors, which does not convert nicely.

Of training course, it can be serviceable — but if you’re on the lookout to enhance your financial gain and create a much better relationship with your publishers, it will not be plenty of.

The good news is, it is feasible to get far more out of RTB platforms: you just have to obtain reliable associates.

These days, we have asked our pals at Adsterra to outline how premium actual-time bidding works and how it can benefit you — primarily if you’re a popunder network or simply just want to promote tons of impressions.

Who Can Reward the Most From Quality RTB Services?

Let’s get started off by declaring that pretty a great deal all people can enjoy the extra added benefits delivered by premium RTB platforms. Immediately after all, they provide several strengths in excess of your opposition, like raising publisher retention as you continuously mail them superior-good quality advertisements.

Nonetheless, some SSP platforms will be ready to get additional out of quality RTB companies than other folks. It would be sensible to consider wanting into them if you…

  • … are seeking for larger payouts.
  • … have hundreds of thousands of undemanded impressions from direct publishers.
  • … are a community with market targeted traffic that is hunting for HQ adverts in iGaming, Video, Program, and a number of other equivalent verticals.
  • … enjoy assorted and wide desire from CPM, CPC, and CPA campaigns.

How High quality RTB Platforms Operate

Initially, let us choose a glimpse at how high quality real-time bidding companies do the job on the illustration of Adsterra’s RTB Platform.

Just like common RTB platforms, quality ones automate the course of action of shopping for advertisement impressions through real-time auctions. As a DSP (demand from customers side system), Adsterra accepts website traffic from SSPs (offer facet platforms) by the endpoints situated on the SSP’s servers. This is finished by using API or handbook integration.

how real time bidding works

Here’s how the acquiring course of action will work:


  1. As the person visits your publisher’s web site, their info is right away sent to the SSP platform, which then sends out a bid request to Adsterra’s DSP.
  2. Once the ask for is acquired, Adsterra parses the most pertinent ads for that user’s established of parameters. All platforms use a diverse variety of parameters — Adsterra’s is rather significant at 20.
  3. After which is finished (and it is a entirely computerized method that takes place in real-time when the site is loading for the user), an auction is held on the SSP’s side. What comes about upcoming relies upon on the RTB system — Adsterra supports first-area auctions, which means the maximum bid normally will take the guide.
  4. The winning advertisement is despatched to the person — beautifully customized to incite them to interact with it!

What Makes Premium RTB Unique?

Authentic-time bidding is a quite simple attribute.

Even so, mainly because of this, some platforms make it way too easy, decreasing the probable volume of income you can make with its help.

Right here are some of the issues that established premium RTB providers apart that you must glance out for to maximize your earnings:

  • Distilled targeted traffic, classified by as many parameters as probable.
  • World-wide advert protection with direct presents from a extensive variety of GEOs.
  • Superior payouts for any Tier targeted traffic.
  • Numerous quality platforms also usually only get the job done with high numbers of impressions, from all over 1M day by day.
  • No proxy/bot website traffic.
  • Very personalized client provider with administrators that can support you to monetize 100% of your website traffic.
  • Clear and comprehensive stats so you could always maintain observe of your development.

All these components mixed allow for high quality RTB platforms to assure only the best high-quality impressions and clicks in a price-productive way.

Last Thoughts

If you want to enhance your revenue in the extended operate, and establish a much better romance with your publishers, top quality RTB services would be a fantastic option. We advise striving a couple of them out initially just before settling on 1 — no issue how fantastic the conditions are, occasionally items just don’t click.

Adsterra’s premium RTB assistance is at this time on the lookout for new reliable SSP targeted visitors suppliers, especially kinds that can provide over 1M Popunder impressions day-to-day and that help OpenRTB or the XML/JSON feed.

In return, Adsterra can deliver you with automatic normal payouts, higher CPM costs (up to $55 for each 1,000 impressions), and about 20K readily readily available ad campaigns.

If you want to improve your strategies or elevate your network to a new level, join Adsterra’s RTB platform here.

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