Black Friday and Cyber Monday, FIFA World Cup, end-of-season playoffs, leagues are resuming, and now the winter holidays. How do you possibly keep track of and profit from all these events?

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Campaign optimization and management are challenging but rewarding when done right. In online advertising, conversions can notably increase with the best tools, such as the Adcash advertiser platform, which allows advertisers to capitalize on ad space by maximizing customer actions while minimizing cost and allowing publishers to utilize their webpage traffic to monetize.

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Maximize Customer Conversion

Available in 195 countries and with a daily reach of 200 million unique users, using the Adcash advertiser platform will allow you to unify your media buying. Conversion success isn’t as simple as sign-up and using advertising technology. Being precise and knowledgeable about the audience’s habits and behaviors comes from learning the campaign optimization process to the quality tiers bidding system.

Campaign optimization allows you to choose from several device types, such as mobile and desktop, and sift through geotargeting. A specific target is successfully executed by utilizing these options, supply source partners, and behavioral marketing categories such as website and user interest.

Website Category Targeting

Choosing the right websites to target isn’t the only thing we offer. We also have a blacklist and whitelist for companies. For example, if you’re targeting NFL fans, it’s best to select website categories that are directly connected, such as “Sports” and related ones, such as “Gambling.”

Ps. if you are actually targeting NFL fans, they have some online advertising tips in this blog post.


User Interest Targeting

Effective advertising benefits from precise targeting. In addition to focusing on the website category, you can delve further by selecting the unique user type from a field of options. Increased and precise targeting from the synergy of website and user interest optimizes campaigns by narrowing the specific niche so that all impressions are worthwhile, meaning an increase in ROAS and increasing revenue overall.

Whew! Catch your breath. It gets more enticing.

Mobile Audience vs. Desktop Audience

The boxers of the online advertising world. These two tried, and tactful ad options have been duking it out for the top spot over the last decade.

Adcash Mobile Audience vs. Desktop Audience

The November 2022 monthly report at Adcash experienced an equal distribution of reach per device type, with mobile ads seeing more success, especially on display ads. So which ad format is best for you?

Ad Formats

Use all ad format options. That’s it. In all seriousness, in your early campaign optimization experience, they recommend using all ad formats to maximize all potential conversions. With sound statistics and live tracking methods, ad formats can be assessed throughout the campaign.

Pop-Under and Interstitial Ads are great ad formats for narrow and precise targeting. The Adcash November 2022 Monthy Reach report shows that these two full-screen ads were responsible for nearly 7 in 10 impressions.

Quality Tiers Bidding

In a highly competitive globalized marketplace, finding top-notch ad space can be crucial and challenging. Instead of targeting everyone at face value, using a tier-rank system with proven statistics will improve your ROAS. Here are some stats from their research on the quality tiers bidding system.

  • 37% of total active Advertisers have adopted and use quality tiers bidding
  • 57% of active CPM Advertisers have adopted and use quality tiers bidding

Hint: The numbers demonstrate that more than half of advertisers buying traffic on a CPM basis chose quality tiers bidding over 1 unique bid.

  • Advertisers that adopt quality tiers bidding have average spending of 3 times more than those that don’t
  • On average, campaigns using quality tiers bidding have a lifetime rate 15% higher than those using 1 unique bid.
  • Advertisers that adopt quality tiers bidding have a higher ROAS and a more potent incentive to capitalize on current campaigns and invest in other campaign opportunities.

Adcash Quality Tiers Bidding

So, how to make sure you’re placing competitive bids? The system works by grouping specific categorical options for bidding auctions by how competitive the ad will be.

For example, selecting CPM from the Bid type, capping the frequency of potential impressions, applying to device, and selecting 3 bids per country provides you with a quality tier-ranked option for each country.

When satisfied with the campaign and bid you’ve chosen, assessing the return is straightforward after setting up tracking and using the performance tab for campaign optimization.

Campaign Tracking

Following along with the campaign is one thing. Measuring your campaign profitability is another. The conversion value factor assesses campaign performance and calculates ROAS. Efficient campaign optimization allows for main goals addition directly into the campaign.

These main goals represent your specific numerical objective and are connected to the conversion value, making for seamless performance tracking and campaign management. If you plan on using a campaign as a goal itself, no worries, you can automatically use the value for the conversion value.

If you plan on using a campaign as a goal itself, no worries, you can automatically use the value for the conversion value.

conversion value setting for roas calculation

Performance Tab

Cutting evaluation and optimization time in half, the performance tab features three specific deliverables for campaigns.

  1. Auction Participation – you can see the exact amount of auctions that participated in the campaign.
  2. Win Rate – shows you which percentage of the auction’s specific campaign bid won, resulting in the conversion of ad impressions.
  3. ROAS – return on ad spend campaign visibility.

Read on how to get a higher ROAS in this blog post.

roas on adcash campaign


Wherever money is involved, uncertainty can creep up if there is no information process. Being honest and consistent is subjective, so the Adcash advertiser platform talks the talk and walks the walk in this section. As an added measure, the platform is accessible to other networks, like SSPs. In addition, they prioritize ad fraud detection at Adcash through their in-house anti-fraud technology and ad checks. You shouldn’t worry if the traffic you’re paying for or searching for is from a bot farm.

Score a top-up bonus!

Now that you have all the necessary tips to create a killer ad campaign, there’s only one thing left that could sweeten the deal, drumroll please, a top-up bonus!

We’ve teamed up with Adcash, so here’s how to claim your bonus:

  1. Head on over to their platform and sign up
  2. Load funds to your account with a minimum of $/€200 and a maximum of $/€1000
  3. Get a 20% bonus! Simply use MOBIDEA23

The offer is only valid for new clients.

If you’re still unsure if and/or how Adcash can benefit you, feel free to reach out to us. They have talented account managers and support ready to assist you in achieving your 2023 online advertising goals.



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