Facebook boosting is a simple Facebook Ad strategy that can work well for small businesses when done properly.  Any post you publish on your company or organization Facebook Page is eligible to boost. Look below any post and you will have the button to select to do this. “Boosting” a post does require a bit of work to make your ad be all it can be. By boosting your posts helps you rise above the sheer volume of posts on Facebook and get seen by an ideal targeted audience, but it’s not a one-click solution. Boosting requires you take careful steps to optimize the ad’s effectiveness.

Four Steps To Optimizing Your Facebook Boosted Posts
1. Have A Goal

Before boosting a post ask why you’re boosting it. A boosted post should lead to a tangible result.

This can be to raise brand awareness, share information, promote a blog post, announce a new product, or drive traffic to a website or social media account. The point is a boosted post ad should have measurable real-world results that lead to the desired outcome.

2. Picking A Post

Boost posts strategically and boosting posts that are already generating attention can be an effective strategy. Isolate these posts by going to the ‘Insights’ tab in Facebook and look at which posts reach the most people and generate the most engagement.

Part of ‘going viral’ is not just a marketing push it’s also content based. So a post that is already generating attention before being promoted may only need a little bit of attention for it to really take off.

3. Timing Is Everything

Much like commercial television timing is important. You wouldn’t want your television advertisement to air when your target market is at work or asleep. The same applies to boosting a Facebook post.

Time your boost for when your target market is most likely to pay attention and read it. Remember the proper time is dependent on your target market is and traditional advertising time frames may not apply. That means if your target market is on Facebook at night while relaxing, the proper time may be 7:00-10:00 pm.

4. Target Properly

To be successful you must know whom you’re trying to reach. Ads sent out to large nonspecific audiences aren’t effective. You need to reach people who are interested in your products and services.

With targeting your post can reach viewers of a specific age, location, interest group, hobby, gender, or other identifying factors. Your profiling can get very focused (i.e. what model of car they drive) and narrow your targeting to a highly specific portion of the marketplace.

This is useful as many businesses collect a large percentage of their income from highly engaged niche markets. So know who your customers are and reach out to them.

Final Thoughts

Boosting a Facebook post can be a very effective marketing tool. For as little as $1/day or $30 a month, significant results can be achieved. However, it isn’t just clicking a button and you’re done.

To effectively use this tool you have to be careful, specific in your goals, and above all boost to your target market. By making proper preparations you can effectively boost your posts and reach out to a large and receptive audience.


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