How to Successfully Start Your Amazon Delivery Business

Amazon is one of the most successful businesses in the world and its CEO, Jeff Bezos, is the world’s richest man. Unsurprisingly, Amazon is always looking for new ways to expand, and its Delivery Service Partner program enables entrepreneurs to start their own Amazon delivery business, courtesy of Amazon. With the DSP program, you are able to access Amazon’s advanced technology and logistics experience and leverage it to create a successful parcel delivery business. Starting your own business is never easy, but starting a business partnering with Amazon, however, can be significantly less stressful and hard than going at it alone.

Amazon, once you are set, will provide you with considerable revenue and business, which you can use to expand and further your franchise. If this is something that interests you, then you have come to the right page, for on this page, we will tell you how you can successfully start your own Amazon delivery business from the ground up.

How Much Does it Cost?

In order to start your own Amazon delivery business, you will need some initial capital to invest. The amount varies, but a rough figure for starting your amazon-logistics company is around $10,000. This is the amount that Amazon recommends, and they will use their buying power, logistics, and technology to keep costs down. Once you start, you should aim to expand your franchise to between twenty and forty vans, which will see over a hundred people in your employment, working around the clock. This a very low initial cost considering the profit that you will be making.

How Much Can I Make?

With a $10,000 entry cost, you will likely want to know how much profit you are due to make. Parting with that much money is not easily done, understandably. Assuming you own a franchise and employ between twenty and forty vans, Amazon estimates you can make a revenue of around a million to five million a year, with your profits being between a hundred to three hundred thousand [which is massive!] With the Amazon franchise, you are paid on a monthly basis, but the amount varies with the business that you do. It also depends on the route you work and the per-package rate. Amazon is an ever-expanding business, so there is no shortage of parcels for you to deliver.

How to Successfully Start Your Amazon Delivery Business

How to Start
Getting Started

The first step in starting your Amazon delivery business is to visit the official Amazon website and read over the pages dedicated to starting your own business. There they will explain the packages, benefits, and reasons you should start your Amazon business today. You should read everything through very carefully so you can be certain that you want to start a franchise with Amazon and are sure this is what you want to do. You must also be certain that you want to be your own boss.


Once you have decided that yes, you do want to start an Amazon franchise, you will want to fill out the application that they offer on their website. Amazon recommends that you open an account dedicated to your application before filling it out, instead of using an old Amazon account. The application will list all the qualifications that are required and will tell you everything that you need to provide to Amazon to become a delivery service partner. You do not need logistics experience but must be willing to commit to hiring and developing a great team.


With the application out of the way, providing you meet all the prerequisites, you will be summoned to a local delivery station for an interview. During the interview, the interviewer will check you out and see if you fit the mold. You will be asked a series of questions, as with any interview. The process will allow you to make a final decision on whether this is really for you and will give you the opportunity to ask questions that you may have been thinking or worrying about.

Formal Training and Starting

With your interview out of the way, providing you have been accepted, you will now need formal training. You will have to attend a three-week training course hosted by Amazon where you will learn everything that you need to know about starting your own Amazon franchise. When your training is complete, you will need to locate and hire drivers who can work for you, and you will have to develop a good, hard-working team. Amazon will leave this up to you, so you must be confident that you can do it.

With the help of this page, you now know how you can start your own Amazon franchise. Starting an Amazon franchise is a great way for you to make a living and a way for you to achieve financial independence. We hope this page has helped you to make a decision or has taught you about the process.

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