A Virtual Detective. Frenchies. Cacti (or perhaps is it cactuses?). Sick rhymes. 94% response rates. And huge amount of money in new revenue. The 2018 Video running a business Awards been with them all, so we&rsquore happy to share the tales of the year&rsquos Video Selling winners so we all can study from their video masterdom.

Video has become a effective tool for contemporary Business to business sales teams. Unlike email, phone, and social networking, video provides a highly creative method to cut with the noise and make more personal relationships with buyers. It&rsquos a terrific way to stick out, an easy method to teach, and subsequently best factor to being there personally with regards to connecting with an emotional level.

This season&rsquos edition from the Video running a business Awards recognizes 12 sales and marketing teams using video in creative methods to deliver some pretty incredible results. No budget? Not a problem! The outcomes achieved with this year&rsquos winners were a direct result big ideas, smart execution, and perhaps, a significant quantity of courage to test something totally new and set yourself too much there.

Five finalists were selected for every category, the winners and runners-up were selected by celebrity idol judges Jamie Shanks, Jill Rowley, Morgan J. Ingram, Marcus Sheridan, Trish Bertuzzi, and Max Altschuler. Without further ado, come along in congratulating&mdashand getting inspiration from&mdashthe winners from the 2018 VIB Awards. The winners from the 2018&nbspVideo running a business Awards Sales groups. The recording game is afoot.

The Recording Selling Connector: Punch!

The Connector knows that it requires greater than a appealing subject line to warm-up a chilly prospect. These group of sales development representatives (SDR) are utilizing personalized 1-to-1 videos to stick out, book more conferences, and cush their quotas. They learn how to generate a personalized message which will drive action, and aren&rsquot afraid to test something totally new to obtain the attention they deserve.

Champion: Punch!Runners-Up: Forrester, LeadIQHonorable Mentions: KPA, Pipefy

Mixing personalized videos with experiential account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns&mdashlike the A Virtual Detective themed video and campaign below!&mdashthe sales team of developers at Punch! is clearly differentiating themselves from competitors and booking more conferences with key prospects.

Video also enables their team to trace and score actual content engagement within target accounts, supplying a much better understanding regarding which prospects are spending probably the most time engaging using their content and expressing probably the most buying intent. Each video also includes a powerful call-to-action for example supplying prospects having the ability to book a discovery call directly into a calendar that is displayed included in an integration in the finish of every video.

&ldquoWe&rsquore experiencing a CTR of 31% across our campaigns when delivering personalized video emails. Even better, one out of every 20 videos sent produces a discovery call. Because of a persons and different approach, 50% of those discovery calls convert into possibilities. Whenever you add up, these video campaigns tend to be more than 2x more efficient than other tactics we&rsquove attempted.&rdquo

Punch! Isn&rsquot the only person using video for connecting in an easy method. LeadIQ&rsquos top performing sales development repetition, Jeremy Leveille, lately recorded 24 custom songs and raps for targeted accounts leading to 23 responses (that&rsquos a 96% response rate, folks) and 17 qualified possibilities. Ellie Twigger at Forrester is boosting attendance at occasions and booking more conferences for his or her account team with authentic one-to-one video messages.

The Recording Selling Attractor: Listen360

The Attractor is courageous, fun, and very creative with regards to standing out of the noise and attracting new prospects. This memorable salesforce uses fun and inventive videos to depart an enduring impression. No unsubscribes here, the Attractor is just irresistible.

Champion: Listen360Runners-Up: AlayaCare, DatadogHonorable Mention: Bizible (a Marketo company), TimeTrade

Listen360 challenged their ordinary sales outreach process through getting their reps to have interaction more directly and personally with key target accounts. Targeting companies with physical retail locations, they’d their sales people capture &lsquoon-the-street&rsquo videos showcasing themselves getting together with their prospect&rsquos brand at certainly one of their physical store locations.


&ldquoThe outcomes of this campaign were incredible! First, they went viral inside the accounts, with key contacts discussing with other people within their organization. We had 100% watch each video and 1 / 2 of them responded expressing interest. Individuals that re-engaged led to demos scheduled. What&rsquos incredible is the fact that they were accounts we haven&rsquot had the ability to interact with in over 24 months.&rdquo

Since&rsquos the way you attract attention like a sales repetition. The runners-up also provide their own methods to being bold and building a crowd. AlayaCare isn&rsquot shy to record parody music videos for his or her key prospects towards the tune of I’ll Survive, while Datadog’s Jon Levesque is applying thought leadership video posts on LinkedIn to draw in his great amount of attention.

The Recording Selling Engager: Imagine Business Development

The Engager drinks coffee, rings bells and uses video to remain a measure in front of their competitors. This epic Account Professional (or entire team) uses targeted videos to produce more possibilities, accelerate deal cycles, while increasing close rates. From 1-to-1 video messages to personalized demos and purchasers proposals, they will use the strength of video to personalize their message, build trust, and shut deals, all while boosting their sales efficiency.

Champion: Imagine Business DevelopmentRunners-Up: Igloo Software, ModusHonorable Mention: Bluleadz, New Breed

Imagine BD already were built with a strong playbook to steer their sales process, however they understood that by video through the sales cycle they might improve even more. They required a proper method of consider in which the video may help improve sales efficiency or boost the customer experience. This brought to developing three groups of videos to increase their sales process:

Process/problem videos that centered on high-impact, early sales cycle problems that required significant sales time for you to explain by hand (see example here)Focused videos that focus on specific concepts proportional towards the prospect&rsquos business in order to a particular solution we’d be recommending (see example here)Personalized videos to aid our proposals and suggestions (think video proposals as opposed to just decking or PDF)


&ldquoThe results happen to be massive. We&rsquove cut repetition inefficiency time lower by over 40 hrs/month, we spend 90% a shorter period on possibilities that got disqualified in first 1 / 2 of sales process, we&rsquove elevated our win rate by greater than 20%, and our &lsquofirst 3 months service issues&rsquo have decreased by greater than two-thirds.&rdquo

Runners-up Igloo Software and Modus are generally using 1-to-1 personalized videos through the sales cycle to following track of prospects, create custom product demonstrations, answer common questions and make trust across buying groups. Thomas Buchanan from Modus notes:

&ldquoI arrived my first 6 figure deal being an AE because of video which deal were built with a record short sales cycle. I have not talked to very busy executive who’s funding the work but they know me through my videos. We could engage all the decision makers within 48 hrs due to the utilization of personalized video messages&rdquo.

The Recording Selling Innovator: Rant &amp Rave

These sales teams impressed us using their creative method of targeting key accounts and also to ensure they were given the interest they deserved. From interactive, personalized video campaigns towards the creative utilization of props to get involved with, then from, a prickly situation, the Innovators are in front of the pack in the way they consider the potential for video to create new sales possibilities.

Champion: Rant &amp RaveRunners-Up: Charitable organization Dynamics, Storyboard MediaHonorable Mention: Alleyoop, Quarry Communications

Already seeing success with 1-to-1 personalized videos within their sales team of developers, Rant & Rave made the decision to step up a notch by personalized videos into creative account-based selling campaigns targeting tier-one accounts.

But we&rsquore not only speaking about waving having a white board! Tieing in to the styles of broader campaigns, their reps incorporated french bulldogs (none were injured in the building of these videos), cactus puns, personalized demos, along with other wow-worthy content to their outreach. Read this paw-some example:

&ldquoWithin 11 minutes of delivering this video, we’d an answer saying they wanted to setup a gathering! An answer that quick was uncommon within our company and hang a brand new record, simply to be damaged by our next video campaign which created an answer in under 2 minutes! We closed that deal within 25 days (another record) and all these prospects are actually happy clients of Rant &amp Rave.&rdquo

The runners-up each required a proper method of account-based selling campaigns too. Charitable organization Dynamics recording custom videos for every key prospect plus a customized content hub not only to obtain attention but they are driving an instantaneous conversion.

Storyboard Media produced an amazing series of tailored videos (worth a wrist watch for many great inspiration) to improve email addresses engagement by greater than 400% and blow away their pipeline targets.

The Recording Selling Dream Team: IMPACT

The Dream Team is firing on all cylinders with regards to using video through the sales cycle and across their salesforce. From outbound prospecting and chance management to onboarding and support, this team is applying a mixture of personalized videos, custom tracks, off-the-shelf videos, and much more to change the client experience in the first touch towards the latest renewal.

Champion: IMPACTRunners-Up: 1Huddle, Call OneHonorable Mention: Dynamic Signal, MediaValet

To put it simply, the salesforce at IMPACT is completely crushing it with video in an effort to support every stage from the buyer&rsquos journey and also to build trust inside their community. How’s the outcome salesforce using video? Let&rsquos listen to it from their store directly:

Community Engagement: Getting together with our network, IMPACT Elite, through weekly video updates. These videos build familiarity and trust among our community of consumers, prospects, and individuals simply wondering.Inbound Lead Management: As our market becomes increasingly more competitive we must find creative methods to set ourselves as top contenders previously. We have seen video being an chance to virtually introduce ourselves and make a powerful first impression in early stages. Since incorporating personalized video when managing inbound leads, we&rsquove seen a 90% rise in the amount of conferences booked in addition to shorter sales cycle once we&rsquove established trust and more powerful relationships much previously. Meeting Follow-Ups and Recap Videos: After conferences, our reps perform a quick video recap around the conversation they’d using the prospect, and answer any follow-up questions they may have. This can help keep your excitement going, as well as provides the prospect a relevant video they are able to tell internal stakeholders who might haven’t been in a position to attend the meeting.The &ldquo80%&rdquo Videos to reply to Common FAQs: Our salesforce has produced videos to reply to the normal questions we receive from 80% in our prospects. We begin using these videos at the outset of sales conversations to assist introduce we of experts, and also to answer FAQs before prospects even get the opportunity to inquire about. This can help address questions in early stages and cut lower on extra conferences that will slow lower the sales process. Here’s an example of our &ldquo80%&rdquo videos. Opening Videos: In front of you Client Success Manager getting an exploratory call having a prospect we send them an intro video which provides the chance background from case to case they’ll be speaking to as well as supplies a more human element to assist begin creating a relationship. It&rsquos also an chance for that CSM to create expectations for that call. And much more! The Outcome team also uses Statement of labor videos to obviously explain their sales proposals, publish-sales videos to welcome new clients on board, event promotion videos they are driving people to local occasions, and much more.

&ldquoSimply put, video is a game-changer in assisting us increase our quantity of conferences booked, shorten deal cycles, increase overall customer engagement and shut more deals, faster! It&rsquos impacting literally every stage in our customer lifecycle inside a positive way.&rdquo

Such as the team at IMPACT, runners-up 1Huddle and Call One have discovered success using a number of video types across their sales teams to improve response rates, book more conferences, and accelerate deal cycles.

The Recording Mastery Award


This visionary organization is embracing video to change every stage from the customer journey. From sales and marketing to success and support, they will use an array of video happy to humanize their brand, educate their buyers, accelerate sales cycles, and fasten with customers in additional personal ways.

Champion: Tech Data Corporation

Runners-Up: Ceridian, Zycus

Ceridian, Tech Data Corporation and Zycus are seeing tremendous is a result of incorporating video in to the fabric of the marketing, sales and customer success programs. Not only a supporting character, video is playing a starring role in the way they represent their brand, talk to audiences and make relationships using their customers.

The 3 teams are leveraging video extensively across their digital, demand gen, social networking and marketing and sales communications, and also have accepted&nbspVidyard GoVideo&nbspto empower their sales teams with 1-to-1 personalized videos. Congratulations to those teams on going for a big step for the future, as well as for making Business-to-Business look similar to Human-to-Human.

BONUS! Best Video to aid a VIB Awards Nomination: Gps navigation Insight

Here&rsquos the factor. We requested all nominees to publish a brief video explaining why they ought to win a relevant video running a business Award. The finalists with this surprise category went far above to produce a video which was difficult to ignore.

Congratulations to the champion Gps navigation Insight for taking us back to the early days of film to the runners-up Danby Appliances for his or her spot-on parody of Anchorman and Listen360 for CRUSHING their Fresh Prince of Bel-Air parody and also to our honorable mentions Leighton Interactive for serenading us using their songwriting and top-shelf ukulele skills and Suzi Lindner for reminding all of us that sock puppets are never a bad idea.

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