Does your job require you to create great social media content, keep on top of social chatter, and reply to all the comments on your social accounts?

In other words, do you have a boss who expects you to be chained to your laptop 24/7?


How can you do it all, especially when you’re also supposed to meet clients, attend networking events, and have some semblance of a “work/life balance?”

You could consider cloning. Well, that or trying Agorapulse’s mobile app. Only one of these options comes with a free trial and the following features:

A Social Inbox

Keeping up with Twitter comments might be the hardest thing to come back to if you’re away from your laptop. Ever have to do this after 30 minutes away from your Twitter feed?

That’s why having all your Twitter profiles in one handy mobile app is so helpful. Tap through each profile to quickly like or retweet mentions. Bookmark a tweet to deal with it when you have more time — or better yet, assign it to a teammate.

mobile app-- mobile assign tweet

Recently, Instagram has restricted third-party tools from interacting with public content. That doesn’t mean you have to be in the dark about what’s coming into your inbox.

Use the Agorapulse app to quickly review your Instagram comments. Bookmark or tag the comments to find them easily when you get back to your desktop. (It’s there where you can click “View on Instagram” to comment and like that content anyway so you can be compliant with Instagram’s new rules.)

mobile instagram management

Or again, assign a comment to a teammate and lighten your workload.

On Facebook, you can clean both your inbox and your Page. You can review, like, bookmark, tag, and assign comments as you’ve seen above. But you can also hide or delete inappropriate comments so they don’t fester and start a firestorm.

mobile app-- mobile facebook management

We also support YouTube — little-known fact that I wish wasn’t so “little known.” Get your videos’ comments and tag, assign, and hide what you need to.

Social Listening / Monitoring

The Agorapulse mobile app doesn’t just let you in on conversations happening with your brand. It also informs you of conversations that might be happening about your brand (or competitor or market trend).

If someone gives you a public shoutout on Facebook by tagging your Page, you can like, bookmark, assign, or tag the post.

Find a tweet on Twitter that you don’t want to leave untouched? You can publicly interact with it by replying, retweeting, or liking it. Internally, you can bookmark, assign, or tag it.

Yes, it’s true that you can no longer like or comment on an Instagram post from a third-party tool. But you can still keep on top of great user-generated content with the Agorapulse app. While you can’t immediately interact with the content you see, you can bookmark or tag the content to deal with later though a link on the desktop app.

Set up YouTube keyword saved searches on your desktop and watch the results roll in on your app. Like a video or start a conversation with the creator by leaving a comment — as I did here as a result of my “hand lettering” saved search.

mobile app-- mobile youtube comment

Then bookmark (as I did in the above example), assign, or tag as you wish.

Publishing Options Galore

It’s not just incoming content that’s made easier for you with the Agorapulse mobile app — it’s also the great content you send out to your followers.

If you have a business Instagram account, you can publish directly to your profile. No more annoying “push notifications.”

mobile app-- mobile direct instagram

If you’re at a conference or live event and want to send one piece of content across multiple social profiles or networks, you can do that all from one screen.

mobile app-- mobile cross-publishing

Whether you publish to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or LinkedIn (or any combination of these), you have the option to publish straight away — as you might want to do for a live event.

For content that can — or should — go out later on, you can add your content to a queue. You can even select a Queue Category to send it to. The Solo-in-Vegas photo is probably best suited for “Agorapulse Culture,” don’t you think?

mobile app-- mobile instagram queue

If your timing needs are more exact, you can use the “schedule” option to assign a future date and time to your content.

Easy Collaboration

If you have to approve posts or tweets before they go live, you can do that on the go with our mobile app. Edit, delete or approve content while you’re waiting for your Unicorn Frappuccino. (YES, I know it was a limited edition drink. You still catch my drift, no?)

mobile app-- mobile twitter assignment

Built-in CRM

Want to learn more about those who interact with your brand? Simply tap a profile photo you see in your inbox or monitoring results.

mobile twitter tweet

A tap on Darcy’s Twitter photo gave me this information.

mobile app-- mobile twitter users


From here, I can follow or unfollow a user or add a customized tag.

Due to privacy safeguards set by the social networks, the profiles on Facebook and Instagram are not as detailed. However, you can still add a user to your “favorites” by tapping the star under the user photo (or under the place where the photo should be on Instagram). You can also add custom tags. This should make for easy categorization of the users you find on these two networks.

Bonus feature for Facebook: You can ban a user — super handy to stop a troll in her tracks.

The CRM feature also allows you to keep track of your YouTube community. From here, you can follow/unfollow, tag, or favorite any user. You can also ban a user —  if you’ve been a YouTube creator for more than six months, you know that is a very handy feature.

If you’re an Agorapulse subscriber, you have access to this free app on the Apple or Google app store.

apple storegoogle play store

If you’re not a subscriber, why not give an Agorapulse free trial a whirl?

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