Affiliate Marketing, Blogging and SEO is a multi billion dollar industry. Every day you will see jobs for Thousands of SEO professionals over all around freelancing websites. The industry is huge because brands are willing to spend as much as 41% of their budget on Digital advertising.

As per Marketing Charts,

marketing charts online spending data

You can see, Majority of the companies increased their SEO spending by up to 45%.

Internet has produced well known SEO Experts and Marketers such as Brian Dean, Neil Patel and the list goes on. Today, I have a great SEO expert and professional with me. Very well known to Freelancers, Blogging and SEO community. ‘Luqman Khan’.

I asked him for his interview and he was very polite in accepting the gesture, Thank you sir.

Now let’s checkout the Interview.

Interview with Luqman Khan (Man Behind 10 Beasts & Niche Pie)

This is going to be Question & Answer based interview with this great buddy. If you have any feedback, suggestion or want to put up your own thoughts, please do comment.

So Luqman, What do u do exactly?

Answer : In short, I do SEO and my expertise are in Affiliate marketing. Which actually refers to ranking a website which promotes products from third party sites and I get commission for each sale I make.

Me : That’s good to know. However many people know you from your 10beast.com project and it’s case study on NichePie where you showed on how you turned this site into a $40,000 per month earning property on Internet. You are an inspiration for many, including me. 🙂

What were you doing before creating 10beasts?

Answer : Nothing much, I was just another freelancer at fiverr.com and most of my gigs were about WordPress.

Me : By saying this, you are giving to hope to million of struggling freelancers who want to do something great in their life and are just waiting for their right move. Thumbs up for you.

What are you doing at the moment?

Answer : Studying and Little bit of Affiliate Marketing. That is pretty much all.

Me : Yes right, even a meet up at the same plaza where Antique Cafe is located, you told me that you were studying in England and you are here in Pakistan for studies. [If i’m not wrong]

What was the turning point in your life that made you convinced to sale 10beasts?

Answer : Not enough time to provide to such an authority site which I built. I moved to UK for studying purpose and that is another big mistake I have ever made and indeed it cost me to sell 10beasts.

Me : Right. Mistakes teach us a big lesson and thats how we learn and improve. For those who don’t know, Luqman sold 10beasts.com for a whopping, $598,262 through empireflippers.com. This site case study is also being covered by Diggymarketing, Gaps.com, Nichepie [This site is owned by Luqman himself] and on various other sites.

Currently how much you are earning at the moment? [If you don’t mind telling]

Answer : I am not really comfortable disclosing my monthly revenue here over an interview, but you can say it is not more then 4 digits as of now. [Since I am very little into SEO and more into my Studies].

Me : Like a wise man said, never ask women for age and men for income. I also know that the money you earned through 10 beasts.com, you invested that in Real Estate business and other ventures. Hope they are going well too and best of luck for your studies.

At the moment, if you can describe, what are your top 3 earning channels?

Answer : Affiliate and Cryptocurrencies.

Me : Didn’t knew that you are into crypto currencies as well. Best wishes for your both ventures. =)

Any tips you like to give to anyone who is going to create a new niche site in 2019?

SEO changes everyday, so just stay up to date and don’t follow the trend. Try to come up with your own ideas and I would suggest you to keep them secret. I did a mistake by disclosing scholarship and I truly regret that. Whatever you will share publicly, it will be shutdown within days. Other then that, follow brian dean, he is one of the best out there. He always come up with unique and kicking ideas, try to replicate him.

Any tips for SEO in 2019?

Answer : Don’t follow what you learn back in 2018 🙂 Thats already dead.

Me : Looks like the readers need to read my SEO Techniques in 2019 post. 🙂

If you go back 10 years from now, would you like to change anything in yourself?

Answer : I love the way I am. I don’t think I would ask for any change, as I am the result of my deeds. Right or wrong doesn’t matter, both leads us to a conclusion. We end up either learning or earning something.

Me : Very mature and professional answer. Best wishes for future.

Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

Answer : Somewhere in this world, having a trip with my wife… Working on a laptop when I will be free, chatting/gaming with my friends when I will get bore and enjoying my life. I am happy for whatever I have I’m not a future guy really, I like spending more than saving.

Me : What’s the purpose of life if you are all into saving. To some extent, I agree with your opinion and thoughts. 🙂

Who is your source of motivation?

Answer : Lack of money and freedom, which I have already covered anyway.

Me : For a moment, I thought it’s AliRaza.co Blog. 😀

What is your greatest accomplishment so far?

Answer : Performed Hajj with my Mom and Dad last year (2018).

Me : Can’t say anything then MashaAllah and glad to know. 🙂

Tell me one thing u regret u have done in your life.

Answer : I am not comfortable sharing that thing over here. But if you say in my professional life, then disclosing the scholarship technique.

Me : And that scholarship technique was reused by hundreds of professionals to gain links and rankings. 🙂

Tell me one thing you are proud doing in your life

Answer : The thing which is going to make me proud is still roaming in my mind and I am being lazy enough to not work on it. Once it will be done, am gonna feel proud. So as of now, there is nothing to be honest.

Me : Best wishes for that thing, let us know whenever you will be comfortable.

Are you offering any paid trainings? tell me more.

Answer : Nope, not at all. I am even not giving enough time to nichepie because of my studies, I am planning to continue it soon and that will be free of course. I have no plans for paid coaching as I hate them myself.

Me : If you aren’t offering any trainings, you have a golden chance of promoting my digital marketing training online 😀

What’s your suggestion for my blog :

Answer : I love the simplicity and layout of your blog. It loads quite slowly, so I would suggest you to work on it. Also, I would suggest you to work on your logo, get something premium. That will help in long run.

Me : Suggestions have been noted, will definitely work on it.

P.S. I’m in love with my logo. 😉

Any suggestion or lesson for my readers:

Answer : Just keep working online. There are ups and downs in every single business.

Don’t go in every direction like most of us do. You won’t get success with your first site, so keep working and keep learning.

Make sure you apply the techniques which you have learnt already.

Me : Going in every direction was a mistake which i had done too and by i fully agree with you. Don’t be a jack of all, be a master of one and do wonders. 🙂

Where people can follow you?

Answer : People can follow me on my facebook profile or Instagram page. 

Me : Thank you for your social media links.

Ending the Interview with Luqman Khan

positive things for positive people

Without a doubt, Luqman Khan is an example of consistency, dedication and being positive. You can do wonders in your life if you have these traits in yourself. Take a goal in your life and do your best to accomplish it.

What did you learn from this interview?

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