We all know that Internet is a technology which is full of inspiration and wisdom. How it has made the world turned into a Global Village is still admirable. It has produced so many new opportunities to build close relationships, networking and grown industries and businesses.

Today, there are many people who earn money online from internet and make a living through it.

If you move one step ahead, you will come to know that Asian countries have done a tremendous work in connecting with top tier developed countries people and gain a well known name in globe. Pakistan is one such example, with Payoneer considering it as the 4th Capital of Freelancing.

There is so much talent in Pakistan, so much explored and so much yet to be explored. One such inspiration from here is M Umer, a famous Internet Marketer, a Blogger & a Trainer with almost 10 years of professional experience in SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing & Freelancing.

I asked him for his interview and he was very polite in accepting the gesture, Thank you sir.

Now let’s checkout the Interview.

Interview with M Umer

Talk with a Internet Marketer, Blogger & Trainer

What do you do exactly?

Answer : My name is Umer and I am an Internet Marketer, a Blogger & a Trainer with almost 10 years of professional experience in SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing & Freelancing.

Moreover, I own a YouTube channel called “UmerINN” where I share Tutorials, Webinars & Guide regarding SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing and almost everything related to IM. Beside this, I have a Free Facebook group named “SEO and Bloggers Lounge”, where our aim is to help SEOs, Bloggers, Freelancers, and Digital Media Marketers to grow their skills, capabilities so that they can perform more efficiently online.

Me : That’s glad to know. You are doing wonderful things in the online industry. I have personally seen your group as a great resource for the people who are working in online industry or planning to do.

What convinced you to join online marketing field?

Answer: Like other 90’s kid, I was also fond of computer in my teen age. I remember, I guess in 2003 or 2004 I was in 8th or 9th grade and as I belonged to a middle class family so buying a computer would be like a dream for me. I was very crazy about computers so I decided to start a private part time job after school hours.

You will be amazed to know that the basic purpose of starting this job was to spend some time on computer so that I would be able to use, learn and explore more about computers & Internet. For me it was like a dream come true. I was not interested in pay I was getting from that Job the only thing I was interested & happy about was that I was able to use a PC which was very rare to afford & use.

At that time online chatting, games and movies were the only source of entertainment on computer. And I wasted my precious time on it for which I still regret sometime . Then comes a time when I came to know that you can build a website online for free and you can post whatever you do or have in your mind and moreover you can earn with this website and it was very surprising for me.


How my research helped me in starting a site

I searched a lot but unfortunately at that time Google, YouTube & Other Giant Platforms were not as smart as they are now and had very less information about most of the things which are available now easily. Somehow I got to know about BlogSpot, where I created a free website, which was about hacking tutorials haha.

With the passage of time, I started developing interest in creating logos for free, building websites with HTML, Learning MS Office, Learning CSS Tweaks, Creating Crappy Videos. There was not enough information available that were required to solve a particular problem at that time. So whatever I learned, I learnt it totally by trying and experimenting.

Not like today’s lucky generation who get every answer from Google and YouTube. They have laptops & Cellphones in their hand all the time. I failed so many times, Depressed, Tired, Collapsed but Never Gave Up.

So this is how I started.

Me : Such a detailed and inspiring story you discussed about yourself. Definitely, Youtube is a blessing for the current and upcoming generation.

What are you doing at the moment besides your great Facebook Group? You can also mention any offline ventures.

Answer : Beside my facebook group, I own a YouTube channel, where I upload beginners to advance level videos for people who want to join this field or who are even pro. So they both can get benefit from the webinars and videos that I upload on my channel.

Mastermind Mindset

I also have an online Coaching platform named “Mastermind Mindset “, where I provide Intensive training regarding Internet Marketing, SEO & Affiliate Marketing Which is Beginner to Advance Level Skills Oriented. I train students about how they can take benefit of these opportunities help them build their skill set which will impact their careers in IM, how they can build their career in Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Branding and Social Media Marketing. Basically, this coaching program is designed in a module-based training & each module is interlinked to every part of any module.

We teach students how they can take benefits of each skill taught in each module will help them in every possible area of IM in order to get success whether they are trying to establish a Brand or a Personal Blog or a Product Review Site or AdSense site or They want to offer these skills to a company or a person which is referred to Freelancing [Learn how to start freelancing].

MasterMind Details

A Little sneak peak in to the module contents includes Basic to Advanced Level Niche & Keyword Research Methods & Tactics, Understanding the Profitability of these Markets. Understanding the Importance of Rank Brain Algorithm combined with the Importance of Intent.

Performing & Understanding detailed Competitive Analysis which also includes some seriously strategic techniques. From Site Setup to Structure Planning, From On-Page techniques to Building the Qualitative Content Marketing Strategies, Basic to Advanced Level Affiliate Marketing Strategy Making Techniques, From Advanced Level Link Building to Creating & Maintaining a PBN Network, How Search Engines are Improving Day by Day & What Kind of Updates are Impacting Search Results & Much More

Currently I am totally occupied with Mastermind Mindset. I am giving my most of time to these students so that I can build and nourish some superb internet marketer who will be marketing beast in future.

Beside all these things I also invest in currencies and stocks as well.

Me : That’s a great initiative, my best wishes are with you.

What was the turning point in your life that made you to help masses by teaching online?

help others

Answer : It was purely a coincident, Yes I was keen to share and spread knowledge but I never decided to give trainings and coaching in a proper manner. I used to make video tutorials and share it on Facebook & YouTube. The sole purpose of making those videos was to help beginners who have any confusion regarding this field. I was quite active in Facebook Group initially, but I did not have any intention to give proper Coaching or Trainings

But you never know what Almighty Allah has decided for you. There were some personal reasons that changes the way I use to think. I believe that everything happens for a good reason & that personal reason compelled me to opt online teaching as a career. I don’t want to mention that turning point because that is quite personal to me.

What Actually Motivated?

You must be thinking that what actually motivates me to start coaching. Well I started it before 2 years ago because I have heard so many negative reviews regarding Free and Paid Trainings in Asia, not specifically in Pakistan. Whenever I asked someone about quality of training programs, and Mostly I Heard a statement like “it’s all fake and useless, just a wastage of money and nothing else”. This sentence which I have heard so many times hurts me a lot.

I use to see a lot of people quitting this field specially the newbies who want to build a career in this industry, That was the point when I decided, “Lets Give it a Try” Lets do something, Lets try to change the typical perception about this”

Personal Experience

Different people from around the world joined this training program like Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia & Pakistan. Alhumdulillah I had a wonderful experience in this Coaching Program & Fell Really Blessed when I see the people who completed their training are really enjoying their career in Online Industry & for me this is one of the best things. Sometimes I feel like as if I am the happiest person on this universe, because the results that I have seen of my students are simply outstanding.

This motivates me to spend more time in coaching and training others which gonna help them in rest of their live & career.

Me : That’s great to know, specially you touched those students who would have planned to quit, had they not joined you.

Any tips you like to give to anyone who is going to create a new niche site in 2019?


Answer : I would like to say that spend as much time as you can in planning and researching before starting any blog/website.

Learn How Search Engines are Treating Content:

You should know how search engines are treating content nowadays. You should be aware of the consequences incase if you apply any bad practices on your blog or niche website.

Keyword Research

Beside this you should have strong grip on your Keyword Research, User Intent & Search Intent of your Keywords, Understand What Content is Considered as a Quality Piece of Content.

Do you want to know about a tool which helps you with Grammar checking and fixing your content issues? Checkout Grammarly Review

Understand How Market is Changed :

You Must understand that this is not 2007 or 2014 era where you can just put some spammy pieces of content with few crappy backlinks are start seeing results immediately, Search Engines are Smart Enough Now, They Understand What Site is Bringing Quality & Which one is following Bad Practices, You Might Get Some Short Time Benefits by Applying these Spammy Techniques But Eventually you will face the Hammer Somehow.

In a nut shell, I would suggest them to spend more and more time on Planning a Perfect Strategy with Proper Keyword Research & Quality Content that will be the foundation of your niche site or brand in 2019.

Me : Great tips and and advises.

Any tips for SEO in 2019?

SEO search engine optimisation

Two Points I would like to share for SEO in 2019.

First one is Intent & 2nd is Content

Why these two things are important and why I am considering them crucial?

The reason is, Most of the Search Engine Updates such as Hummingbird and Panda are Based on these Two factors, The Quality of your content & if you site is satisfying the intent of search engines and users as well


Why I am saying this? A Powerful Property/Site isn’t one which Only have High Metrics or Authority, If this site is not satisfying the intent of Users and Search Queries, If its not Solving a Problem Which of course is in User’s Mind, If the content is not Explaining its Pain Points, Search Engine Algo will try to Find a Better Result than this one to serve the Users who are looking for these answers (PBNs are Good Example in This Case 😀 )

If they are satisfying the intent of user they are basically satisfying search engine and sending signals to search engine that yes, we are here and we are explaining everything in much better way than our competitors.

Keep in Mind, These Two factors will not do wonders alone if you are not focusing on the OFF-Page Side of your Property Obviously. But Yes Focusing on these Two Important Points will bring Down your Efforts to a Lower Point When it Comes to Building Links.


The second thing is content. We have been hearing about content scheme from years. Now the question is how search engine is evaluating the quality of content.

You would be amazed to know that it does not matter how many keywords you are stuffing in your content, how many times you are repeating your keywords.

What matters the most is what is the structure of your content, what are the questions that you are answering in your content; either you are solving the query of user who has been landed on your page by searching. Though there are lots of other things that matter, but in my view these two things are the most critical points that you should consider in your blog or niche site. If you spend more of your time in focusing these two points, I assure you that you can minimize your 60 to 70% of SEO efforts in coming years.

Read out : SEO Techniques in 2019

Me : You discussed those aspects which most people don’t talk about. It will be a great learning for anyone trying to do SEO in 2019.

If you go back 10 years from now, would you like to change anything in yourself?

time to adapt changes emerging trends

Answer : I did so many things in my past that I am so proud of.

But there are few things that I think I have wasted my time on it. So if I go back 10 years ago I would love to get back that time that I have spent on those useless things.

Beside this, if I get a chance to go back 10 years ago I will start my investment career again with proper practice & learning properly. Because I was not able to do that particular thing properly at that time, which leads to heavy losses that I faced in initial days of my career as an investor.

Me : Good one.

Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

future forecast

Answer : I would love to spend most of my time in Learning New Things, Expanding the Skillset & More Importantly Spending More Time on Expanding the Learning Portals For Others Who are willing to learn & Build their careers in Internet Marketing.

Me : Great plans. Best wishes ahead.

Who is your source of motivation?

Answer : Achievement;Achieving any goal is my greatest source of motivation. It doesn’t really mean that goal would be something big and happening.

No, not at all. Even achieving small goals keep me motivated. I always experiment and learn new things, and at the end of the day I accomplish any small goal. So that’s the greatest source of motivation for me.

Me : Agreed. I also believe that having small goals helps you in achieving bigger goals.

What is your greatest accomplishment so far?

Answer : The kind of Love and Respect that I am getting from My Students, My Colleagues, My Family & This Community Gave Me.

I have never dreamt of it. Indeed, this is one of the greatest achievements that I have accomplished so far.

Me : MashaAllah, there is no match for that.

Tell me one thing u regret u have done in your life.

Answer : There was a time in my life when I was over confident. I thought yes I know everything and I don’t need to learn anything new, I am a Master of All.

In short I have bound myself and I started thinking that I am doing really very well. That was very high time of my career. I regret that time. That was the time I could have gathered more skills. I could have done better.

Me : As long as you learn from your mistakes, they are good.

Tell me one thing you are proud doing in your life?

Answer : Taking the Decision to Change People’s Life with a Proper Mindset is what make me feel proud. Especially I feel so overwhelmed when I see any of my students who are getting success in their career. A moment that is out of this world.

Me : My best wishes are with you, good luck. 🙂

Are you offering any paid trainings? Tell me more.

Answer : I always believe in sharing and spreading knowledge.  So due to my vast professional experience of internet marketing I decided to serve others by sharing my experience and knowledge. I provide trainings to Beginners who want to Enhance/Improve or Build their internet marketing skills. I have discussed above about my Mindset Training Program

Me : Good luck in changing people lives.

Whats your suggestion for my blog :

Answer : Build more Quality Content. Because I know people personally that love to visit and read your blog.

So posting content frequently might help you for your brand and for your blog not only in Pakistan but also internationally.

Me : Thanks for your suggestions, I will work on them. 🙂

Any suggestion or lesson for my readers:

Answer : I will suggest starting building your skills because your skills help you in building your career.

There are a lot of free options available on the internet. You don’t need to go for any paid training neither I will force you to go. Because internet now a days is loaded with tons of information about anything you want to do or want to be.

You can see tutorials on YouTube, which really helps a lot in learning any ting. You can join udemy that offers 100,000 plus online courses. Not only this you can join different Facebook groups. There are a lot of talented people that are teaching for free on these groups. Rest, Google is your best friend you can ask and search anything there.

So my suggestion would be to spend most of your time in building skills rather than going for shortcuts that stays for short period of time.

Me : Nice Suggestions.

Last Question, Before I Finish up, How People Can follow you?

Answer : Thanks Ali for such an amazing interview. You discussed key questions which i hope will definitely help your audience to learn something new today. If people want to follow me, they can follow me on Facebook or at Youtube.

Thanks everyone for reading out the interview. For those who want to learn, M Umer, story is quite deep and interesting.

He highlighted many things even from positive to negative such as he mentioned how he became an arrogant and how he became down to earth eventually. This shows that even professionals are trying to keep on learning and improving.

positive things for positive people

Definitely, positive things happen to positive people. You need to be positive in your life, learn positive aspects from his life and start taking action. Without a doubt he is an inspiration for a lot of bloggers, freelancers and affiliate marketers in the online industry.

So What Did you Learn from this Interview? Share your Thoughts via Comments.


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