Getting your message across today can be very bland and sterile. White background, black font and well, just no heart. It really lacks flair and creativity. This new age of digital communication is only going to get noisier and we knew now was the time to take a step back, get personal and be seen. That’s why on April 1st 2018 we are introducing Vidyard GoVHS.

Why Did We Create GoVHS?

Retro is coming back. Look at Vinyl sales—they’re booming! 90’s fashion is hip and Full House is back on. Our team was spending all this time trying to think new but really, we needed to think retrospectively.

One of our team members was recently visiting his parents when he came across the old family camcorder. It suddenly hit him—what’s more personal than creating and sharing a home movie with your audience?

The idea took off from there.

We quickly got to work planning, creating, and producing our latest product offering, GoVHS. We took a look at the industry and noticed there a huge gap in the camcorder space, no one was offering VHS tapes, camcorders, or fluorescent tube televisions. With virtually no competition, it was a no-brainer to move into this space and take over.

How does it work?

GoVHS makes it quick and easy to record personal home movies for your audience in as little as 2 hours.


Set up your camcorder on a sturdy tripod, insert a VHS tape and press record. In no time, you’ll be filming yourself in true 4:3 standard definition.


When filming is complete don’t forget to write your recipient’s name on the tape, and add stickers, to make your video even more personable.


Kick it old school by shipping your GoVHS video to prospects, and clients through snail mail (Just remember please be kind and rewind!)

Pricing & Availability

GoVHS is not available until April 1st, 2018! We offer multiple pricing packages. Simply send us a fax with your information so we can learn more about your organization and create a custom GoVHS pricing package to meet your video needs.

Already have your camcorder and tripod ready to go? Well, then you can purchase VHS tapes in 3 packs from Amazon – the premium quality kind. We have a feeling these will be a hot commodity soon, so better get them now before they sell out.

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