If you’re like me, you probably hunt for discounts on your favorite games. Before you go down that rabbit hole, you must ask yourself whether one of the leading reselling platforms like CDKeys is legit. Are you on the verge of getting scammed?

The good news is that CDKeys is legit. You can get 100% ready-to-use game keys by using their platform. Although occasional complaints pop up now and then, their service is really consistent.

The best way around the increasingly high prices of video games is to use a platform like CDKeys. If you want to know what CDKeys is all about and the risk vs. reward ratio of using this platform, keep reading!

What is CDKeys?

CDKeys is a digital marketplace where tons of games are available. The best part? They are almost always on discount!

You can browse through their shop and check out all of the different video games. Whenever you find one you like, you can get a game key.

A key is basically an authentication code that allows you to redeem a digital copy of the game. You can also get PS Plus and XBOX Game Pass subscriptions as well. Once in a while, CDKeys also throws in a Windows key.

One thing to keep in mind is that most people make the mistake of associating CDKeys with other third-party resellers, but that’s not the case.

While third-party reselling websites can make you feel like you’re in a do-or-die dystopia, CDKeys is totally different. This platform does resell keys, but there is no third party.

Note: There’s little risk with CDKeys. Sometimes you don’t get your game code on time or you have to engage in lengthy customer service exchanges. However, it’s still better than most other reseller platforms. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the attitude problems of a reseller.

CDKeys Trustpilot Review

How Did CDKeys Get Started?

CDKeys Old Page

CDKeys started its operations almost 20 years ago, but the current website style came to life in 2013. With the rise of Steam in 2010, CDKeys probably decided to follow suit and get their game on.

The two other top dogs of the video game reselling world (Kinguin and G2A) also kicked off their operations in 2013. Talk about everything coming together.

Currently, CDKeys is owned by Omnyex E-commerce DMCC, which is located in Dubai. Sensible Digital B.V. handles its customer support. Since Sensible Digital B.V. joined forces with CDKeys, their service quality has gone up.

Omnyex E-commerce also had its own stall in 2016 E3. It’s pretty clear that the owners of CDKeys don’t hide in the shadows. They’re open about their business practices, so you can feel at ease using this platform.

CDKeys Traffic Increase

Yes, CDKeys is legit and 100% legal. But how can I say that? How is a reseller company legit?

Well, CDKeys gets game keys in two different methods:

  • They buy a video game when there’s a huge regional discount available.
  • They buy keys in bulk at cheaper rates.

Once they have the games, Playstation Plus, or XBOX Live in stock, they put them on the website and sell them. There’s nothing shady going on behind the curtains here. But you should know that the reselling industry is called the “gray market.” They exploit regional discounts, which can sometimes hurt game developers.

Still, CDKeys is a legit gray market site where you can get amazing deals on different games. It’s more reliable than other reselling platforms. And they don’t use any over-the-top marketing campaigns to attract customers.

They care about gamers. CDKeys has been all about service. There’s nothing flashy about it, and no celebrities will reel you into their platform. They simply get you your favorite game code for a lower price and make some profit off of it!

How to Buy Game Codes from CDKeys?

The process of getting games code from CDKeys is fairly streamlined:

  • Create and verify your account.
  • Find your favorite game.
  • Check to see if it’s in stock.
  • If yes, add it to the shopping cart.
  • Pay for the game using cards or a wire transfer.
  • Phone verification is mandatory (you’ll get an OTP).
  • Copy the game code.
  • Redeem the game in the platform you’ve purchased it for.

That’s all there is to it.

CDKeys checkout page

How Does CDKeys Give Huge Discounts?

CDKeys does come up with some really spicy discounts which can make you wonder: is CDKeys legit? If they are, how are they running a profitable business by selling a digital code for 20-70% less than the retail price? Is it a repeat of the infamous Ponzi scheme? A snake that eventually bites its own tail?

Here’s the answer.

CDKeys Business Model

Business Model of CDKeys

CDKeys doesn’t tell you much about how they do business. However, they do give you some clues. Let’s go through them and see what we find.

CDKeys “buy from all corners of the globe to ensure the cheapest possible prices.”

This here is our biggest clue. If you know how game prices work, it shouldn’t be difficult to figure this one out. For instance, the price of a game differs from one region to another.

What costs $60 in a first-world country will cost $45 or even $30 if it’s released in a third-world country. This geographical pricing allows CDKeys to purchase the game or PS Plus at a discounted price.

Also, an organization of this size can buy games in bulk. Just like any other physical product, if you buy games in bulk, you can get a discount.

And we also have to consider that it’s all digital. There are no physical stores, no high-maintenance physical office overhead, and no server of your own to host the games. All they need are people who hunt for discounts and another team that handles customer objections.

So, we’ve solved it together. CDKeys business revolves around two key points:

  • Regional reselling – buying keys from countries where it’s cheap.
  • Bulk purchase – Buying popular games in greater quantities.

Can You Get Scammed on CDKeys?

There’s no straight answer here. 9 out of 10 times, your transaction will be successful. Most people get their cheap game keys super fast without having any issues whatsoever.

But there are problems. Sometimes, the keys you get are already redeemed. You won’t be able to redeem it a second time. Customer support can also get it wrong.

Besides, there are times when you get a region-locked key if you’re not careful. A region lock means you can only activate the key if you reside in a certain location. Plus, you won’t get a refund for this issue. That’s why you should check all the details carefully before you buy a key to avoid the region-lock issue.

In regards to keys that are already redeemed, you should contact support. It has gotten much better now.

CDKeys Alternatives

If you’re a budget hunter, it’s always better to have more options. You might get a better deal on a different reselling platform. In this section, I’ll give you a quick overview of a few similar websites that are as legit as CDKeys.


GamersGate is the real deal. Founded in 2006, GamersGate is 16 years old now. Their swift delivery and stellar customer service have earned them the reputation they deserve.

However, they’re really serious about fraudulent activities. You can’t just slip one past them by using stolen credit card details. Sometimes, you might have to wait in a long queue, and because they’re in Sweden, they might flag clean credit cards. It’s well worth the trouble. You can always rely on customer support to help you out.

GamersGate Main Page


G2A gained a lot of traction thanks to their uber-successful marketing campaign. Their influencer-fueled marketing strategy helped them reel in many budget gamers who were looking for cheap game keys.

While G2A is still a successful reseller, its reputation has taken a hit because of the recent controversies. That’s why their reviews have plummeted. If you want bigger discounts, you can sniff around G2A.

But remember, you need high-risk tolerance because there are swindlers lurking here who just want to earn a quick buck from this platform.

G2A Main Page


Starting their journey in 2018 (only 4 years ago), they’re way late to the reselling party. However, Eneba already has a solid foothold in the video game industry.

Their biggest strength is that they’re just as strict as GamersGate. If they notice anything shady, they’ll drop the ban hammer on your IP, not just your account.

Eneba Main Page


Gamivo is only a year older than Eneba. Since starting in 2017, their popularity has only gone up. While the occasional bad review always comes in, Gamivo’s team tries really hard to make sure they satisfy all their customers.

Recently, they’ve started selling physical products as well. So, it goes to show that they’re doing well and moving up the ladder.

Gamivo Main Page


Here, I’ve answered some of the most common questions people have about CDKeys.

Are CDKeys Games Compatible with Origin?

Yes, the keys you purchase from CDKeys can be redeemed in your Origin account, provided that you get the key specified for Origin.

When you check a game out in CDKeys, you’ll see a tab titled “platform.” Underneath this tab, it’ll tell you which platform the game key is suitable for.

How Much Time Does It Take for CDkeys to Respond?

The average wait time is 24 hours, but in most cases, they reply within 3-5 hours. You should know that the customer team is from Europe, so they’ll get back during European business hours.

How Long Is the Wait Time to Get a Code from Cdkeys?

According to their website, you should be all set within 12 hours. By that time, you are likely to have your key. But things can go south when a new game is released and the customer queue is long.

Can You Trust the Reviews About Cdkeys?

Well, CDKeys has 4.7/5 from a whopping 104,333 reviews. That’s massive for a game reseller. Their rating is the highest of all the alternatives mentioned here.

Here’s the thing – over 100k reviews can’t be fake. And CDKeys doesn’t rely on an elaborate marketing plan like some other reselling platforms. Their business is built on quality service, and that’s what got them here. So, yes, for the most part, you can trust these reviews.

Can You Earn Money through CDKeys?

Yes, you can. CDKeys has an affiliate program. You can use it to promote their games and earn a 5% commission on every purchase.

But to promote their game keys, you need to have an audience. You can get a social media following by streaming on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook. For more information on becoming a Twitch affiliate, see our full article here.

You can also purchase a game from CDKeys and stream it live to earn money. Or if you’re really good, get into Esports. The industry is worth 1.38BN USD as of 2022.

Our Verdict: Is CDKeys Legit?

The hesitance you might feel when shopping from reselling platforms is understandable. I felt that way as well. It’s natural to wonder if CDKeys is legit. Is any third-party reselling platform legit, for that matter?

Truth be told, not all platforms are 100% trustworthy because they involve third-party merchants to control the key distributions. However, CDKeys is legit because the core team handles everything.

You can get a great deal on your favorite game, and you won’t have to worry about losing your money or, even worse, your credit card info. Since 2021, CDKeys also lets you pay with crypto. If you are willing to trade some crypto for your desired game key, you’ve got that option.

It’s clear that CDKeys is a legit site if you know how to use it and pay attention to the purchase details. Get your next game key here and save some serious cash on your gaming hobby!


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