When it comes to marketing automation, social selling and delivering sales and marketing ROI Jill Rowley is a true expert and thought leader.

In fact, in her new role at Oracle, Jill is heading up Social Selling Evangelism and Enablement to scale her expert and practical approach to engaging prospects and leads (and just about anyone) in customized and powerful conversations. Jill has always said that her role is not to sell, but to “help people buy”.

And there is a lot to be learned from this approach.

When you combine Jill’s expert understanding of marketing automation with sales you get a powerful combination. No doubt the agenda for having sales and marketing work together has never had more profile and has never been more critical in today’s buying process.

We caught up with Jill at the 2013 Content2Conversion conference a short while ago and she shared her perspective on the importance of video, and specifically, the importance of attaching identity to video viewership in the sales and marketing process.

We couldn’t agree more that understanding who watched which videos and for how long is a massive breakthrough in being able to segment, score, and nurture leads and is powerful insights to deliver over to your sales organization through your CRM.

Enjoy and stay tuned to more from Jill!

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