I made the solution vision board to be a simple nevertheless productive resource to seize the item vision and the solution approach. Despite its simplicity, it is really not usually quick to correctly utilize it. This article introduces a checklist to assistance you get the most out of the resource.


The products vision board provides 5 sections. The eyesight captures the greatest goal for presenting a product. The focus on group characterises the product’s consumers and consumers. The requirements explain the problem the item should really deal with or the profit it should really give. The solution segment states its standout features. The organization ambitions seize the wished-for gains the merchandise need to attain for the business producing and supplying it.

The checklist beneath states requirements to get the 5 components of the products vision board ideal. In addition, it features requirements that use to the entire board or its bottom sections. You can download the checklist jointly with the product eyesight board template by clicking on the picture below.

If you are new to the item eyesight board, then I advocate that you read through the posting The Solution Vision Board or view my YouTube movie referred to as Solution Vision Board Introduction just before you use the checklist.


Inspiring: Describes the constructive adjust the item ought to make.

Shared: Unites folks, results in alignment, and facilitates collaboration.

Ethical: Presents increase to a product that does not lead to any hurt to persons and the earth.

Concise: Simple to fully grasp and try to remember.

Formidable: Describes a significant, audacious objective that might never ever be entirely arrived at.

Enduring: Gives advice for the up coming five to 10 yrs and is no cost from assumptions about the option.

Goal Team

Apparent: Use pertinent characteristics like demographics and behavioural characteristics to characterise the target group.

Certain: You can tell if any person is involved in the goal group or not.

Cohesive: The members of a goal team share equivalent characteristics, e.g., age, lifestyle, disposable revenue. If that is not the circumstance, then split up the focus on team and type numerous subgroups, for illustration, a consumer and a purchaser one.


Outcome-centered: Capture the rationale why people would want to use the solution. Explain what success appears to be like from the views of the users and buyers.

Particular: The wants are in depth enough so that you can validate them.

Focused: Concentrate on the primary problem/reward, the principal reason for folks to use the product.

Prioritised: If you do recognize a number of requires, prioritise them in accordance to their relevance for the goal team.


Sort: It is clear what type of product or service you want to present, for instance, cellular application on Android and iOS.

Differentiated: The aspects of your product that make it stand out, set it apart from alternate choices are stated.

Focused: There are no far more than five standout characteristics.

Massive: The options are coarse-grained product abilities no epics and consumer stories!

Business Ambitions

End result-primarily based: The wanted small business rewards, the company’s explanation for investing in the products, are plainly explained, for instance, profits, brand equity, charge financial savings.

Precise: The enterprise plans are in depth state rough targets if attainable.

Prioritised: If much more than a person enterprise intention is identified order according to business influence.

Bonus Requirements

Demands-first: Commence with the desires soon after you’ve captured the vision especially when you produce a new strategy—be it for a brand name-new item or for an current one. An example for the latter would be a lifetime cycle extension, for occasion, by addressing a new marketplace.

Validated: The technique captured on the item eyesight board does not incorporate any key hypotheses and challenges. It has been correctly validated, for instance, by interviewing and observing concentrate on users, building throwaway prototypes, and carrying out competitive assessment.

Adaptive: The products eyesight board is on a regular basis inspected and tailored, at the very least once every 3 months as a rule of thumb.

Shared: The key stakeholders and advancement crew users have a shared comprehending of the item vision board contents and guidance the choices captured on it. A good way to achieve this is to require them in visioning and strategizing do the job.


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