This is a difficulty that will come up each individual yr or two, but no one has carried out a useful solution still.

Advertising is a amazingly undesirable way for a culture to shell out for articles, for the reason that the sort of written content that will get rewarded is usually dumbed down for a huge audience or is optimized for a tiny audience of people today eager to get some thing that tends to make a gain.

It is also inefficient, as advertisers just can’t know in progress what is heading to operate, and creators get a quite modest share of the ad commit.

An substitute is to spend for what you get, the way we address carrots, baseballs and clarinets. Rather of purchasing a baseball, even though, you’re acquiring a probability to enjoy a online video.

Micropayments are a technique wherever you pay back a penny or a nickel or a dollar for a piece of content.

It introduces two kinds of friction, however:

  1. There demands to be a tech technique that can proficiently go little quantities of cash about.
  2. As a reader/purchaser of information, you need to have to continually make selections about what is “worth it.”

About 30 many years ago, I described a uncomplicated option to both of those issues:

For $25 you can obtain a written content passport. It is accessible for obtain on any site that is section of the information community, and you will need one to study the content material on their website. The web page that sells it to you receives $10 in fee for advertising it to you.

It retains track of every single member web-site you go to (which is definitely uncomplicated now, with a cookie). And then the coordinator of the system allocates, on a share basis, $10 to the sites you take a look at. It is all gonna go someplace, regardless of whether you visit one site or a thousand. There’s no friction, for the reason that it is a buffet, just like it is now. Read all you want, no ads, no hassles.

The internet sites that get frequented the most get the most combination dollars from the month-to-month distributions of royalties.

Each website has an incentive to market a great deal of passports (the fee is sizeable) and the coordinator of the community is building 25% as well.

It is truly apparent who the purchaser is (the reader) and it’s quick for any site to sign up for the community. Aligned incentives, a very simple and resilient answer.

Have fun. (PS this is unrelated to yesterday’s write-up about federations, just a coincidence.)


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