Hey guys!  I’ve put together a new ShopABot demo today (30th of April) so you can:

  1. See examples and ideas for each part of the ShopABot
  2. Watch as I take this from brand new/nothing to profits
  3. Ask questions for each of the parts that you might be stuck on
  4. Get feedback on your bits too!

Part 1: The Store => See it here


I’ve built this store super broad… but mostly based around home furnishings and anything for the home.

I got the idea for doing this mostly because right now I’m saving for a new home … lol, so everything to do with home furnishings and making our houses pretty is interesting and inspirational to me right now.

Also, when I was searching using the Discovery tool I found the 7-in-1 pressure cooker and thought anyone who’s interested in getting in the kitchen will also likely be interested in things to do with making their kitchen and home better.

In hindsight… this may have worked better just focusing on kitchen products – you might want to do something like that?  Everything online is a testing process, so let me know what you choose to do, how ‘niche’ you’re going and any feedback you care to share about that.

Part 2: The Contest/Giveaway => See it here

This item I’ve chosen costs $100 (including shipping), so I’m running the contest for a while to make sure I can get my money’s worth – and also am only giving away 1 of them.

When I’m doing lead generation, I’m usually happy to spend up to $1 a lead because I know their lifetime value – when I’m mailing them and following up etc – will make it worth it to me.   So I’m banking on getting at least 100 leads with this campaign – everything over that makes the cost per lead ridiculously cheap.

I’ve gone live with it about 12 hours ago and have 5 leads so far so we’re off to a great start!

=> How Do I Find Profitable ShopABot Giveaways? 


Part 3: The Blog => See it here

The blog I’ve built is a self hosted one, using a free theme called ColorMag.  Self hosted ones require you to get your own domain name, hosting etc.  If you’re looking for a free option you’re a little restricted but it is easier.   As with anything, cheaper and faster will do the job – and is a great place to start, but if you are up for a challenge setting up your own hosted blog will work the best.

Anyway – there are the three parts.

If you have any questions about ANY of them… need me to drill down further into each bit let me know!  I’ll answer them and do whatever we can to make sure your sites are up and running, getting traffic and Amazon sales like crazy!