Influitive, Marketo, Reltio and the University of Waterloo use personalization to stand out, connect with audiences and get big results

KITCHENER, Ontario – September 20, 2016 – Today’s marketer knows that no matter how important their message may be, the biggest challenge is getting their audience’s attention and keeping them engaged once they have it. In this age of jam-packed inboxes, a simple video featuring the recipient’s name can make all the difference.

Organizations including Influitive, Marketo, Reltio and the University of Waterloo have experienced direct results using Vidyard’s Personalized Video capabilities to convert more leads, increase attendance at important events and even recruit more students. For example:

Influitive saw a click-through rate on its outbound email campaign that was 8 times higher than similar campaigns.
Personalized video drove awareness of Marketo’s 2016 Marketing Nation® Summit and increased event registrations.
Reltio experienced an open rate on its awareness-building email campaign that was 10 times higher than the company’s average.
The University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Applied Health Sciences more than tripled its click-to-open rate for emails to prospective students – and even brought tears to the eyes of one new student’s father.


Advocate marketing software leader Influitive wanted to triple attendance for its second annual customer experience, engagement and advocacy conference, Advocamp. To help it stand out from all the other marketing conferences that promise to be exciting and different, Influitive created a series of videos about Buck, a wacky camp counselor character. This year, Influitive personalized one of the videos to feature the viewer’s name on merit badge sashes to convey the “summer camp for marketers” experience they would have at Advocamp.

Example of video personalized for recipient named Katie Watson

Personalization made a huge difference in the results. For previous Advocamp promotions, Influitive had a 16.1% open rate, 0.7% click-through rate and 4.5% click-to-open rate. The personalized video campaign crushed those numbers with a 29% open rate, a 5.5% click-through rate and 18.7% click-to-open rate. The click-through rate was 8 times higher and the click-to-open rate 4 times higher than their other campaigns.

“Everyone says their conference is the best, the most interesting, the most important to attend, but anyone who’s attended these events knows that’s not always true,” said Jim Williams, vice president of marketing at Influitive. “We wanted to show our audience that we were planning something really special and worth their time to attend. Advocamp 2016 was our biggest yet, and we give a lot of the credit to the personalized video campaign for capturing the attention and interest of target attendees.”

Now Influitive is planning to do at least three more personalized videos over the next year, including as part of its account-based marketing strategy.


Marketo also invests heavily in its annual industry conference, the Marketing Nation Summit, and personalized video helped draw more people to its 2016 event. In fact, Marketo’s video was directly responsible for more than 50 registrations worth more than $70,000 in direct revenue.

Example of video personalized for recipient named Katie Watson

“Getting your audience’s attention is harder than ever in today’s world of crowded inboxes,” said Heidi Bullock, Group Vice President, Marketing at Marketo. “Personalized video is an amazing – and effective – tool for helping today’s marketers make sure their messages stand out, get noticed and ultimately produce results.”


Reltio, a data management platform that delivers reliable data, relevant insights and recommended actions, sent its first personalized video campaign to more than 10,000 contacts to build awareness and drive interest in its flagship product offering. The personalized thumbnail showing the viewer’s name on a mug led to open rates 10 times higher than the company’s average. Nearly 30 percent of the people who opened the emails actually viewed their videos and engaged with the campaign.

Example of video personalized for recipient named Katie Watson at company Keyboardly

“We were blown away by the performance of our personalized video campaign and how well it worked to engage both warm and cold prospects,” said Ramon Chen, Chief Marketing Officer at Reltio. “But it didn’t end there, we correlated the viewing data with the master profiles managed in our own Reltio Cloud platform for a 360-degree omni-channel view. Then we used Vidyard’s A/B split testing on thumbnails, and relaunched the campaign with even better results. If you want to do personalized video, you first need accurate, reliable personal data, then you need Vidyard.”

Reltio views Vidyard’s personalized video as a groundbreaking competitive advantage, but they aren’t stopping there. Reltio, who committed to four videos, is readying its next installment that will further push the envelope of what’s possible. Their next video will be a spy-action thriller to be used with account-based marketing campaigns with hyper-personalized messaging. Reltio also does not limit the use of personalized video to just customers, prospects and partners. Other audiences that have received personalized videos and have resulted in significant impressions and awareness include media, analysts and partners.

University of Waterloo

With roughly 100 universities in Canada and thousands more in the United States, University of Waterloo has a lot of competition. Prospective students value the school’s academics, but when it comes to choosing a university, they also want to know what it would really be like to attend. To attract the highest quality students and get them to convert from applicants to enrolled students, the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences created a personalized video that would put the viewer in the shoes of a student being dropped off on the first day. It was designed to appeal to both potential students and their parents.

Example of video personalized for recipient named Katie Watson

“Video is such an important medium to convey an emotional response. I wanted to capture a range of emotions,” said Sal Aziz, head of marketing and recruitment at the university. “I wanted the decision to come from the left brain, not the right brain. I wanted it to become emotional, not logical. One student told me his father cried after watching the video.”

The click-to-open rate for the video was 70.7%, a massive increase over their average of 20% for other recruitment emails.

“The beauty of personalized video is that it brings viewers right into the story in a creative and relevant way, making them want to engage further with your message,” said Michael Litt, CEO and co-founder of Vidyard. “For marketers, it’s an amazing way to stand out from the crowd while connecting with buyers on an emotional level to create a memorable experience. That doesn’t happen with an email.”

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