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Successful business owners know the importance of current trends on Twitter. Monitoring of the most recent trends plays a significant role in the marketing of the business. It helps to establish a direct relationship with the most relevant consumers. Twitter’s resources allow access to daily trends, even on an hourly basis. Through Twitter, you can identify what topics are trending in the nation or around the globe via Trend Box or the hashtags.

Well, there are many websites from where you can follow the entire current Twitter trends, all in one place, according to the countries. In this article, we are going to guide you in some ways through which you can tweet your business among the latest trends of twitter. Let us have a detailed look :

Do the Proper Research First

Study the recent trends and make a list of which ones are mostly related to your business. Kindly note what has already been said about the topic and how you can fairly speak about the theme without direct advertisement for your business. Do not select any trend that is not at all nearly relevant to your business. It can fire back at you as an accusation of spam. Always try to participate and support something inadvertently without any intention of marketing.

Master the Art of Twitter Chat

You should know how to get into a conversation in a trending topic and how to keep it interesting. An unconvincing comment will not snatch away the attention of tweeting masters. Trending conversations are way too fast, and you will fall behind if you do not have the practice to observe what is being said and what you can add to that subject.

Create a Database Even after Trending

Always have a tactic ready for establishing a rapport with the customers. When you enter into the conversation of a trending topic on twitter, you will catch the attention of one or two fellow tweeters. Make a database of that person’s account, so that you can contact them even after the topic is not trending anymore. Always remember to follow up only those tweeters with whom you have a conversation before. Otherwise, you could face an allegation of spamming that could even result in losing your twitter account.

Advertise directly

You can buy directly paid advertisements from twitter also. In this way, an ad for the business will be displayed right above a trending topic. You can find the most relevant customers by being at the right place with the correct timing.

Media Embarrassments should be prevented

You must have heard about big companies being chastised on twitter for being rude or offensive. As a business owner, remember that your tweet will have a bigger impact on social media. Customers will expect courteous, professional, well informed, polite and responsive behavior; even the company is online. Never respond or comment on any trending topic that includes an offensive joke or someone who has insulted a person or a group of people.

You might want to get on top of the trending topic, but not with negative publicity like this.

Retweet Immediately for effective Results

Always encourage retweeting anything related to a large fan following. Fellow tweeters who have large following include a lot of influence. So you can politely ask a Twitter star performer to spread a simple message with a logo and URL of your business to his/her thousands or millions of fans at light speed.

At least one percent of the people will respond to this kind of tweet and retweet in their account, which will again reach thousands of followers in just a second.

Hire Someone Else to Record the Data

If you do not have the required time to do the research, you can hire a website that can organize, monitor, and store the recent twitter trends. This type of website cut off all the other junk and focuses entirely on Twitter’s trending topics only. 


Thus to conclude, if you are looking for a way to know what is currently popular without incurring high expenses, then the twitter trend is unquestionably a perfect solution for you. All you require is investing some time on the research, finding out what is the most relevant trending topic to your business and join the subject.

If you want to add any more suggestions for this topic,  then feel free to comment. 

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