Assets and liabilities is an exercise I usually aid with groups to choose an inventory and travel a shared knowledge of what is doing work for and from the staff. It is also an excellent way to capture inputs from folks who really don’t commonly function jointly (where by competing perspectives may be at play).

Whatsoever the altitude, this workout is tremendous easy and something I include things like in numerous endeavors, from strategic preparing workshops and strategy-generation periods, to prototyping workshops.

Have a single particular person have the whiteboard (it’s almost certainly you if you are the facilitator), producing the terms “assets” and “liabilities” at the prime with a dividing line drawn vertically amongst them.

Next, seize the contributions that other individuals share. I like to crowdsource objects for the belongings column very first since they have a tendency to be constructive and assistance sustain an optimistic energy in the place. Talk to the group for examples of points that are known strengths, notable attempts or evidence details, and anything at all which is doing work or has worked in the previous that the workforce could leverage or learn from.

From there, move on to liabilities the points that could get in the way, prospects for advancement, what to enjoy out for, matters that could damage the team’s initiatives, or factors that didn’t do the job just before. I always like to notice that a little something can be each an asset and a liability, and is worthy of inspecting from that lens.

At this place, you might see a natural 1:1 ratio throughout columns, or you may possibly not. That section isn’t as critical as finding the staff to align on the lists laid in advance of them, and producing a shared comprehending for the condition of the state.

Laying this basis is an outstanding leaping-off point for the do the job forward, so this can be a beneficial strategy early in your workshop or even pre-workshop if you want the data right before you are in the space.

This system is attributed to my time at GoKart Labs wherever the thought was cultivated and refined by a group of makers (and probably the ideal established of colleagues I’ve at any time worked with ❤).

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