Reasons for an Increase in Bounce Rate and How to Remedy the Situation

It takes a lot of intentional effort to succeed in search engine optimisation. The company needs to employ different strategies to entice people to visit the website. However, successfully asking them to visit the page doesn’t mean the conversion rate will increase immediately. It’s also possible that the users will decide to close the website within minutes of opening it. It’s referred to as the bounce rate. There should be an effort to reduce it since it won’t benefit the business. Understanding why there’s an increase in bounce rate will help in determining the next steps.

The articles are boring 

People expect something exciting when opening a website. When they type the keywords in search engines, they want the web content that is relevant to what they’re looking for. Therefore, if the articles are boring, and don’t provide any benefit, the user will close the page. Consider writing better articles and providing updated information. It also helps to proofread the content before publication. Sometimes, these small mistakes will turn off users and they will no longer trust the business. 

The website is disorganised 

The website should also be easy to navigate. Not everyone is patient enough to keep looking for key information. Some people will close the website and look for a different page if they can’t immediately find the right answers to their questions. The menu bar should be clear and the categories easy to understand. There should also be a search bar to help people find what they want using certain keywords. Reorganise the website if it’s one of the reasons for the increase in bounce rate.

There’s nothing exciting 

Some people visit the website not only because they want to read articles. They might also want to check potential promotions and upcoming events. If the website doesn’t present anything that might excite the users, they will decide to leave the page. If there are upcoming promotions, the information should be available on the homepage.

The page doesn’t load quickly

A website that doesn’t load quickly will most likely turn off the users. On average, it should only take three seconds for the website to load. If it takes longer, the users will close the website. It’s also important to consider how quick the website is when opened using a mobile device. Most people use their phones to look for information online. If the images are unclear and the text looks weird, the user will stop browsing the website. 

After determining the reasons behind the increase in bounce rate, changes need to happen. Working with website design Oxford experts is also an excellent strategy. The overall web design may affect how the user views the website. If there are lots of issues, the website won’t be appealing.

It also helps to remove unnecessary elements such as background music or animations. Conduct a survey to determine how the visitors feel after browsing the website. They might have ideas on how to improve the page and reduce the bounce rate.

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