shareworthy content

No matter what sort of content marketing you’re doing, you can make it more effective by creating shareworthy content. That way, every piece of content you publish on your blog, social media, guest blogs and elsewhere gets even more exposure as people start sharing it like crazy.

Question is, how do you create the kind of content that gets people hitting the share button? That’s what you’re about to find out. Read on…

Light Up Those Neural Pathways

Our brains absolutely love seeing new stuff. In fact, when we read or watch something new, we get a flood of pleasurable neurochemicals (dopamine) hitting our brains. This is the same neurochemical that makes activities such as sex and eating chocolate so pleasurable.

If you want to give your readers a hit of dopamine, then you need to put something new in front of them. Even sharing just one new tip or offering “old” content in a new way (using your unique viewpoint) can light up the reader’s neural pathways.

When your prospect gets this flood of good feelings, they’re going to want to spread the love and hit the share button. Boom, you’ve got a viral campaign on your hands!

Generate Positive Emotion for a Shareworthy Content

In order to get people to share your content, you need to make them FEEL something. (And here we’re talking about something more than the good hit of dopamine they get from seeing novel content.)

Oh sure, we’ve all shared that blog post or video that disgusted us. However, researchers have discovered that people are more likely to share content if it generates positive emotion. That’s why those funny cat videos seem to dominate the internet. But you don’t need a funny cat video to create shareworthy content – if you can inspire, delight or surprise viewers, you’re one step closer to a successful viral campaign.

Think about how you can create content that makes people feel:

  • Happy
  • Joyful
  • Delighted
  • Surprised
  • Inspired
  • Motivated
  • Love
  • Proud
  • Powerful
  • Successful
  • Superior

And so on.

Need ideas on what to create? Check out this next tip…

See What’s Popular

Obviously, in order to create something new that gives viewers that dopamine hit, you can’t be a copycat. However, you can do a little sleuthing around your niche to get a feel for what your audience responds to and shares.

Specifically, look at these factors:

  • What emotion does the content tap? Does the content get people laughing? Does it get them saying “Whoa, this is cool!”? Does it inspire them?
  • What format? Does your audience respond to memes, infographics, articles, videos, comics, or something else?

For example, if your sleuthing tells you that your audience likes useful/surprising infographics, then your job is to create an infographic that’s completely unique that will surprise and delight viewers.

Keep It Short

Finally, be sure to create content that’s easy to consume and easy to share. If people see you have an hourlong video, most people won’t even start watching it. But create a video that’s a couple minutes long? Yep, people will “risk” two minutes of their time… and they’ll hit the share button if they like what they see!


There’s a bit of an art and science involved when it comes to creating viral campaigns. While you may not hit a home run every time you create a piece of content, the chances of your content going viral are better when you use the tips above.

One of the keys not mentioned is that you also need to kickstart a viral campaign by getting it in front of as many people as possible right away. This helps you reach critical mass more quickly, which is when the campaign takes off on its own.

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