Short Videos and How They Help Food Marketing

If you are a food brand, you are going to have to have a strong marketing strategy. There is a lot of competition out there in the food industry, whether you are selling coffee and cakes or venturing into the healthy food market. With the age of social media and the internet upon us, your brand needs to keep up with the trends. Right now, a lot of people are enjoying video and this is a way to help food marketing.

Why Use Short Videos?

Studies are showing that customers enjoy watching short videos. It is a snack-sized way to absorb information and it does not require any hard work. What’s more, when you film your short videos right, they are going to be enjoyable and memorable. When people like your videos, they are more likely to visit your website, as well as make a purchase.

Remember that a lot of people learn and absorb information well through videos. They can stay more engaged than they can with product descriptions and blogs. So, this is something that you can use to share your brand story and showcase new products that you have. Studies show people are staying on websites longer to watch videos, as well as more likely to buy something on the internet.

Boost Traffic to Your Website

Ultimately, customers are more likely to watch a video than read information. It is easy and quick, as well as being interesting. There is no effort required. What’s more, when they like what they see, they are likely to visit your website. Videos are proven to drive traffic more than blogs or other forms of marketing. So, this is a great incentive to start making videos for your food brand. This could include short recipe videos that customers can follow, as well as how you make your cakes or tours of the kitchen.

Increase Your Conversions

Not only are short videos going to make it more likely that customers head over to your website, but they are also more likely to lead to conversions. In particular, there has been a lot of success with putting short videos on the landing page and this is said to increase conversions by up to 86 percent. Thus, it can be a good idea to make short videos for your food brand and this is going to have good results. After all, businesses are looking to make conversions with the marketing they do.

Enjoy Higher Research Rankings

Every business wants to be one of the first results on Google. After all, it has been proven that customers are unlikely to scroll back several pages when they are looking for a product or service. The good thing about short videos is that they can boost your ranking on the result pages of search engines. This is due to increasing dwelling time on your website and this is something that Google favors. So, having videos on your website is going to mean customers spend longer there and this is going to be good for your overall rankings.

Customers More Likely to Open Emails

A lot of businesses invest in email marketing. But, it can be difficult to get customers to open emails that they are not expecting. In order to grip people and make sure that they open an email, you have to hook them in the subject line. This is tricky and it can take a lot of training and experience to get it right. But, research has revealed that customers are more likely to open an unexpected marketing email if it mentions the word ‘video’. Thus, when you mention video in the subject line and link the short videos you create in your emails, you are more likely to boost your click rates.

The Content is Shareable

One of the best things about short food videos is that this is shareable content. In other words, your customers can share this content with others and help out with marketing. If someone views a good video, they are going to copy the link and share it with friends and family to watch. This starts a chain that can mean that your brand goes viral. Videos are a lot more likely to be shared than any other images you take or text that you write. So, investing and creating short videos for your food brand is the way to go. You have the potential to reach a lot of people and very quickly.

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