Should Your Business Buy TikTok Likes and Follows?

TikTok has become one of the most notable, unexpected success stories in social media. This unique platform presents an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies to connect with potential customers and cultivate trusting relationships.

Organic growth on TikTok can be challenging, leaving many users to consider purchasing followers and likes. Here’s what you need to know about engaging in this practice for your business. 

Identifying Your Goals

When determining whether or not to purchase likes and follows, your goals will ultimately be the deciding factor. If your goal is to trip the algorithm and extend your reach, then purchasing likes and follows can help. This approach can help your business get established on TikTok, building a base through which you can attract new people and expand. There is a psychological effect of having existing followers when trying to attract audience members. 

Conversely, there’s a significant difference between having a big following and an engaged following. If you want TikTok to be a primary driver to your sales funnel, you’ll need qualified leads that fit your ideal demographic. Purchasing likes and follows isn’t how to get those paying customers; only time and dedication will build customer trust and loyalty.

Understanding the Algorithm

TikTok’s algorithm works similarly to Instagram, using hashtags and engagements to determine your position on the feed. As of right now, the source of engagement doesn’t matter. A like counts as an engagement, regardless of where it originates from. With this in mind, a company could buy TikTok likes to boost their visibility in the feed and attract real likes and followers.

This strategy can be an effective way to gain traction among the millions of new videos posted each day. While buying likes and follows can give a business a boost, it’s also important to dedicate time to hashtag research and ideal customer behaviors. 

The Risks of Buying Likes and Follows

As previously mentioned, the main risk of buying likes and followers is that it won’t lead to direct conversions— you need real, engaged followers for that. Other than that, there are no risks at this time.

Many of the other platforms— Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, specifically— have started penalizing accounts that purchased likes and follows. This effect threw many businesses and influencers for a loop when their accounts closed or lost thousands of followers overnight. However, there are currently no regulations surrounding the use of purchased likes and follows on TikTok. While this could change at some point in the future, there’s nothing to indicate plans to head this route.

Tips for Growing Your Audience

There are numerous actions businesses can take to grow their following beyond purchasing likes. Taking the time to understand a business’s ideal customer demographic and drilling down into what they prefer for content goes a long way toward growth. Planning and executing a consistent content calendar with hashtag research is also a vital part of continued success with this platform. Finally, companies must be able to produce content quickly to partake in TikTok trends.

Setting aside time each week to review which content is performing well will also provide valuable information about the best path forward. By continuously tweaking your content to adapt to trends and audience preferences will go a long way.

Final Thoughts

The question of whether your business should buy TikTok likes and follows is answered here with the view that it can be a helpful strategy for building a foundation for growth on this platform. However, it shouldn’t be the primary focus when trying to build an engaged following that converts. Consider using this strategy to work the TikTok algorithm in your favor as a start until you start attracting the audience that fits your long-term business goals.

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