Summer is in full force and we are experiencing quite the heat wave on the East Coast!  Here are some of the HOT new updates in the Social Media World!

Info and Ads Tab for Business Pages

Would you like to know how many Ad’s your competitors are running? You can!


Facebook recently launched the “Info and Ads” tab for all Business Pages. This new feature shows the different advertisements the page is running on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. The feature doesn’t show the amount of money spent on post boosts but it can give a sense of different publishers approaches to Facebook Ads.


As a business owner this transparency may hold value with accountability for having ads visible to the public and other competitors, however; with competitors able to study your ads all in one convenient location it’s less than ideal. Even though there is that downside, seeing how other publishers run advertisements for their pages will provide further insight into ad strategies and could expand the way ads are run.


It’s interesting, to say the least, but part of Facebook’s transparency plan that businesses will need to flow with.


We talked about IGTV and it’s roll-out in our last update but it needs more!  Instagram is making it easy to shoot a quick video with your phone and turn it into a show/channel. Videos can be up to 10 minutes in length in this new area and the format is to be more like a “TV” network.

Bottomline: We’ve got a FREE Guide

Since IGTV is a very new tool that rolled out, you may have questions about how to set it up and the best way to use it. Well, we’ve got a FREE 48-page guide that you can download to help you!


It will cover the full details of IGTV setup, specifications for video and more.

Music in Instagram Stories

Now you can express important moments or how your feeling with music in your Instagram Story!


You can add music to your photo or video in Stories by tapping the music icon when adding a sticker. This will open a library of songs you can browse through to find the right song for your story. Fast Forward or rewind to choose a certain part of the song for your story. There is also a new option under the record button labeled “Music” where you can choose a song before capturing a video with the Instagram camera. Lastly, there is a sticker that you can add to your photo or video that allows your friends to see the song title and artist name.



Instagram continues to roll-out innovations that help marketers produce better content.  We need to experiment with them and use them!


As a way to make connections with new clients, co-workers, and people you meet around the world LinkedIn recently added the ability to see translations of posts written in another language. LinkedIn Translations now support up to 60 translations to prevent languages from being a barrier to expanding and maintaining meaningful business relations.



This allows businesses and people to expand their relations and audiences on LinkedIn to connect with or influence more people. It’s a positive help, particularly for those needing to interact globally and increase the local need to reach people in more than one language!


That’s it for this early July update!  I’ll be back to keep you informed again at the end of the month.  Never miss new updates by signing up here on my site to get my blog posts in your inbox!


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