Video is a massive asset to any modern business, yet every year thousands of salespeople and marketers miss revenue goals because they’re afraid of being on camera.

Check out what happens when three co-workers are tasked with creating video and their deepest, darkest fears emerge.

While our Halloween monsters maybe fake, their fears are very much alive! Let’s take a look at four of the most common video fears and how you can overcome them.

#1 My Office Has Terrible Lighting

Are you haunted by the flicker of fluorescent lights, dark shadows, and poorly lit rooms? The good news is you’re not alone, and we can help!

Light is your best friend when shooting a video, so find yourself a window and park your laptop in front of it. Why do you want the light in front of you and not behind? If you sit with your back to the window (and the natural light) your video will have too many shadows—you might even end up a silhouette. Make sure you face the light.  

Don’t want to use natural light?


There are many affordable lighting kits available, including simple items like a selfie light (which we often use) that will have you dazzling viewers in no time.

#2 I Won’t Look Confident on Camera

Looking your best is often the key to feeling more confident in front of the camera. When you’re confident, your delivery and final video product will be optimal.

For many, the thought of trying to look confident in front of the camera can be panic-inducing

Let’s break down some quick ways to look more natural and confident while on camera.

Choose appropriate clothing to set the visual stage for your production. Business casual works best in most cases, but it depends on your industry. Remember to think about your body language and facial expressions because they play an incredibly important part in how others perceive you.

Your goal should be to appear as natural as possible; relaxed yet professional. If you have a tendency to fidget, try to keep it under control once the record button has been hit. Stand if you’re going to rock back and forth in a chair, sit in a chair if you’re going to move around the set, and keep your hands out of your pockets.

If you keep your shoulders back, chin up, and speak with a smile, you’ll affect the energy of your delivery, enhance your posture, and improve your overall flow.

For more insight on how you can look professional, and confident on camera check out some tips from TechSmith.

#3 The Equipment is Too Complicated

Despite video being in such high demand and becoming the preferred B2B buyer content type, many marketers still feel overwhelmed by the thought of using video equipment themselves.

However, you can film a plethora of B2B videos with equipment everyone has simply lying around their office!

For example, did you know you can film quality B2B videos with a smartphone?You heard me right!We recently partnered with Taylor Jackson to show you just how easy it can be to shoot high quality B2B videos on your smartphone.

You can also utilize your laptop’s webcam (or pick up an affordable one off Amazon) and get started making some truly great videos. Pair that webcam with a free screen recording tool (like Vidyard GoVideo) and you can start creating videos today.

Need some inspiration? Read about (and see examples of) 20 creative ways that you can use GoVideo with your webcam to create engaging videos across your teams!

#4 We Have No Budget for Video Production

The conversation around video production can be paralyzing for many organizations who often assume it requires a big budget and that, without throwing tons of money at it, their videos will end up a low-budget mess.


This simply isn’t the case.Check out our blog post Lights, Camera, Action! Video Production 101 where we look at how you can use the talent inside your own four walls to shoot fantastic video content, on any budget! We look at budgets from $250 all that way up to $10,000, so you’ll be sure to find equipment that fits your current need.

There you have it, four simple ways to overcome common video production fears. Sure, B2B video can be overwhelming, but lucky for you there are plenty of great resources out there to help you become a master in no time.

Really want to take your video production to the next level? Join us during our upcoming virtual summit, Fast Forward where you’ll learn from industry leaders and get actionable tips for video production.

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