A single of the most intriguing cars I noticed at South OC Autos and Coffee was the &#821767 by Cost Cars. This is a common 1967 Ford Mustang that has been reimagined for the potential. Long gone is the world killing V8 motor. It&#8217s been replaced by 4 zero emission electrical motors that tends to make 536 hp and a monstrous 1120 pound-ft of torque &#8211 enough to mail the &#821767 from -60 mph in 3.9 seconds. The 63 kWh battery offers 200 miles driving range. All for just $450,000.

Why is this auto so high priced? Two major causes. First, the &#821767 will be confined to 499 units, so it could possibly come to be a collectible like the first 1967 Mustang. Seconds, the motor vehicle is totally bespoke. Although it may well appear like a 1967 Mustang, it applied zero elements from a Mustang. The &#821767 is primarily based on a model new, steel overall body shell. Wrapped in lightweight carbon fiber overall body panels, the &#821767 attributes electric powered motors and floor-mounted batteries.

The style staff created an all-new inside as properly as a totally digital dashboard, new suspension elements, braking procedure and even lighting. Alongside with the electrification, the vehicle options highly developed driver aids, keyless entry and a premium immersive audio procedure.

Clients are encouraged to personalize the auto to their preferences. Want the leather-based to match your spouse&#8217s Louis Vuitton purse? They can do that. Want to include exterior speakers to enjoy the audio of a 1967 Mustang? They can likely do that as well, as long as you&#8217re prepared to shell out for it.

The &#821767 by Demand Car or truck will be producing its official US debut on November 17 in Los Angeles at the LA Automobile Present, which feels like a incredibly suitable city in which to launch a classic motor vehicle with EV guts.


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