The #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag has extra than 8.1 billion views, so it’s no wonder businesses want to collaborate with content creators on TikTok. Your model could start out trending and bam! You’re marketed out.

Or, so they say. But how do you get from mixing in to standing out?

Ecwid by Lightspeed has you included! We are heading to deep dive into ideal procedures and mistakes to avoid when collaborating with content material creators on TikTok.

If you’re all set to take benefit of what TikTok has to offer, go through on!

Why Collaborate with Creators on TikTok?

We bet you already know that TikTok is one of the biggest platforms, with 1.7 billion customers all over the world. Virtually 50% of content creators are among the ages of 18 and 25, creating them the largest age group of creators on the platform. If your focus on viewers is composed mainly of Gen Z and millennials, you definitely should really take into account making use of TikTok as a place to show off your enterprise by means of collaborations.

It is not just that TikTok’s viewers is huge users also expend a lot of time on the platform. An average consumer spends all around 23.3 hours per thirty day period employing TikTok. The application is a great location to reach a new and highly engaged audience.

As well as, you may possibly have previously noticed (if you frequently use the app) that goods go viral like memes and trending sounds. Individuals use TikTok to get impressed, share their suggestions, and review products—which they almost certainly bought soon after looking at someone else’s critique video. For models, that pays off—64% of TikTok consumers acquire a product soon after observing a branded movie by a creator.

To find the right creators, use TikTok Creator Marketplace. It is a platform that helps link brand names with the right influencers for their TikTok campaigns. You can set your concentrating on parameters, watch profiles of potential creators to collaborate with, evaluate movies submitted by creators… Basically, you take care of every thing connected to running a collaboration on the Creator Marketplace.

Search for creators employing filters in TikTok Creator Market

Now let us acquire a look at the ins and outs of engaging with TikTok written content creators.

Start with Investigating TikTok Communities—And Go Deep

The finest way to start your journey into TikTok collaborations is to do some analysis. You want to spend some time discovering which TikTok communities fit your manufacturer.

TikTok customers produce area of interest communities around many topics. You may possibly be familiar with beauty vloggers or fashion influencers. On TikTok, it can slim down to specific passions, like crocheting, vegetation, keto cooking, particular finance, passive revenue, gentle parenting—you name it, there’s a community about it.

Use search phrases associated to your sector to search what communities submit on TikTok

For every certain subject matter or interest, there are information creators with a following. Their followers typically have confidence in their opinion—you want to collaborate with these kinds of trusted written content creators. They know the lingo, inside of jokes, and presentation that can assistance make your solution far more relatable for your preferred viewers.

Since there are nearly endless communities, you have a number of creators to choose from. However, there is a catch: stay clear of randomly achieving out to a bunch of creators, even if they seem to be relatable to your specialized niche. You want to narrow down your creator look for and be intentional when picking out a collaborator.

For case in point, say you promote sustainable water bottles and lunch containers. 1 of the obvious choices would be going for #fitnesstok and partnering with a fitness influencer, or #sustainabilitytok and collaborating with a sustainability advocate.

On the other hand, what other communities do you feel you could tap into?

For instance, you could collaborate with a creator from #parenttok, because mother and father get ready college lunch for their youngsters. While you are going to probably skip creators who make movies about homeschooling their kids (as they really don’t require to pack lunch for school), you could obtain quite a few influencers who are exploring for an eco-helpful lunch box for their kids.

A further illustration: you could collaborate with a trusted information creator for #corporategirlies, considering the fact that doing work women certainly drink water (however we could probably consume a lot more) and potentially carry their lunch to work.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a community to focus your advertising and marketing on. Although it can be overwhelming, accomplishing study can enable slim down your look for.

The feedback demonstrate a gamer-home furniture store collab could be perfect, even if #cozygaming neighborhood is not an obvious decision for furniture marketing

Additionally, do some analysis into what opportunity collaborators commonly write-up. You do not want to discover just after placing up an agreement that their written content is not some thing you would come to feel cozy endorsing as a brand.

To sum up:

  • Really don’t be afraid to narrow down your creator lookup and tap into not-so-apparent communities.
  • Do guarantee you are cozy with the creator’s posts and that they are in fact appropriate to your market.

Give Creators the Control

Now that you have observed your ideal content creators, it is time to let them do their magic.

TikTok influencers know what will work greatest on the platform. They have their very own fashion of creating written content, making interactions with viewers, and engaging an audience. Influencers as a result know how to make films particular to your item or service with optimum performance and reach.

That’s why you should trust creators when it comes to creating written content all around your model. All you have to do is provide them with all the information they want about your item or service, like its options or benefits. Let creators try out your item and share their genuine suggestions as they see fit. Keep away from pressuring them into pursuing a strict script.

Maddy MacRae tends to make a video for Hinge sticking to her common comic format

It is alright to give tips on what you want to see in the video, but permit the creator pick the format, language, seem, and so on. To build belief with your likely clients, you want the creator to be knowledgeable and authentic. It’s challenging to achieve that when the video suits your manufacturer but not the creator’s style—it’ll make the whole movie search insincere.

To sum up:

  • Never make the creator stick to a ready-manufactured script that does not in shape their type.
  • Do provide the creator with your product or service and all the necessary details about it.
  • Do allow the creator make a video in their signature format, storytelling system, language, and tone.

Go Easy on Selling—You Browse That Proper

The objective of any creator collaboration is to promote your brand—and preferably deliver sales. Even so, remember that the audience is not there for a direct sell.

You could imagine that pushing your brand name in the first couple seconds of the video is a great thought, but it’s basically counterintuitive.

Remember that folks occur to TikTok to be entertained. If the video has far too numerous contact-to-actions, these kinds of as “Check out the product in my bio” or “Use my code to get a discount,” they could scroll away. Rather, set CTAs in captions to let interested viewers uncover them without the need of emotion pressured.

Really don’t be afraid to showcase your brand name afterwards on in the video if it makes perception for the storytelling. This can direct to better engagement fees, particularly when compared to turning a video into an obvious ad.

An example of a CTA in the caption

To sum up:

  • Really do not drive your brand name in the first seconds of the video.
  • Do place CTAs in video captions.
  • Do hold the video entertaining fairly than advertising.

Make (Some) Tendencies Your Mates

TikTok traits can aid you access a wider audience—but use them properly. You never want to get included in a trend that doesn’t make any sense for your enterprise or the creator you are performing with.

For illustration, the ASMR trend is one of the most well-known on TikTok, but it doesn’t indicate it’s terrific for every model and creator. If a creator helps make a video for your marketing campaign but tries to target a trend they’re not acquainted with, it might not appear genuine to viewers. Unsurprisingly, that can damage your business enterprise.

Aside from staying related, the video really should be reusable. If the video turns out fantastic, you may possibly want to reuse it or boost it with paid promoting. So when partnering with creators, stick to “evergreen” trends that are not most likely to disappear any time soon. For illustration, “A day in the life of …” or “Get all set with me” are continuous staples of TikTok.

An example of a Get Prepared with Me video that capabilities a product

To sum up:

  • Do question creators to use developments they’re common with.
  • Never use trends that make no sense for your manufacturer.
  • Do stick to extended-phrase tendencies so that you can reuse the video afterwards.

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Much more About Information Collaborations

By following the tips outlined in this posting, you can discover the right creators for your model, established up successful and symbiotic collaborations, and create partaking video clip content material that resonates with viewers.

If you’d like a deeper dive into collaborations, verify out our podcasts:

Now it’s time for you to get started—good luck on your journey of leveraging the power of TikTok marketing by way of collaboration!


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