The Most Important Real Estate Marketing Trends in 2020

For realtors and real estate businesses, the best way to stand out in your market is to be aware of what the industry is doing and what methods are being adopted by the big names. Your marketing will be much easier if you know about which trends are worth adopting in 2020. When it comes to marketing on any platform and attracting leads, you need the content that shows off your industry standing. Being ahead of the curve (and the competition) gives you something to boast about, and establishes your industry credibility. If you want your real estate brand to grow in 2020, here are the top real estate marketing trends you should be paying attention to.

The Growth of PropTech

One of the fastest-growing sectors in the business world, property technology is changing the game for realtors. Using the right technology not only improves the service that you provide but can become a useful asset when it comes to marketing your business. Automation is one of the most valuable additions to the realtor’s toolkit, and there are a variety of automated tech solutions that can streamline your workflow and ensure that you have more time to spend on proactive tasks. The right software is critical, especially when it comes to providing property buyers with the professional, highly detailed and quickly delivered home inspection reports. This not only means that you are providing a better service, but it also gives you another angle to promote and highlight when it comes to marketing and establishing your brand authority.

Video as Necessity

Although the growth of video in real estate marketing is no longer a new trend, it remains an essential component of your marketing strategy. Realtors can use video content in a huge number of ways, and your business will only struggle to stand out if you have yet to adopt video marketing into your growth strategy. There are suggestions that using video in your property listing can increase inquiries by as much as a staggering 403%. Start using video for all of your properties, creating walk-throughs that highlight the stand-out features and always adding that all-important call to action at the end. You might also consider:

Live video that allows leads to ask questions in real-timeLocal community videos (highlight the benefits of living in the area where your property is located)Interview videos (showing off your understanding of the industry and connecting your face to your brand)Drone footage for more comprehensive overviews of a property

Video is becoming one of the most important real estate marketing trends. It is providing consumers with the value they are looking for, and realtors need to start making greater use of the moving image if they want to stay current in the modern age.

Lead Generation is now Organic

Realtors rely on their leads, and there are plenty of traditional ways to find and generate those leads. In the digital age, lead generation is more commonly seen in the form of an organic approach. This means being more aware of the basics of digital marketing. By establishing your online visibility and brand authority, you will be able to attract potential leads to your listings without the hard sell. Appearing naturally in a strong position on search engine results pages is one of the best ways to encourage website visits, but you will need to understand some basic SEO techniques to make this happen. Do some research so that you have a good understanding of:

TaggingKeyword useWhite hat SEO tacticsContent marketingWebsite design that is optimized for device compatibility

As the real estate industry grows increasingly competitive, any realtor that is still relying on the traditional ways to generate leads is hindering their potential for growth in 2020.

Going Green

Modern consumers want to be more environmentally aware, and that’s good news for realtors and for their marketing. Green real estate is not going away anytime soon, and eco-friendly living is now a priority for a new generation of property buyers. For realtors, this will mean prioritizing those properties that are designed with a closer eye on lessening carbon footprint. Make sure that you are up to date on the latest green technologies for homes, and identify those listings that tick the green boxes. Those are the listings that you need to create video content for because those are the properties that will be in demand in 2020.

The real estate industry is only growing, and realtors remain in high demand. If you want to stand out in 2020, then you need to keep up with the emerging real estate marketing trends and incorporate them into your marketing campaigns. Fail to market well, and your business could be quicker to fall behind than you think.

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