So you think you’ve identified a huge opportunity to dropship using Canadian suppliers, both within Canada and globally?

Well, you’re onto something big.

This article takes a deep dive into why dropshipping with Canadian suppliers might be your next biggest breakthrough. We are leaving no stones unturned here.

Looking to Start Dropshipping in Canada? Here's What to do

How to research product/niches in Canada
Which platforms should you sell on?
How to find reliable Canadian suppliers
How to efficiently list products on your online store
How to market and actually sell your products

53 Profitable Dropshipping Suppliers in Canada We Personally Tested

Fashion, Jewelry and Accessories Dropshippers
Furniture & Homeware Dropshippers
Sustainable & Eco Products Dropshippers
Health & Beauty Dropshippers
Pet Products Dropshippers
Toys, Books, Hobbies and DIY Dropshippers
Electronics Dropshippers
Consumables Dropshippers

FAQs for Dropshipping in Canada

The eCommerce market in Canada is exploding, and that’s not just because Canadians are some of the biggest internet users in the world (it’s true!). It’s expected that 77.6% of Canadians will be eCommerce users by 2025, with promising year-on-year growth beyond that. With a population of 38 million people, that’s 29.5 million who are expected to be using eCommerce in Canada within the next few years. That’s a lot of potential sales right there.

Dropshipping is a type of eCommerce business model that has been generating massive income streams for online sellers worldwide. If you're unfamiliar with the term 'dropshipping,' it's where you choose products to list online for customers to buy, but the order is fulfilled directly through the product supplier, meaning you never have to have the product in hand.

Dropshipping can be easy to set up and save you heaps of time if you use the right tools, such as SaleHoo Dropship. Because you don’t have to store the products you sell in your home or a warehouse, the dropshipping business model is highly manageable and a perfect side hustle option even if you are working full-time. Additionally, starting a dropshipping store can be very inexpensive, which is another one of its up-sides.

Another eCommerce route you may want to consider is wholesaling, which is where you purchase goods at wholesale prices and then distribute them to your customers directly. The upside of this model is that you can usually achieve higher profit margins, but you also have to account for warehousing requirements and the extra time it will take you to fulfill orders. We compare wholesaling to dropshipping in this article, if you’re interested in finding out more.

So, now you might be wondering: Does this mean now is a good time to get my online store set up with Canadian suppliers? Should I be focusing more on the Canadian market or other markets?

First, it will be useful to tell you how to get started.

Looking to Start Dropshipping in Canada? Here's What to do

Getting started can be as simple as following these four steps:

1. How to research products/niches in Canada

An easy way to start could be by Googling ‘eCommerce sales by industry in Canada.’ This could give you an idea of what kinds of products are generating the most sales in the Canadian market. Or you could try searching ‘popular eCommerce products Canada.’

The key is to find products in high demand with low competition. You might not have much success if you try to sell a popular product that is being retailed by 20 other online sellers.

If you want some personalized help, reach out to our eCommerce experts at any time and we will be more than happy to help you with product research in the Canadian market. 

2. Which platform should you sell on?

You are well and truly spoilt for choice here. From eCommerce platforms giants Amazon and eBay to highly customizable eCommerce stores on Shopify, WooCommerce and Squarespace, there are plenty of options at plenty of different places for you to start dropshipping on.

If you think you might want to go with a marketplace, like Amazon, then we’ve made your job a whole lot easier by listing heaps of the best options for you to consider.  If those options aren’t doing it for you, then we have some more great options.

Or maybe you want to build your own, customised, high-converting store and bypass the marketplaces? We’ve compared how two of the most popular online store platforms, Shopify and WooCommerce, stack up. Just remember that there are many other options out there too.

3. How to find reliable Canadian suppliers

One of the most daunting things about starting a dropshipping store can be discovering where to find reliable, high-quality suppliers who are going to keep your customer satisfaction levels through the roof.

We advise using a directory of vetted suppliers to save you the most time and ensure that your suppliers are reliable. As hinted, we’ve already come up with a list of 53 of our Canadian suppliers for you to check out after this section of the article.

4. How to efficiently list products on your online store

Once you’ve decided the platform you’re going to use and the Canadian suppliers you’re going to work with, it's time to list your chosen products in your store.

5. How to market and actually sell your products

Create some ads, make sure your product listing is tidy and get those customer eyes on your website. Make sure your products are well described and the benefits are clear to the customer. Additionally, ensure you provide answers to frequently asked questions to increase customer confidence.

Well, there you have it. A dropshipping store in 5 easy steps, but we can't blame you if you’d like to know more about these steps in more detail!

53 Dropshipping Suppliers in Canada We Personally Vetted 

Fashion, Jewelry and Accessories Suppliers

1. Bridal and Fashion Jewelry Access Supplier Here

This supplier established its brand in 2014. They focus on high-quality fashion/bridal jewelry, using high-quality materials such as Cubic Zirconia, Swarovski Elements, 925 Sterling Silver, Environmental Brass, White Copper, Enamel, and Natural Stone. This supplier plates their own products in precious metals, including gold, rose gold, and rhodium. They use premium materials and components in their own production facility and are very proud of their work and end products.

Type of Products Carried
Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendants, Rings, Hair Comb, Hair Accessories.

2. Private-Label Fitness Products Access Supplier Here

This supplier established its business in 2001 providing high-quality products to yoga and pilates practitioners in Canada and the US. Private labeling is offered which includes product design, packaging, and logo design through their in-house design team.

Type of Products Carried
Yoga Accessories, Pilates Products, Mats, Mat Bags, Kits, Fitness Equipment, Balls, Weights, Hand Exercise Equipment, Aerobics Equipment, Wellness & Therapeutic Products, Hand Strength Therapy Products, Active Sitting Ball Chair, Core/Balance Training Equipment, Resistance Training Equipment, Strength Training Equipment & Accessories, Yoga Mats, Yoga Sets, Yoga Block & Strap Sets, Pilates & Yoga Props, Yoga Accessories, and much more.

3. Fashion Forward Sunglasses Access Supplier Here

This supplier established its business in 2002 importing and wholesaling a huge range of in-demand sunglass styles.

Type of Products Carried
Replica Sunglasses, Sunglasses Displays, Sunglasses Accessories.

4. Maasai Fabrics and Tribal Prints Access Supplier Here

This supplier is an eco-fashion and lifestyle brand. Their beautiful products are sourced from Maasai fabrics and authentic tribal prints native to and crafted in Tanzania. Through their commitment to local artisans and craftsmen they continue to uplift local communities by generating revenue and income that has been lost to vanishing tourism dollars. Plus, 10% of every sale supports critical Wildlife Conservation programs in Tanzania.

Type of Products Carried
Canvas Tote Bags, Kitenge (African print) Tote Bags, Handwoven blankets, Maasai Shuka blanket, Cloth Facemasks, Headwraps.

5. Beads and Crystals Access Supplier Here

This supplier is Canada's largest and master importer of Czech glass beads, crystals, and components. They carry over 25,000 products including beads, stones, sequins, appliques, buttons, buckles, trims, threads, cords, lacing, wire, bridal supplies, florals, ribbons, seed beads, general crafts, feathers, skins, masks, pendants, findings, dolls & doll parts, miniatures, glues, sprays, paints, transfers, tools, books, and other miscellaneous items.

Type of Products Carried
Acrylic Beads, Ceramic & Cloisonne, Cubic Zirconia, Czech Corolla Beads, Czech Fire Polish, Horn & Bone, Japanese Pearls, Lamp Beads, Ocean Shells, Pearls, Plastic Craft, Pressed Glass & Lamp, Semi-Precious Stones, Wooden Craft, Books & Videos, Bridal Supplies, Barrettes & Combs, Flower Accessories, Flower Parts, Flowers, Gloves, Tiaras, Tulle & Veils, Art Brushes, Art Paints, Bells, Chenille Stems, Clock Parts, Dolls, Doll Accessories, Doll Faces, Doll Heads, and much more.

6. Unique Mineral Beads, Treasures and Precious Gems  Access Supplier Here

This supplier is a distributor and wholesale company based in Ottawa, Canada. They carry polished mineral beads, precious and semi-precious gemstones, and gold filled and plated jewelry findings. They also have a vast selection of sterling silver and G/F wire, tools and jewelry displays. They accept Visa and MasterCard.

Type of Products Carried
Mineral Beads & Chips, Fossil Stone Beads, Hand Faceted Stones, Fresh Water Pearls, Egyptian Fans, Cats Eye Beads, Findings, Crimps, Crimp Covers, Earring Components, Clasps, Chains, Art Clay Silver, Wire, Swarovski Brioletes, Pendants, Rivolis, Glass Seed Beads, Stringing Material, Tumbled Mineral Stones, Massage Wands, Mineralpoints, Merkaba, Tools, Polishing Cloth, Pliers, and much more.

7. Premium Canadian Hemp Products Access Supplier Here

This supplier started making hemp clothing in the beginning and soon discovered its amazing other possible uses including body care and accessories. They now offer quick and efficient wholesale services to many fine retailers across North America. Ontario purchases are charged an additional GST and PST, and GST for orders shipped anywhere else in Canada.

Type of Products Carried
Hemp Wallets & Pouches, Hemp Bags, Bazura Bags, Hemp Twine & Yarn, Beads, Pendants, Accessories, Hats, Hackysack, Scrunchie, Watch Band, Housewares, Coffee Filters, Organic Catnip, Rolling Paper, Magnet, Food, and much more.

8. Top Canadian Contact Lens Accessories Access Supplier Here

Ranked as one of Canada's top distributors in the eyewear industry, this supplier stocks over 1700 products that include a range of optical accessories and lab supplies, as well as custom clip-ons.

Type of Products Carried
Bridges, Chains, Clip-Ons, Contact Lens Supplies, Cords, Diving Mask, Flip-Ups, K-Klips, Lab Chemicals, Labels, Lens Cleaner, Lenses, Liners, Magnifiers, Nose Pads, Readers, Screwdrivers, Screws, Tools, Frames & Accessories, Micro Tints.

9. Custom Lingerie and Bras Access Supplier Here

This supplier offers quality bra, lingerie and corset making supplies and hundreds of specialty items you can't find anywhere else. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, as well as money orders, certified cheques and bank drafts.

Type of Products Carried
Bra-making Books, Kits & Bundles, Patterns, Fabrics, Lace Fabrics & Trims, Elastics & Strapping, Connectors & Fasteners.

10. Delicate, Parent-Designed Baby Items  Access Supplier Here

This supplier established its business in the early half of 2016. Being a newborn company, with a dynamic team of young parents, they are passionate about trends and technologies. Awareness of the ups and downs that occur with this new generation of parents is also a significant focus that helps deliver practical and functional items. Supported by their parent testers, they rely on a solid experience to select only key elements of parenthood that make a difference and use this knowledge to create thoughtful and well-designed products.

Type of Products Carried
Baby Products, Cool Baby Accessories, Cool Kids Accessories, Baby Goods.

Furniture & Homeware Dropshippers

11. High Quality, Competitive Priced Furniture  Access Supplier Here

This supplier offers an easier, stress-free alternative to high-cost retail shopping with a growing price-leading furniture selection and world-class service. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover card, as well as checks, money orders, e-Check, and PayPal. While they only ship within the continental US and Canada, they do accept international orders; please note, however, that international customers will be responsible for arranging a freight forwarder, as well as all tariffs, duties, and customs fees.

Type of Products Carried
Bedroom Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Mattresses, Kids' Furniture, Home Office Furniture, Bathroom Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, Entryway Furniture, Game Room Furniture, Decor, Accent Furniture, Storage Furniture, Dorm Furniture, Wood Furniture, Sports Team Furniture, Pet Furniture, Gift Items.

12. Luxurious Brand-Name Bedding Access Supplier Here

This supplier is a direct importer and stockist of brand name products relating to bedding, including wool throws and folding beds. They ship in Canada only and they accept major credit cards as a safe payment method.

Type of Products Carried
Wool Throw Blankets, Folding Beds, Futon Mattresses

13. Mega Deluxe Cookware  Access Supplier Here

This supplier is your #1 source for housewares and gourmet products. They accept most major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. They offer both wholesale and drop shipping programs and deliver to various international destinations.

Type of Products Carried
Asparagus Cooker, Steamers, Cast Iron Cookware, Chafing Dishes, Cereal Dispenser, Chestnut Roaster, Couscous Pots, Copper Cookware, Dish Warmer, Double Boiler, Egg Poachers, Fish Poachers, Jam Pans, Jerky Slicers, Ham Holders, Lasagne Pans, Hot Pots, Pasta Cookers, Paella Pans, Polenta Pots, Pressure Cookers, Pot Racks, Risotto Pans, Roasting Pans, Stock Pots, Woks, Aprons, Fryers, and much more.

14. Exotic, Internationally Sourced Furniture and Rugs Access Supplier Here

This Canadian supplier established its business in 2009 manufacturing Area Rugs from Turkey. They import home furnishing goods from Egypt, China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, and Belgium.

Type of Products Carried
Area Rugs, Carpets, Sofa Sets, Recliners, Sectionals, Beds, Wall Art, Mattresses, Pillows, Dining Tables, Chairs, Turkish Rugs.

15. Versatile, Easy-To-Assemble Landscaping Frames Access Supplier Here

This frame system is an easy to assemble, all-season durable, warp-resistant landscaping solution that is ideal for building raised bed flower and vegetable gardens, sandboxes, playground borders, landscape edging and water gardens. Designed to look attractive and offer endless creative design options, this supplier has set a new standard in do-it-yourself landscape design delivering professional quality at an affordable price.

Type of Products Carried
Raised garden beds, sandbox, playground borders, and more.

16. Decorative Cast Iron Mega Access Supplier Here

This supplier is a leading supplier of decorative cast iron fencing and wrought iron fence and other unique iron garden creations such as indoor outdoor furniture. They sell throughout the United States and Canada and have over 100 ideas on how to create a beautiful landscape. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee. They ship worldwide. They do not charge any sales tax for all orders within the US.

Type of Products Carried
Cast & Wrought Iron, Fence & Gates, Furniture, Statues, Urns Planters and Baskets, Bird Baths Feeders, Pedestals Bases, Fountains, Arbors, Trellises, Gazebos, Outdoor Furniture, Stone, Pottery, Marble, Benches, Patio, Candle Stands.

17. Home Appliance and Appliance Part Access Supplier Here

Canada based supplier of appliances and appliance parts and accessories. They ship only to Canada and the US (including Alaska, Hawaii and US Military installations worldwide) but shipping on various international destinations can be arranged. Ontario customers are responsible for both GST and PST, while all other provinces are responsible for GST only.

Type of Products Carried
Blenders, Hand Blenders, Mixers, Coffee Makers, Epilators, Food Processors, Hair Curlers, Juicers, Kettles, Oral Care Products, Shaver Cords, Shaver Screens & Cutters, Thermometers, Toasters, Breadmakers, Can Openers, Coffee Grinders, Ice Cream Maker, Mini Chopper & Grinder, Percolator, Cookers, BBQ Cleaner & Igniter & Accessories, Air Filters, Carbon Charcoal Filters, Humidifier Filters, Fridge Filters, Nose Hair Trimmer, Replacement Parts & Accessories.

18. Mid-Century Premium Furniture and Furnishings Access Supplier Here

This supplier stocks premium furniture for all your interior design dreams.

Type of Products Carried
Modern, Mid-Century, Scandinavian & Industrial Furniture, Design Lightings, Home Decor Accessories.

19. Sophisticated, Luxurious Canadian-Made Throw Blankets Access Supplier Here

Proudly made in Canada using local mills to source fabrics. Contact them today to open a wholesale or drop shipping account! Made in Canada. Worldwide shipping available. No minimum order.

Type of Products Carried
Sophisticated & luxurious throw blankets.

20. Well Established, Widely Cherished Art Access Supplier Here

This Canadian company is the leading art publisher and distributor in North America. They are known for their wide selection of quality products and outstanding customer service. Founded in 1987, the business has grown tremendously, from its beginnings as a small distributor of posters to its current position as a major player in the art publishing and distributing industry; well-known both in North America and around the world.

Type of Products Carried
Posters, Canvas, Greeting Cards, Puzzles, Artwork.

Sustainable & Eco Products Dropshippers

21. Clean Living – Luxe Organic Womenswear Access Supplier Here

This is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality, value priced women's eco and organic clothing.

Type of Products Carried
Women's Organic Clothing and Intimates, Sweaters, Knits, Lingerie.

22. Eco-Friendly, Non Toxic, Plant-Based Cleaning Products Access Supplier Here

This manufacturer supplies natural, non-toxic, septic system safe, plant & mineral based products for your kitchen, laundry, and bathroom. Good for you. Good for your home. Good for the planet.

Type of Products Carried
Cleaning Products – Household, Commercial, Laundry – Unscented, Scented, Dish Liquid – Unscented, Scented, Household Cleaners – General Purpose, Glass & Surface, Bleach – Non-Chlorine, Commercial Products.

23. Sustainable Eco-friendly Bags Access Supplier Here

This supplier is your one stop shop for a whole range of eco-friendly products to make your life more sustainable, but just as fun.

Type of Products Carried
Cotton Bags, Non-Woven Bags, Cooler Bags, Lunch Bags, Blankets, Wine Carriers, Messenger Bags, Luggage Wraps, Yoga Mats, Cinch Bags, Hockey Bags, Sports Bags, Jute Bags, Totes, Made In Canada Products.

24. Eco Foodware and Home Goods Access Supplier Here

This supplier is on a mission to create a lasting impact in our world, by lessening our impact on our world! Eco-friendly Home & Body to reduce the use of plastics and disposables. Over 50 items to choose from for wholesale & drop-shipping.

Type of Products Carried
Food Grade 18/10 Stainless Steel Straws, Bamboo and Wheat Straw Utensils, Beeswax Wraps, Bamboo Kitchen Scrubbers, Coconut Kitchen Scrubbers, Wool Dryer Balls, Zero Plastic Cleaning Refills, Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifiers, Bamboo and Wheat Straw Toothbrushes, Silk Dental Floss, Metal Toothpick Set, Konjac and Loofah Sponges, Hemp and Sisal Soap Bags, Wash Cloths, Wash Gloves, and much more.

25. Environmentally Friendly Coffee Accessories Access Supplier Here

This supplier established its business in 2002 manufacturing a range of high quality, great value, environmentally-friendly, easy-to-use products aimed at making everyday life easier. They ship internationally and they accept PayPal as a safe payment method.

Type of Products Carried
Reusable Coffee Filter, One-Cup Coffee Maker (not electric), Reusable Coffee Pod with the Hermetic Container.

Health & Beauty Dropshippers

26. Private Label ‘Soap Based Fragrant Indulgent’ Bath & Body Products Access Supplier Here

Besides supplying the North American domestic market, this supplier also exports to more than 25 countries around the globe. They specialize in the private labeling of any of their soap-based products from glycerin bar soap to liquid body shampoos. Additionally, they provide a wide range of custom-made gift baskets for everyday purposes or special occasions to clients of all sizes. Their Bath & Body Works line has reinvented the personal care industry with the introduction of fragrant, flavorful indulgences, including shower gels, lotions, and accessories. They accept PayPal.

Types of Products Carried

Bath & Body Products, Brushes, Bath Pillows, Essential Oil Burners, Eye Masks, Loofah, Massagers, Mirrors, Pedicure Groomers, Pumice Products, Shaving Accessories, Shower Caps, Sisal Products, Soap Holders & Dishes, Spa Products, Sponges, Toiletries, Bath Pearls, Aromatherapy Herbal Bath, Bath Creams & Powders, Bath Bombs, Bath Oils, Shower Gels, Fruttini Candy Cream, Frozen Pepper, Power Shake, Food Products, Candies, MultiPower, Teas, Sweetener, Hair Care Products, Hair Conditioner, Shampoo and much more.

27. Delicious Double-Scented Candles Access Supplier Here

A Canadian candle company offering everything from unity candles, to simple jars and votives, pillars, and floating candles. They also make customized candles for special occasions, like weddings, showers, and memorial pillars. All their candles are double scented.

Type of Products Carried
Fragrance Oils, Hurricane Shells, Jar Candles, Limited Edition Candles, Melts and Tealites, Pies and Bakery, Votives, Wedding & Shower Favours.

28. Natural & Organic, Luxury Perfumes & Beauty Products Access Supplier Here

A Canadian company that boasts of their top quality, utterly natural body care products that wed the uplifting beauty and effective aromatherapeutic properties of organic herbs and essential oils. They offer free shipping on orders $200 and over (before tax) via regular Canada Post Expedited, including insurance.

Type of Products Carried
Natural Perfumes, Hand & Body Lotion, Foot Care, Face Care, Facial Cleanser, Facial Cream, Hydrating Gel for the Eyes, Baby Wash & Soap, Rainforest Organics, Tera ParFume Therapy.

29. Super Natural Skin & Beauty Products Access Supplier Here

This company has been based out of the Edmonton, Alberta area since 2007. Their goal is to provide quality cutting edge all-natural and organic products that will keep you looking and feeling your best!

Type of Products Carried
Organic Skin Care Products, Sunless Tanning Products & Equipment, Waxing Products & Supplies, Bath & Body Products, Cosmetics & Beauty Products, Sun Protection & Body Products, Nail Polish, Soak Off Polish, Sculptured Nail Supplies, Pedicure Products, Spa/Salon Supplies.

30. Natural, Vegan, non-GMO Supplements Access Supplier Here

This supplier established its business in 2014 manufacturing supplements made from non-GMO and mostly vegan sources. They observe a strict quality standard for sourcing their products to create custom formulas that are scientifically supported and manufactured in the USA. They place the highest value on the well-being of their consumers while reducing the carbon footprint in manufacturing their products. They ship internationally and they accept major credit cards.

Type of Products Carried
Saw Palmetto, Choline, D3 Baby Drops, Vegan Omega-3, Biotin Plus, D-Manoose, Menopause Natural Care, Magnesium Glycinate, Turmeric Curcumin, Natural Sleep Aid, Mood Lift, Vitamin D3, Ceylon Cinnamon, MCT Oil Powder, Milk Thistle, Super Algae, Super Enzymes, Super Greens, 5-HTP, B-Complex, Vitamin B12, Vitamin K2, Selenium.

31. Premium 100% Virgin Remy Hair Extensions Access Supplier Here

A Canada-based wholesale and retail distributor of 100% Human Hair Extensions. All of their products are 100% Virgin, Remy Cuticle hair. They specialize in hand-tied and machine-weft hair as well as custom clip-ons.

Type of Products Carried
100% Natural Virgin Remy Hair Extensions.

32. Premium Hair-Styling Tools Access Supplier Here

This supplier's main goal is to provide you with professional hair tools and excellent customer service. Their team conducts extensive research to find what it is that women want and expect from their hair tools, and then do their best to provide you with those products that you desire.

Type of Products Carried
Hair straighteners, hair dryers, curling irons.

33. Bespoke Yoga and Healthcare Products Access Supplier Here

This supplier is a direct importer and distributor of healthcare products in North America. They have partnered with Yogavni and sell Yogavni products both wholesale and retail.

Type of Products Carried
Crystal Lamps, Salt Lamps, Yoga Products, Yoga Mats, Yoga Blankets, Bolsters, Home Decoration, Banners.

34. All Natural, Hand-Made Popular Men’s Soap and Skincare Products Access Supplier Here

This supplier established its business in 2015 manufacturing all-natural, hand-made, small batch cold process soaps and men's grooming products. Their products are made with the absolute highest quality ingredients. They ship from their headquarters in Ontario, and they accept PayPal and major credit cards as safe payment methods.

Type of Products Carried
Cold Process Soap, Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Face Moisturizer, Moustache Wax, Liquid Soap, After Shave.

Pet Products Dropshippers

35. Leading High-Quality Pet Products Access Supplier Here

Founded in 1986 in Brampton, Ontario, this supplier is Canada's leading wholesale supplier of products, services and solutions for pets and pet supply retailers. They carry the industry's broadest selection of premium products for pets and their owners. They accept credit cards – Visa and MasterCard, cash, certified cheques or wire transfers as forms of payment.

Type of Products Carried
Pet Accessories, Pet Food, Stainless Steel Dishes, Ties Outs & Cables, Rubber Flying Disc, Retractable Leads, Pill Pockets, DeShedding Tools, Supplements, Nail Clippers, Collars, Rawhide Bones, Dog Houses, Kennels, Feeders, Mats, Toys, Beds, Dental Chew & Pastes, Brushes & Medication, Books, Complete Odor Management Products, Shampoos, Stain Removers, Gourmet Dog Cookie, Treats, Dog DNA Testing Products, Flea & Tick Control Products, Mosquito Control Products.

36. Luxury, Handmade Accessories for Precious Pets Access Supplier Here

This supplier, born and bred in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a luxury pet fashion brand for dogs and dog lovers. All of their products are handmade in Canada. Here you can find designer dog harnesses, collars, leashes, collar accessories such as; bandanas, flowers, bow ties and many more.

Type of Products Carried
Dog collars, dog harnesses, dog leashes, dog accessories.

Toys, Books, Hobbies and DIY Dropshippers

37. 50,000 Bargain Book Titles (All Genres) Access Supplier Here

This supplier is one of North America's largest sellers of remainders and overstock books, also known as bargain books. They feature over 50,000 titles at great wholesale prices. They accept Visa and MasterCard and offer discounts for large volume purchases. GST will be charged for all Canadian orders. International orders are accepted.

Type of Products Carried
Autographed Books, Antiques & Collectibles Books, Architecture Books, Art Books, Biography & Autobiography, Body Mind & Spirit Books, Business & Economics Books, Calendars, Children's Fiction & Nonfiction Books, Comics & Graphic Novels, Computers & Internet Books, Cookbooks, Food & Wine Books, Crafts & Hobbies Books, Drama Books, Education Books, Family & Relationships Books, Fiction Books, Foreign Language Study Books, and much more.

38. Heritage Giftware, Wrapping & Scrapbooking Access Supplier Here

One of Canada's oldest and largest family owned distributors of paper products to the wholesale trade. Whether you are a local drugstore or a trendy downtown gift store, they have your packaging needs covered.

Type of Products Carried
Giftwraps, Tissue Paper, Gift Bags, Basket Supplies, Ribbons & Bows, Eco Friendly Gift Wraps & Bags, Crimped Paper, Boxes, Business Roll Products.

39. Proudly Handmade and Environmentally Friendly Toys Access Supplier Here

Proudly handmade toys in Toronto, Canada from premium reclaimed or recycled materials by a family-owned business. Their hand puppets, stuffed animals, toys, clothing, kids decor and DIY Kits are carefully crafted to bring you a soft and lovable toy, or a gift that is responsibly made and environmentally friendly. Their products are safety tested for all ages, newborn and up (excluding DIY Kits – for kids 7 years and older).

Type of Products Carried
Hand puppets, stuffed animals, clothing, kids decor and DIY Kits.

40. Fireworks, Nightclub, and Party Supplies Access Supplier Here

Leading wholesale and retail sellers of Fireworks, Pyrotechnics, Party Supplies and Nightclub & Bar Supplies.

Type of Products Carried
Fireworks, Sparklers, Bottle Sparklers, Smoke Emitters, Smoke Grenades, Pyrotechnics, Special Effects, Glow in the dark items, Glow Sticks, L.E.D. items, Party Supplies, Nightclub & Bar Supplies, Remote Firing System for Consumer Fireworks, Fireworks Ignition Systems, Confetti Cannons, Confetti, Sparkular, Wedding and Party items,Gender Reveal items.

41. Leading Hunting, Fishing and Camping Products Access Supplier Here

This supplier has been in business for over 24 years, being an industry leader in providing quality sporting, hunting, fishing & giftware products coast to coast across Canada.

Type of Products Carried
Hunting Gear, Knives, Fishing rods and reels, Camping Tents, Coolers, Cookware, Sunscreen, Gourmet Food items, Flashlights, Household Items, etc.

42. Party & Balloons Accessories Access Supplier Here

This supplier was founded in 1986 with the invention of the first and original balloon stuffing machine called the 'Balloomer'. After 25 years, they continue to expand with wholesale balloon being their strongest division. They have built a full service balloon company offering balloons, accessories and helium rental across Canada.

Type of Products Carried
Latex Balloons, Foil & Non-foil Balloons, Bubble Balloons, Curling Ribbon, Balloon Cups & Sticks, Balloon Shine Treatment, Balloon Transport Bags, Balloon Weights, Candles, Sizzle Shred, Twister Kits, Balloon Inflators, Balloon Corals, Balloon Sizers, Decorator Equipment, Heat Sealers, Helium Regulator Valves, Helium Tank Stands & Dollies, Magmover, Merchandisers, and much more.

43. Licensed TV & Movie Character Merchandise Access Supplier Here

This supplier is your one stop shop for licensed character merchandise featuring your favorite TV and movie characters! They carry a wide assortment of products ranging from school bags, toys, games, puzzles, party supplies, and more.

Type of Products Carried
Backpacks, Lunch Bags, Luggage Cases, Toys, Games, Puzzles, Arts And Crafts, Stickers, Party Supplies, Remote Control Cars, Dolls, Hats, Gloves, T-Shirts, Pajamas, Socks, Toy Playsets.

44. Medieval Costumes and Props Access Supplier Here

This supplier established its business in 2009 and moved to wholesale and dropshipping in 2015. With distribution centers located in Canada and the USA, this supplier prides itself with top notch customer service and competitive prices. They ship internationally and they accept PayPal and major credit cards as safe payment methods.

Type of Products Carried
Knives, Swords, Armor, Shields, Drinking Horns, Leather Journals, Daggers, Foam Swords, Foam Weapons, Martial Arts Equipment, Gaming Swords, Cosplay Goods, Chain Mail, Movie Swords, Wood Weapons, Wood Swords, Costumes.

45. All Aged Board Games Access Supplier Here

This supplier is a distributor and gift manufacturer located in Ontario, Canada. They have been in business since 1992 and have formed great business relationships from resellers all over the world.

Type of Products Carried
Crabs Adjust Humidity, Puzzle Games, Party Games, Adult Games, Card Games, Kids Games, Feeding/Infant Items, Family Games, Candy, Dice, Arts & Craft Games.

46. Military, Hunting, and Camping Products Access Supplier Here

This supplier has been a leading Canadian wholesaler and distributor of military, tactical, police, camping and outdoor products since 1996. Whether you're looking for fixed blade knives, airsoft guns or camping chairs, you'll find the best wholesale prices in Canada. This means that you will be able to make a great profit on all of our products.

Type of Products Carried
Military surplus gear, Camping equipment, Tactical gear, Hunting gear, Airsoft, Knives and multitools

Paintball gear, Swords, and more.

Electronics Dropshippers

47. Trendy & Innovative Electronics Accessories Access Supplier Here

This supplier manufactures a whole range of trendy & innovative accessories for your everyday electronics.

Type of Products Carried
Computer Protective Cases, iPhone Protective Cases, Computer/MacBook Accessories.

48. Experienced Electronics and Hardware Access Supplier Here

This supplier has 40 years of industry experience. They provide 24-hour product marketing capability and expertise to their worldwide customer base. Registration is required when ordering. They accept MasterCard, Visa, Discovery and American Express card.

Type of Products Carried
Analog & Power Communication Development Tools, Hardware Development Tools, Software Energy Interface, Lighting Microcontroller, Microprocessor, RF Tools, Wireless Tools

49. High Quality, Low Cost Branded Batteries Access Supplier Here

This supplier offers a huge range of high quality, low cost branded batteries and battery chargers. They accept major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and PayPal. They ship to anywhere within North American territory.

Type of Products Carried
NiMH Batteries, NiCD Batteries, Battery Chargers, Battery & Charger Combo, Sub C Cells, Batteries with Tabs, Flat Top Batteries (OEM cells), LED Bright Flashlights, Alkaline Batteries, Super Heavy Duty Batteries, Flashlight Batteries, Cases, Adapters & Testers, Battery Packs (4.8v to 36v), Button Batteries (AG, SR, LR), Camera Batteries & Chargers, CR 2032, CR 2450, CR 2025, Cordless Phone Batteries, Gumstick Batteries, Hearing Aid Batteries, HDMI Cables, Lithium Batteries, and much more.

50. World’s Largest Microsoft Refurbished Laptops Access Supplier Here

The world's largest Microsoft Refurbisher for Laptops and Computers.

Type of Products Carried
Refurbished Laptops, Desktops, LCD's, iPads.

Consumables Dropshippers

51. 100% Pure Canadian-Made Maple Products Access Supplier Here

Canada-based manufacturer of a variety of top quality maple products at great prices. All of their products are available at wholesale pricing to stores and gift shops. They also offer a large selection of LGB Model Trains. They accept most major credit cards. They ship worldwide.

Type of Products Carried
Maple Syrup, Canadian Maple Butter, Maple Barbecue Sauce, Wild Blueberry Syrup & Wild Blueberry Maple Sauce, Maple Sugar, Granulated Maple Sugar, Maple Sugar Gift Boxes, Maple Cream Chocolates, Maple Candy Pops, Toffee & Rock Candy, Chocolate Moose & Elk Droppings, Nuts & Brittle, Maple Tea, Maple Tea Tin, Gift Box with Porcelain Bistro Tea Cup, Maple Coffee, Gift Baskets, LGB Model Trains.

52. Premium Tea & Tea Accessories  Access Supplier Here

With nearly 5,000 tea products in stock, this supplier offers the largest selection of wholesale teas and accessories. Their customers span a wide variety of industries – specialty tea retailers, gift shops, food service, cafes, luxury hotels, gift basket companies, souvenir shops, and many other clients who demand and expect premium tea. They accept Visa and MasterCard. They don’t have a minimum order size but they do have minimum shipping charges. They ship to various international destinations.

Type of Products Carried
Loose Teas, Packaged Teas, Bulk Teabags, Flavored Black Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea, CO2 Decaf Tea, Specialty Blend Tea, Organic Tea, Wrapped Teabags, Air Pots, Souvenir, Icewine, Softwood Chests, Tins, Cloth Sachets, Tea Pots, Tea Presses, Strainers, Infusers, Cups & Sets, Paraphernalia, Packaging Materials, Display Materials.

53. 30 Year Old Gourmet Gift Basket Accessories Access Supplier Here

One of the leading wholesalers of gourmet products in North America, they have been serving the gift basket industry with a large selection of high quality and affordable value-added gourmet products since 1987. They accept Visa and MasterCard. You must have a registered business with a valid business license to buy from them.

Type of Products Carried
Beverages, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Coffee, Drink Mix, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Cakes, Candies, Jellies, Taffy, Toffee, Cheese, Crackers, Kosher Products, Meat, Caviar, Pate, Sausages, Salmon, Pasta, Savoury, Antipasto, Dips, Mustard, Oils,Vinegar, Olives, Snacks, Themed Gourmet, Biscotti, Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Fruits & Nuts, Gift Boxes, Liqueur Chocolate, Novelty Chocolates, and more.

FAQs for Dropshipping in Canada

Why use dropship suppliers in Canada? How are they different?

There are several persuasive reasons:

You are likely to benefit from shorter shipping times if you’re shipping within Canada or to the US.
Further, if there are any issues requiring returns, this process is likely to be quicker too.
In fact, Canada ranks 14th in the world for the best logistics performance, so expect those parcels to be handled well and in your precious customers’ hands in no time.
The Canadian eCommerce market is strong and growing year-on-year, meaning you’ll likely be able to find handfuls of eager customers in this market.
Canada is actually the 9th biggest market for eCommerce worldwide, so definitely a big opportunity for you to get lots of customers heading your way.
Canadians are well-known to be some of the nicest people in the world, which means that working with Canadian suppliers is likely to be a pleasant experience for everyone involved!

What are the popular eCommerce niches in Canada for dropshippers?

Working-from-home products – Think office supplies, cozy clothes, electronics and comfy chairs.
Pet supplies.
Toys, Hobbies & DIY products – this has been identified as the third biggest segment of eCommerce sales in Canada.
Health & Fitness products.
Sustainable products – Think compostable waste bags, eco-friendly lunchware, and more.

What’s so special about Canadian suppliers (dropshippers and wholesalers)?

Like we said earlier, Canadians are known for being some of the nicest people in the world, and for such an important relationship, as the one between you and your suppliers is, it certainly couldn’t hurt to have suppliers who are friendly and polite, making contact with them a pleasant experience every time.

What’s so special about Canadian made products?

They are high quality.
Many of our Canadian suppliers have been in business for a long time (i.e. decades!) meaning that they know their business well and are consistently delivering value to their retailers and customers.
There are all types of product categories available from Canadian suppliers – they are not confined to specific products categories.
Most offer flexible payment and shipping options – many ship worldwide.

Is dropshipping legal in Canada?

Just to immediately alleviate any concerns about this one – yes, it is!

But it’s good to be aware that if you are based in Canada then you will need to register your business before you begin trading. You can apply for a Business Number through the Canadian Revenue Agency. This will make your dropshipping journey a whole lot easier to start. You may also need to apply for a US Reseller Permit.

If you’re based outside of Canada and want to dropship within Canada, then this is also completely legal. You just need to be aware about what sales tax you will need to charge, so we would suggest reaching out to an accountant or taking a look at this Shopify tax guide.

What taxes apply if I’m dropshipping in Canada?

This will differ depending on whether you are based in Canada or selling to Canada. We recommend seeking advice from an accountant to understand your obligations, or otherwise you can start by checking out this useful Shopify tax guide.

How do I become successful using Canadian dropshippers?

There are a few recommendations we have:

Get well acquainted with your suppliers to ensure you have a good working relationship. Make sure you are well informed about their shipping charges, shipping timeframes and returns policy.
Know your customers well. Find out how to best reach them (i.e. through social media, email, physical publications, etc.) Find out what is important to them and what type of products they are looking for.
Focus on developing a good mindset for success.
Set goals for your business.
Evaluate your progress at regular intervals to monitor whether you are meeting your goals and if you’re not, then adjust them accordingly.
Find out how to make your online store a success.

How much money can I make using Canadian dropshippers?

There’s no simple answer here. It all depends on whether you follow the pointers in the previous question to deeply understand the needs of your customers and how your business can provide them with products that they want to fill those needs.

Sometimes this can come down to finding a hot product within your market to sell, in which case, a tool like SaleHoo Labs could help you identify one.

At the end of the day, Canada is the seventh largest eCommerce market in the world, so you’ve got a huge opportunity here. You just need to test a variety of products after conducting your research to see which ones are selling best and whether you can sell variations of those products.

Additionally, dropshipping can be a low risk business endeavour as it is inexpensive to set up.

Where can I dropship in Canada? (i.e. which platforms)

Canada is home to most of the global eCommerce players such as eBay, Amazon and online store builders such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace and more. You shouldn’t have any trouble preparing to accept Canadian customers on whichever sales platform you choose.

We can show you how to get ready to start selling in Canada with this helpful guide on how to start a dropshipping store.


Have any questions about dropshipping in Canada, Canadian suppliers, SaleHoo, or eCommerce in general? Reach out to our SaleHoo eCommerce experts 24/7 and we’ll be able to provide you with any help you might need.


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