Sharks very seldom attack people, while men and women generally fear the aquatic predators thanks to their portrayal in horror films like Jaws and The Shallows.

Tampa-dependent agency PPK for the Animal Welfare Institute in Washington, D.C. is flipping the script on those people films with a marketing campaign pointing out that when individuals and sharks interact, it’s the animal that is significantly far more probable to be hurt.

PPK developed three remarkable posters to attract focus to shark finning, the apply of catching sharks and slicing off their fins for shark fin soup, which is thought of a delicacy. The Animal Welfare Institute estimates that 73 million sharks are maimed in this way just about every 12 months. Due to the fact shark meat is truly worth considerably a lot less than the fins, the sharks are then thrown again in the h2o to die from their injuries.

Each individual haunting poster notes that looking sharks is not only cruel to the animals but threatens to disturb the stability of the ocean.Animal Welfare Institute / PPK

The posters are black and white with hints of red to characterize blood. One reveals blood in the drinking water as a shark swims by way of the open up ocean, eyed by the crew of a fishing boat. One more depicts a human being holding a spoon to their mouth, which is dripping with blood, and notes that “73 million sharks are bitten by human beings each calendar year.” The blood drips down the side of a bowl of shark fin soup and swimming pools on a desk in the third image.

All of the posters notice that the looking of sharks is not only cruel to the animals but threatens to disturb the balance of the oceans, given that the apex predators are essential for a healthy ecosystem. Sharks are becoming hunted a lot quicker than they can reproduce, with much more than a quarter of shark species considered threatened or endangered.

“Sharks get a poor rap,” PPK creative director and author Michael Schillig told Adweek. “We established out to verify, in a provocative way, that the deadliest shark assaults are essentially carried out by human beings.

“Our general purpose of awareness finally drives aid of the AWI’s attempts to prevent shark finning and make the selling of shark fin soup unlawful,” he included.


  • Agency proprietor/CEO: Tom Kenney
  • President: Garrett Garcia
  • Executive creative director: Paul Prato
  • Inventive director: Michael Schillig
  • Copywriter: Michael Schillig
  • Imaginative director: Javier Quintana
  • Artwork director: Alan Schneller
  • Illustrator: Alan Schneller


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