The principles are very constant:

  • The much easier it is to create and preserve a online video or other file, the more likely it is to be misplaced or corrupted
  • The far more vital the info is, the much more possible it is you will discover when it will get lost
  • The more durable it is to swap, the additional discouraging it will be

We’re all creators now. Podcasting, videoing, photographing, spreadsheeting… and we’re making a foundation of useful info as we go.

The computer software corporations that deliver the applications we use drive their engineers in quite a few strategies, but not to develop resilient storage units that are absolutely sure to honor the energy and care you place into producing your details. They want you to feel that they will very easily and seamlessly preserve all the info you believe in to them, but they in fact invest most of their time focused on other issues that they deem much more commercially important.

That is since convenient, viral or flashy are normally much more rewarding than resilient and responsible.

When a conferencing application misplaced a movie I worked actually really hard to record, I recognized that trusting them was my initial slip-up. If there’s a a person in a thousand likelihood that a file is likely to be corrupted or only dropped, storing it in two locations or recording it simultaneously in two programs lowers your chances of failure to just one in a million. I will hardly ever have faith in them yet again, and you should not both.

Forewarned should be enough. Presume that the application enterprise does not treatment nearly as significantly about your perform, your memories or your reputation as you do.


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