Going viral is the new buzz word on different social media platforms.

There are different types of content….video, posts articles or ads that have the potential to go viral. Many brands are doing all they can for their posts or content to achieve the viral title. Whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter, you need to know how to make your content go viral. It’s not a matter of creating the best post and hoping it will go viral by chance.

Marketers know too well that virality is good for the brand and SERP ranking. For a brand, going viral means extensive exposure and you are likely to bag some increased reputation in the process. For instance, your post on Facebook can achieve virality if they are cross-shared across multiple platforms. All you need to do is to find Facebook shares and get to know the audience that led to the viral effect. With this type of insight and research, it becomes easier for you to address the needs of such an audience to keep your next posts on the viral wavelength.

Your content can go viral, it’s not that complex of a process! You need to find the right ingredients that make the content consumable enough to warrant sharing across multiple platforms. It can be a witty post with heart rending emotions that speaks to the emotions of your target audience. Even if such a post is meant to narrate an emotive but relevant story, it can lead to new relationship and referrals. You may be skeptical of the method to play up on people emotions but emotional connections matter in content and help keep your followers wanting more.

Stir up Controversy

Yes, that’s right! The right kind of controversy can lead to a viral result. If you are introducing a new product, concept or a trend, there is already some form of controversy in it. You only need to identify the controversial aspects and use them to stir up opinions. If you have your followers playing the protagonist–antagonist roles around your new product, there is no reason why such a product post cannot go viral. If you introduce the same potential for engagement across platforms, the better!

Make Current Events Count

Current events and happenings can be incorporated into your brand to attract attention. For instance, you can weave a big sporting event into your strategy in attempt to promote your casual sports business. Equally, you can bring in the aspect of cold weather with the idea to promote your warm winter wear products.

As well, the fact that hashtags work well on social media is your cue to use them to create a buzz around your products. Hashtags are easy to locate on Twitter and Instagram and there is a likelihood that thousands will find them and interact. It won’t take long to increase the chances of the viral effect for your efforts when a strategic hashtag plan is implemented.

Introduce a Challenge

Your effort to create the viral effect can also be in the form of a challenge or contest. For instance, you can pick one of your products and put users against each other with a view to coming up with the most creative comment or response. If there is a prize to boot, hundreds will definitely want to use their wit to score high and win in the process. Your goal isn’t in the prize, but the intense interaction you are likely to create. It’s good for your brand. Remember, your followers love challenges and they won’t hesitate to react to them if you give them incentives.

Open up to Your Audience

Emotions, as noted, can lead to your content going viral. You can narrate a moving story of how your brand rises against all odds to become the authority it is. People love to be inspired! If your followers relate to your struggles and successes, not only will they be inspired to share the story, but they will look up to you as their point of reference whenever they need assistance or your services.  So feel free to share your personal story and make an emotional connection with your audience.

Is virality guaranteed?  No, or else everyone would be going viral!  However, with effort and experimentation in these areas you can increase the chances for your brand to have viral moments online.


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