Price Comparison Top 10 Sites in India for Shopping Online @Lowest Prices


I had these thoughts running in my mind manier times while shopping online: “am i paying the right price? is this site offering the cheapest rate for this product? should i check another site for lower prices?” ..and similar ones.


Every one of us think the same some time or the other while shopping online. This is where you should compare product prices to ensure the best price and quality for everything that you buy online with these Price Comparison Sites in India.


For this reason i started browsing price comparison sites and many times i switched to another online store for buying the same product in the lower prices. I found these sites really a good money saver and many times i use them for knowing the best prices for myself.

So, i decided to share my experience with other users through this blog and ended up writing this post.


10 Best Websites in India where you can Compare Prices of Various Products while Shopping Online


In this digital age when shopping online for any things needed has become so no normal and common it is very advisable that you should know all the required things in the process of buying online. With such a busy life these days, it gets difficult to go out & look for the product you want on different stores comparing who is offering the best deal.


But the fact remains that when it comes to shopping who doesn’t want to compare the products to see which one actually matches their need & budget simultaneously. I would also suggest you to read these online shopping tips before buying from ecommerce sites.


With online shopping portals, everything has become easier than ever.

You get to discover new products, compare offers, see alternative options & enjoy wide choices of products on multiple shopping portals. You should also visit here to check Company Ratings for various E-commerce stores in India.


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Top 10 Price Comparison Sites in India for online Buyers


10 Best Ecommerce Price Comparison Sites in India for Online Shoppers


List of Sites for Comparing Prices among various Online Stores and Shopping Sites in India. Comparing online these days have became a great tool for online shoppers to save more money and make a wise shopping decision while buying online.The product comparison sites also work as search engines specifically meant for searching items from the huge collection of noticeable ecommerce sites.

Discover the best Product comparison sites here!


1. Junglee– Amazon India’s Price comparison eCommerce Portal:


Holding position amongst top 10 e-commerce portal in India Junglee is one of the best options for the customers in India to compare prices of products on multiple shopping sites and choose wisely.


Junglee.com-The Best Site for Comparing Prices and Products Online


It has over 30 million listings from over 1,400 seller websites which makes it no. 1 search & comparison site for customers.

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2. Naaptol – A Popular Indian Site for Household items:


Naaptol was started in the year 2008 with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is one of the major players amongst all the online shopping comparison engine.


Naaptol.com- A Popular Indian Shopping Site for Comparing Products Prices


You can search, buy or compare products on different parameters based certain features or attributes. Naaptol offers interesting features like ‘filters’ to make your search results more accurate & effective. Registration is required on the part of customers as well as retailers to make deal on Naaptol. Visit Naaptol.com to compare prices from different ecommerce sites for shopping online in India.





compareindia news18com- Top 3rd Price comparison portal of india


As the name says for itself, this site allows Indian customers to compare & buy different kinds of products at low prices. It is run and operated by the famous news group  – News18. It establishes a connection between buyers & sellers by bringing them together via this platform.
Like many others this site also allows listing of products by sellers free of cost & charges certain amount on every lead generated.

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4. Grabon:


Grabon.in Top 4th Indian Site for comparing prices


Because of the detailed specifications available on every product, this Indian site allows you to compare between the two products that would suit your need the best.

You can easily search for and discover products you want. Basically, this site deals in gadgets like mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc.


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5. Shopzilla:


shopzilla.com Top 5th price Comparison Site in India for shopping


A search engine for searching hot deals, trending products at various ecommerce sites. The site provides details on where to shop for different products and services, where to get the best deal from. Products can be listed there to offer for the purpose of sale.

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6. Shop Mania:


shopmania.in – Top 6th Price comparison Site to Search best deals to shop online


An online shopping portal like Naaptol & others which allow price comparison for different products and services on Pay per performance module.

This means as a seller on this portal you are only required to pay only when you get potential customer referred to you for your product through them.

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7. Price Dekho:



Pricedekho.com: one of the most used price comparison sites for online shopping in India


Consisting ample amount of products in different categories, this shopping portal allows you to choose from the offerings by thousands of online merchants and local stores therein as well.


Right from mobile/ smartphone devices, its accessories, home appliances, entertainment consoles, electronic gadgets to lifestyle products be it men’s wear or women’s wear, shoes, watches, and jewelry, etc everything is just a click away.


Customers are left with wide choice and can make comparison between products to find the best available matching their requirement.

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8. Buy Hatke Price comparison:


Compare-buyhatke.com: price comparison sites for online shopping India


Compare Price before you buy online at Buy Hatke!

Another best site in India for you to shop and compare products/ services offered by various online as well as local sellers is Buy Hatke!

It allows sellers (retailers, travel agencies, auto-dealers & other businesses) to list their offerings online.

Buy Hatke is free, it only charges for the leads it generates for its merchants. Reviews & Ratings on different products and sellers are also provided therein.

9. Price Compare Raja:


compareraja -Ecommerce product price comparison site for Indians

PriceCompareRaja.in : A Mumbai, Maharashtra, India based site for comparing eCommerce products of different niches and categories. The site was started in 2012 and it has gained good faith of thousands of regular online shoppers for getting information about the best price for a product in numerous categories.

A price comparison shopping site that allows sellers to list their products by registering on it. No registration charges involved.

If you are a buyer then you can compare & buy the product that satisfies you the most. CompareRaja.in is a good name in the comparison sites category.

@CompareRaja.in you can compare prices of 100+ products, like Mobile Phones, Accessories, all kinds of TVs, Washing Machines, Air Coolers, ACs, Refrigerators, Purifiers, Water Heaters, etc.

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10. Price Tree:


Pricetree.com is also a good site for comparing prices of different ecommerce products. It also allows you to activate price alerts in your Chrome browser from where you can get the alerts for the products of your choice.

The portal does the basic job of what all the above-mentioned sites do i-e allowing product & price comparison between multiple sites along with availing the best discount offers. Products offered includes Mobiles, Refrigerators, Computers, books, cameras, etc.


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For Buyers:

Comparing Products and the Prices while shopping Online in India have became Necessary today! So, if you are a frequent buyer then this listing of Ecommerce Price Comparison Sites could be meaningful for you. You can easily compare prices online for any Ecommerce Items and get the best deal. The Price comparison sites are best when buying something online as you can know which shopping site offers the best price.

For Sellers:

If you are a seller, affiliate, or manufacturer then you could add your products for free on these sites and get free marketing benefits without any extra price.

Please mention your opinion in the comment section and we will act accordingly to make this a better article for our beloved readers. Thanks for reading.


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